13 Differences Between Dating A Girl Who Settles And A Woman Who Is Satisfied


1. A girl who settles changes with each guy she dates. With the athletic guy she loves boot camp, with the outdoorsy guy she loves hiking — every new guy is a new version of herself. A woman who is satisfied enjoys doing activities her partner loves, but it doesn’t change who she is. She also feels free to let him have his own identity that doesn’t always, necessarily involve her.

2. A girl who settles is dependent on others to have a purpose — she is too timid to write her own legacy. A woman who is satisfied has a life full of happy relationships with her family and partner and friends, but she isn’t lost in them. A satisfied woman knows you can’t make homes out of other people.

3. A girl who settles is liked by everyone. A girl who is satisfied is liked by those she respects. No one is universally popular who is doing anything original or unique. The satisfied girl doesn’t go out of her way to be mean or bitchy, but she isn’t afraid to endure a little heat for making choices that make her happy.

4. A girl who settles says yes to everyone. A woman who is satisfied says no when the opportunity doesn’t seem advantageous.

5. A girl who settles constantly boasts about her life on Facebook and Instagram, making people assume she has the perfect job, husband, kids, life. A woman who is satisfied doesn’t care about perfection. Perfection is boring to her. She is honest and fearless.

6. A girl who settles is afraid of competition, so she spends a lot of time judging others and making sure she is above them (at least in her own mind). A satisfied woman can be humble enough to rave about others because she doesn’t feel like she is in competition with them — or as if one person’s success takes anything away from hers. She doesn’t slam the door shut behind her, she holds it open and helps others through it.

7. When she’s faced with a situation she doesn’t like — for example, her job, her relationships, her travel plans — a girl who settles would rather complain and feel bad for herself rather than (1) work toward accepting things she can’t change and (2) work toward changing the things that can be changed. A woman who’s satisfied doesn’t let stuff she can’t control, control her. She doesn’t get mad when it rains. And when she wants something to change, she’ll do the best she can to make it happen.

8. A girl who settles is threatened by other women’s success. A woman who’s satisfied knows that there’s plenty of room at the top, and that she’s on her way there, regardless of who else is having success in their lives.

9. A girl who settles won’t take up a hobby unless she already has friends that do it, a satisfied woman indulges in the activities she wants to do, and makes new friends along the way.

10. A girl who settles watches Netflix all day and feels more lonely as a result… and then the next day, will do it again. And again. A woman who is satisfied knows that Netflix binges are to be used sparingly, as an indulgence. Wasting the day away watching movies is a great way to take care of yourself, but only in appropriate doses. The satisfied woman can moderate and is more satisfied as a result.

11. A girl who settles fakes her orgasms to stroke her man’s ego, a woman who is satisfied doesn’t have to. She speaks up for what she wants, knowing her guy will be truly satisfied by actually getting her off.

12. A girl who settles blames others for her problems in life and can feel “stuck” because the things she dislikes are always out of her control. A woman who is satisfied has learned to take responsibility for the things she can change, and how to let go of the stuff she can’t.

13. A girl who settles will stay with the wrong guy for way too long, and all her friend will know it. And once she finally breaks up with him and meets another guy, she’ll do it again — he won’t be the right one for her, and it’ll drag on a year longer than it was ever meant to. A woman who’s satisfied gives her lovers a chance, but knows when it’s not meant to be. And when she knows when things won’t last, she cuts her losses and moves on. She makes mistakes, but she doesn’t make them twice. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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