The Four Types of Love You Deserve

In life, we will fall in love dozens of times. Each level of love will vary. Some will be true, everlasting. Some will be found in the most innocent forms. Some will destroy you. Some will be meant to keep you warm for just one night, or two, or three. When it comes to falling, we fall for different sets of people, and not two of them are usually alike. Because these types of love will change you, here is my list of the four types of love you deserve to have in your lifetime.

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Heartbreaking Love. You deserve to have your heart broken. You deserve to spend all night stuffing tortillas and hummus in your mouth after you caught him cheating with your ex-best friend. You deserve to spend all night crying. You deserve to sleep in his hoodie, inhaling in the last of his scent as your tears hit the pillow. You deserve to get drunk at the bar until they yell last call and you deserve to have your best friend delete his number out of your phone. You deserve to have second thoughts, to be riddled with self-doubt over if your love can really work. You deserve to think about this as you drunk dial him and confess your love to him. You deserve to act so foolish, to fall to your lowest point because once you do, there’s no way to go but up.

Casual Love. You deserve to confuse the line between love and infatuation. You deserve to act a little crazy, to let yourself get loose and decide that having an orgasm can be better than buying groceries. You deserve to do this once, twice, three times. You deserve to wonder if he’s going to call the next day and then you deserve to remind yourself that you’re the one whose going to make him wait. You deserve to kiss a bunch of lips. You deserve to be a little reckless. You deserve to decide what you can handle, what makes you feel good the morning after, or the night during. You deserve to discover what you can tolerate, to have no strings attached.

Innocent Love. You deserve to think that the boy on the swing set is going to be the man you’re going to marry. You deserve to think that French kissing is the most inappropriate thing you can do. You deserve to say I Love You the first time at a school dance and you deserve to feel butterflies the first time he reaches for your hand. You deserve to fall considerably fast in a short amount of time. You deserve to be inexperienced, to be novice. You deserve find out what it means to care about someone else, and to think it’s the most extraordinary feeling.

Love. You deserve the kind of love that is fulfilling. You deserve having him know how you take your coffee first thing in the morning. You deserve listening to his problems when he’s feeling overwhelmed. You deserve a love that is supportive, is open, and is clear. You deserve to hear I Love You each morning, noon and night. You deserve to smile abundantly when you say his name. You deserve to argue about what it’s important to you, but to decide what is more valuable to you both. You deserve to spend Thanksgiving dinner together with a household of friends. You deserve the kind of love that is lasting, that is full of promises, of wishes and of plans on how to achieve them. You deserve to find a love that endures, that vitalizes you, but never completes you. You deserve to have someone along for the journey who doesn’t figure out who you are for you, but stands by you as you pave the path your own. You deserve comfort, and joy, and all that entails. You deserve love. Nothing less. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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