The 10 Best YouTube Channels To Procrastinate Your Day Away On

The 10 Best YouTube Channels To Procrastinate Your Day Away On

1. edbassmaster

[youtube‘Look At This Car!!’ was edbassmaster’s first widely viral video, but he basically goes around trolling society, taking on the roles of these eccentric characters who are rude, obnoxious, and/or socially challenged. It’s interesting to see how the general public handles the uncomfortable interaction he engages them in, and you’ll find yourself laughing at the reactions, or cringing at the almost unbearable amounts of awkwardness he generates.

2. Daily Grace

[youtube makes Grace an elite vlogger aside from being naturally hilarious and appealing is her endurance. This woman delivers brand new videos in routine, five out of the seven days in a week, whereas the majority of other popular YouTube presences only deliver one or two in that span. Her congeniality makes it feel as if you know her and you’re simply watching a friend discuss random topics. In the video above she’s recreating the cup song made famous by the insanely talented Anna Kendrick in Pitch Perfect.

3. BriTANicK

[youtube sketches are put out few and far between, but they are always worth the wait. The comedy is well written, the productions are high quality, and they’re always filled with quotable lines and good jokes, followed by an ending that pays off. It’s great to see YouTube sketches that have the look and feel of a Comedy Central series. The sketch above is just one that should reel you in to watch through the rest of their videos.

4. Epic Mealtime

[youtube this is hardcore food porn. All of our inner fat kid’s wildest dreams come to fruition through the disgustingly delicious concoctions they come up with. The worst part about watching their videos is how appetizing the stuff will probably look to you. I feel like I’m supposed to find ‘Fast Food Lasagna’ (shown in video above) disgusting, but I truly wouldn’t mind a slice or four.

5. Epic Rap Battles Of History

[youtube ironic, interesting thing about these Epic Rap Battles is that the lyrics are often so hilarious and complex that they take a while to sink in, or go unnoticed ‘til watching for a second or third time, which is far more than we can say for several of the professional rappers out there. These are pure gold. As far as the video about, yes, the election is over but this Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney battle is priceless, and Abraham Lincoln steals the show in this truly epic 3 minutes and 29 seconds.

6. nigahiga

[youtube great thing about Ryan Higa and his vlog/sketch hybrid videos is that he manages to find a way to amuse and entertain, while still keeping it PG or, at worst, PG-13. It’s something one can appreciate at a time when unnecessary cursing or sex is being shown all over the place. Higa is the go-to YouTuber if you’re ever trying to watch web videos with younger people in your family, since a line of explicitness is never crossed. Also, he’s kind of a master of puns and wordplay.

7. DERRICK Comedy

[youtube Comedy hasn’t posted a new video in about two years, but Donald Glover, DC Pierson and Dominic Dierkes were essentially the pioneers of popular comedy sketches on YouTube. They have a lot of funny stuff that if you haven’t seen, you’re in for a real treat. These guys all do their own things now — Donald Glover has Childish Gambino and Community; DC Pierson writes books and Dominic Dierkes writes for Workaholics. Whether you’re watching these sketches for the first or twentieth time, they still make procrastination well worth it.

8. VitalyzdTV

[youtube guy kind of does a-hole-ish trolling that, at some point or another is going to get him seriously hurt. You may remember his Miami Zombie Prank which went viral in 2012, but aside from that he does a whole lot of walking up to people and saying or doing things in a way that irritates everyone, even those with an abundance of patience are typically broken. Still, it’s hard not to watch his pranks play out in awkward, uncomfortable fashion.

9. The Slow Mo Guys

[youtube that pretty much everything looks UH-MAZE-ING when seen in slow motion.

10. Bad Lip Reading

[youtube, if you’re spending the day wasting time or procrastinating then ridiculous things like this are PERFECT. It’s funny to see the YouTube version of a game that many of us have played while people watching, but these guys are spot on at accurately matching the movement of people’s lips. My personal favorite moment comes at 28 seconds in. Enjoy and happy procrastinating. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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