11 Men On The Excruciatingly Honest Thing They Miss About Their Ex

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1. “She dumped me, so I’m dealing with the rejection and missing her. It sucks. I still wonder constantly if I’ll meet someone like her again. She wasn’t like anyone else I’ve ever dated. She made the world seem bigger, like more things were possible. She was supposed to be my partner, and now I just feel stuck in my sad, small life again.”

2. “I was fine right after the break up. I didn’t miss her that much and generally thought it was the best thing for both of us. But as the weeks went on, I actually found myself missing her more. She has a lot of friends and family in our city, while I only have a few guy friends. I didn’t have someone to really talk to anymore, and I realized I won’t until I start dating someone new, which could take awhile.”

3. “I tend to not feel things that much, and I was fine with breaking up with my last girlfriend, we we just weren’t compatible. But this random Sunday a few months later I was sitting at home getting stuff ready for the week ahead and this overwhelming sense of loneliness hit me. I missed her so much in that moment I almost broke down and called her and every other girl I’ve ever been with. I don’t know where it came from but it made me start taking dating a little more seriously. I want to meet someone now. I’m tired of being alone.”

4. “I broke up with her because I’m in my early 20’s and I was jealous of the freedom all my friends have. I was tired of answering to someone and not being able to flirt with strangers and do whatever I feel like doing. But it turns out being single is pretty lonely. I miss her laugh, I miss the cute texts she’d send me every morning, I miss being counted on and having someone to talk to at the end of a shitty day.”

5. “I actually met a great girl a month after a really bad breakup. We’ve been dating for four months at this point and I’m really happy, but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss my ex sometimes. I miss the little things she did that my current gf doesn’t, like how she was so affectionate where I sometimes feel like I have to ask for a hug or something now. There’s pluses and minuses to every relationship, but it’s hard to not to compare someone to your ex and miss all the ways they were a little bit better.”

6. “My ex was out of sight, out of mind. I thought I was totally over her until I saw her at a bar one day. She was out with friends and she was laughing and she was looking incredible in a sexy dress. She electrified the whole place. I actually ended up texting her later that night, but no dice.”

7. “My breakup was followed by an immediate sense of relief. I was happy to be single for the first time in 3 years, to sleep in a bed alone, and basically just to not have to answer to anyone. But as time went on I began to miss having a partner in crime. There was no one to laugh at my jokes or cook dinner with. There’s nothing like a sad microwave dinner for one to make you realize the single life ain’t that great.”

8. “I worry I’ll never meet a girl whose sex drive matches mine again. It was a pretty rare thing.”

9. “I hate getting home and parking my car in the garage and knowing no one will be there when I open the door. I hate coming home to an empty house.”

10. “My ex was very affectionate and was very affirming that she was turned on by my body, that she respected my intelligence, and that she loved my personality. Current gf clearly likes my personality, but is pretty judgmental about attractiveness. She’s never expressed it, but sometimes I feel like she’s slumming it with me. She’s super hot and very fit, and I’m not so much. It’s an insecurity I didn’t deal with in my last relationship because I always felt so loved.”

11. “I never felt like she was ‘the one’ until she was gone. Losing her made me realize what I had. I was an idiot for not seeing it at the time and I still miss her every day. Hindsight, I guess.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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