17 Things You Should Know About Dating A Homebody

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

1. If you want a homebody to go out later in the evening, it’s crucial that you don’t let them remove a single article of clothing when they get home from work. If shoes or a bra come off, the chances of them leaving home drop drastically.

2. You’ll have to be an accomplice to the lies made up to get out of plans. If you’ve never acted, prepare yourself for the occasional performance when avoiding social gatherings.

3. The all-important question, “What do you want to eat?” is typically limited to food establishments that offer delivery, which narrows down options, making deciding easier and harder at the same time.

4. The easiest time to convince a homebody to go out is when the Wi-Fi does.

5. Sheets, blankets and furniture will require cleaning often because they’re more prone to crumbs and stains from constantly being in the vicinity of snacking.

6. Occasions that allow you to wear your best outfits are few and far between, so when the opportunity arises, make it count.

7. You’ll see a whole lot of your homebody significant other in unflattering, yet comfortable clothing. Shirts that are two sizes too large. Pants that are remarkably baggy and soft. No pants at all. There are a variety of possibilities here, none of which involve denim, zippers or buttons.

8. It’s always less expensive to stay in than it is to hit the bar or club, so be prepared to argue that point if you’re pitching the idea of going out.

9. Being home often doesn’t mean being unproductive and lying around lethargically. Whether it’s home workouts, DIY projects or writing a blog, there’s plenty of opportunity for productivity.

10. At some point, a homebody might use their work vacation time even though they aren’t traveling anywhere. Be prepared for a staycation.

11. Only the highly anticipated movies that you really, truly want to see will be watched in theaters. The rest can wait until they’re available in a format that doesn’t require leaving home.

12. If you enjoy being a host and having people over, you’ll have the opportunity to thrive while dating a homebody.

13. If you don’t enjoy having people over, you’ll either learn to love it, become friends with couples who don’t mind hosting festivities at their place instead, or struggle to maintain any friendships.

14. The distance of the location you’re inviting a homebody to go to is quite possibly the most crucial factor in their decision to decline or accept. Closeness requires less effort, and the ability to leave and be home within a matter of minutes is so, so low risk.

15. There are big occasions to get excited and prepared for with homebodies, just as there are with anyone else. For example, consider most folks around the Super Bowl – that’s a huge deal that everyone makes plans for. Well, for homebodies, as of January 2015 Netflix will have every single episode of Friends – that’s a massive deal that you’re likely going to make extravagant plans for.

16. If you begin binge watching a television show together, the absolute worst thing you can do is skip ahead and watch episodes without them. That’s essentially the equivalent of cheating.

17. If things go south, best believe that the Netflix password will change, and they’ll claim custody of the account. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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