9 Men Tell Us How Badly Their “Completely Platonic” Female Friends Turn Them On


Brandon, 28

“Guys and girls can’t ever be just friends. There will always be some sort of attraction there, at least on one end. There’s not a single girl in my friend group who I haven’t fantasized about at one time or another. It doesn’t mean I have wanted them all to be my Girlfriend, it just means sexual attraction will always be there.”

Ryan, 30

“My girlfriend is very hot, much hotter than her best friend, and yet I fantasize about the friend sometimes. We were at the river a few weekends ago and I saw the friend in a bikini and she has this belly my girlfriend doesn’t have and I thought ‘what would that look like if I was fucking her?’ I’d never do anything about it, I’m just curious.

There are girls who are hotter than other girls, but that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the “less hot” bodies less, or that they don’t turn us on.”

Garcia, 24

“Men are visual creatures so sometimes it’s hard to remember that the beautiful body you’re looking at belongs to someone you aren’t supposed to have those kind of feelings for.”

Stephen, 26

“I was in a wedding last weekend and the bridesmaids were wearing these big poofy skirts that were apparently really hot for the summer so when we weren’t taking pictures or doing something they were standing around with their skirts gathered up in their arms. Seeing their legs unintentionally revealed while they were cooling themselves off turned me on. It was like this secret thing I wasn’t supposed to be seeing, like what you’d normally only see when you’re seriously dating someone. I’m always going to appreciate women and what turns me on about them, whether we are friends or not.”

Rolph, 27

“I think men and women can be platonic friends. I have a few lady friends I have absolutely no romantic interest in while still liking them as people and enjoying having them in my circle. However, this doesn’t mean they don’t enter my (strictly sexual) fantasies every once in awhile.”

Adam, 21

“I fantasize about having sex with my female friends from time to time but that doesn’t mean I want anything more. It’s just the way my mind works. I fantasize about having sex with a lot of women I see in my daily life that I don’t want to pursue or actually have something with.”

Isaac, 23

“My best friend is a woman and she acts like my wing woman when we go out. We talk about sex all the time. She’s made it clear that she doesn’t want to date me, yet we flirt all the time, make sex jokes, and talk about our sex lives. There’s no way that isn’t hot. I definitely spend a lot of the time we’re together thinking about what it would be like if we just went at it like like champions.”

Peter, 22

“I’ve never had a close female friend who I didn’t have sexual and romantic feelings for. If you enjoy spending time with someone and respect them and find them attractive, how wouldn’t you feel that way?”

Nav, 29

“I’ve learned not to hook up with my female friends, but it doesn’t mean I’ve stopped wanting to. If there was a perfect world where you could hook up with them and it wouldn’t make things awkward or ruin your friendship, I would totally do it. A friend is someone you like or else you wouldn’t be friends with them, so on some level there is always attraction there even if you know you aren’t compatible long term.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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