LIVE: Woman Asks Husband Why Her Mother’s Bracelet Was In Their Bed, And That’s When Their Marriage Starts To Unravel

Giulia Agostini
Giulia Agostini

Producer’s note: The direct quotes from “Sallyfay” are from Imgur. Language has been edited for minor grammatical and syntax issues at various points.

Sallyfay’s world has been turned upside down in the last few hours.

When her husband called her at work, she casually brought up how she found her mother’s bracelet behind their bed’s backboard. Providing her a bizarre non-answer that she shrugged off, Sallyfay returned home to find this note:


If you are reading this how we are all reading it, it appears that “Ron” cheated on Sallyfay with her mother.

Sallyfay provided more details to readers as the saga went on. She explained that she was super close to her mom, and that that left her even more confused. Her confusion deepened when she got contacted by one of Ron’s friends:

Oh his friend just texted me and said he was told to come padlock the shed. I told him if he comes i will call the cops. hopefully i have rights too.

Mom also got a sudden excuse for why the bracelet was at their house:

Mom just told dad she must a lost it playing with the dog and blamed it on dog bringing into room.

And now the plan is for everyone to talk?

Dad and mom on the way. he wants to all sit down and talk. I feel sick.

And then the fam arrives, and she keeps us updated through every gritty detail:

I really just want to talk to my mom. I know i can read her much better. My dad just gonna be yelling probably. If Ron shows then idk.

Hmm my parents are here, dad just ripped board down off shed. Mom still in truck. dads sitting down texting. Mom has not looked up yet. she feels like me I bet. now I’m in backroom watching them. they waiting on Ron maybe. Crap. Ron just drove by and and pulled over a few houses down.

My dad looks pissed, arms crossed. I wanna leave so bad, the kids are at daycare. I’m not going out there, why can’t my mom just come inside first? I’m glued to the window.

The family apparently hung out outside for a long time, everyone talking amongst themselves as Sallyfay waited inside.

Dad just came in to get note and bracelet. I said, “send mom in here now.” He said the problem is much bigger than me and Ron. He’s cussing alot.

My dad is now in Ron’s truck, I guess they are working it out? I doubt it. I don’t understand why my dad is excluding me from this right now.

Someone else pulled up no. I think its Ron’s co-worker?  Dad and Ron are in the shed. The shed is big. I know there is a old old beat up harley that they both worked on but still looks like shit.

Then the alternate story comes out:

I talked to my mom. She said she lost the bracelet at my house last week playing with the dog, and that “I’m overreacting,” and that “I need counseling” if i even think bad.

Dad said Ron said he wants to be free from finger pointing, said I accused him of doing my mom. How dare i even suggest! Apparently Ron said he wrote the note out of anger and sorry? My dad flipped out on a compressor in shed threw it at Ron’s bike.

Ron said he was getting a divorce. i believe no one at moment and plan to get a lawyer this week. My dad is out in shed destroying things. Ron has left, and mom is on porch. What a stupid ass husband.

My dad is now doing something to the shed door. He still hasn’t talked to me more than a minute. I asked if he locked the dog in shed by accident he said “fuck the dog and your mom,” Shit! Well dad is backed up to the shed door with the truck. Now sitting in truck. Guess he is camping here tonight. I kinda hope so.

And the last update:

oh shit Rons on his way, he sounds drunk

Some Imgur users are saying that this story is incredibly fake, but Sallyfay has maintained its accuracy. More updates will be added to this post as they come. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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