17 Men On What Gives Them Second Thoughts After A Breakup

Liat Aharoni
Liat Aharoni

1. “I woke up to a storm the other night and rolled over in my bed and no one was there. I suddenly had insomnia and spent hours wondering if I had made the right decision and if I’m too old to be alone. It’s scary to end a years long relationship and I think I’ll always wonder if I did the right thing, but I also knew we weren’t working and being happier with someone else seems like something worth taking a risk on.”

2. “My second thoughts are all about her disposition and how I wish my new girlfriend were as touchy as she was. She was always hugging me and stroking my hair while we watched movies — she could not keep her hands off me, it made me feel really attractive to her. My current girlfriend is more normal and does this as much as most women do. It’s just a weird quirk that I got used to with my ex and makes me feel like I’m kind of ruined for other women.”

3. “I’m still single, so there are absolutely times I miss my ex. Mostly, I miss her every night when I go to sleep and I’m alone in the bed and my mind is just going over things I wish it wouldn’t.”

4. “My current girlfriend is better for me than my ex. That said, I still have (fleeting) second thoughts about breaking up with my ex. While my relationship is stable, supportive, and happy, it is missing the spark I had with my ex. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other, were always laughing or fighting or fucking. It wasn’t manageable for the long term, but I miss that energy.”

5. “I miss her as a person and I have doubts that we are supposed to be broken up sometimes because I know she’s a good person, has integrity, etc, but there has to be more than that. We both deserve more than that.”

6. “I miss her laugh. Then I miss her. Then I get second thoughts. But then I come to my senses and realize it was for the best.”

7. “I have doubts when I get lonely. I miss having someone to cuddle with.”

8. “I’m single so I miss her at all the times you miss having someone in your life: when I have good news to tell, when I’ve had a bad day and wish someone was around to tell me it’s going to get better, when I wish I had some physical love in my life.”

9. “The girl is dating is great, and she’s way better for me, but sometimes I miss the way my ex looked at me like she was the luckiest girl in the world to have me.”

10. “I miss coming home to someone.”

11. “I’m dating and it’s fun and exciting to meet new people, but sometimes I miss how comfortable my ex and I were with each other. I know I will, but I seriously wonder if it will be like that with someone else.”

12. “We both majored in English so we could talk about books for hours and hours and spend entire days on a blanket at the park reading, totally content. The girl I am dating now is better for me in the long term, but I miss having this little thing in common with someone.”

13. “We have a kid together and for years I had doubts about breaking up and whether we could have tried harder to make it work. I finally let go of that guilt when I met the girl I am now engaged to. We work together in such a better way, I realized my ex and I would probably always be unhealthy.”

14. “I miss the way she laughed at my jokes even the bad ones. My new girl doesn’t find the same things to be as funny as I do. She’s better in literally ever other way though, it’s just a little thing I miss.”

15. “I have second thoughts when I miss her dog.”

16. “I’m going through a hard time in my life and my ex was pretty supportive. I wish I had her in my life for that selfish reason. It would be nice to have someone on my side. I know I’m looking at our relationship through rose-colored glasses though.”

17. “I’m dating a wonderful woman who happens to be American (I’m foreign). I love her more than anyone I have dated previously, but I miss someone who understands the nuances of my culture. There’s an entire lifetime of things I have in common with my ex that my girlfriend will never be able to share with me. I wonder if we’ll ever be able to be as close as I imagined being with the woman I end up with.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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