11 Ridiculously Easy Ways You Can Relieve Stress Right Now

1. Find 10 items in every room that you can throw away.

Old magazine subscriptions, shirts that no longer fit, old bills you have lying around, nail polish you never use. You’ll be surprised by how much junk you’re holding onto, and removing it will relieve stress, even if you don’t think it will.

2. Ask someone how their day is.

Your neighbor, your dad, your Facebook friend. We tend to isolate ourselves when we’re stressed, so reaching out to someone can help immensely with getting your thoughts focused on something other than yourself.

3. Make a checklist of all the things you want out of life.

To write a book, move to a different state, make a certain salary. Write down the insignificant stuff, such as what style of clothes you feel most comfortable in. Writing down what you want out of life makes them feel more attainable.

4. Spend more time doing the things you love.

There’s no rulebook that demands you clean your apartment first thing in the morning or that you have to come home and immediately work on a different task. Set aside time to do the things you want to do, even if it’s as small as making a smoothie before you leave for work.

5. Focus on the achievable, not the probable.

Yes, you probably could handle getting everything on your to-do list done today, but you have to ask yourself: Does it need to get done today? Don’t overload your plate. Tackle what needs to be a priority and learn to let everything else get done at a slower pace.

6. Play your favorite song during a routine task.

People underestimate the power of music. It has the ability to turn a sour mood into a positive one. Alexa, play a song that will lift my spirits.

*plays Good As Hell by Lizzo*

7. Detox from your phone.

We’re all addicted to social media, but does it really have a hand in helping us become mentally healthy? No. Absofuckinglutely not. It’s a breeding ground for hostility and, truth be told, boredom. You don’t really care that the girl you graduated from high school with is having another baby, do you? Put the phone down, and in its place, go out for coffee, do the dishes, read a book, or have a conversation with the person sitting next to you. Obsessing over social media adds more stress because you’re wasting too much time comparing yourself to the person on the other end of the screen.

8. Challenge yourself to not procrastinate on something you normally do.

This includes folding laundry, doing homework, writing an article, or running errands. Tackle that task as soon as you wake up (if you can) and watch how your mood improves throughout the day. You’ll notice that you have more motivation to tackle other things that spring up throughout your day because of how successful you were from the beginning.

9. Step outside.

Even if it’s cold out, taking a minute to let the fresh air hit you will rejuvenate you. Ever wonder why people who live in warmer, tropical climates tend to appear less stressed? It’s because people who live in inviting environments tend to have lower cortisol levels, which means less stress. While you can’t just up and move on a whim, nature has healing benefits when it comes to our stress and anxiety levels.

10. Have sex.

Fuck more. Masterbate. Go to one of those dildo parties that you’re always turning down on Facebook. It’s 2020, people—sex is great. Don’t be ashamed to want it, talk about it, need it.


11. Write down everything that’s stressing you out and determine what you have the power to change.

Don’t like your job? Get a new one. Hate that your apartment is cluttered? Throw the crap out. Always daydreaming about the life you want but don’t yet have? Take a tiny step toward making that goal a reality (which you can).

Stress is just something we feel when we forget that everything in this life is within our control. Take that control back.

We can’t let Lizzo down, people!

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