15 Guys Share Why They Think The Girls In Their Life Are Still Single


Ryan, 25

They want someone who is more “settled” or “stable” but that doesn’t often happen at our age. They don’t think I’m good enough or my friends are good enough but I’m only 25, I am just not there yet, it doesn’t mean I won’t be one day soon.

Elliott, 29

They want a movie version of love, it’s like no guy is good enough because when a guy IS really romantic and aggressive like they are in rom coms, he’s “creepy” or “a stalker.”

Mike, 31

I don’t know. I think if you really want a relationship you find someone, so I don’t know. Maybe they actually want to be alone.

Aaron, 21

Either they aren’t cute or they aren’t fun to be around.

John, 26

I have a couple single female friends who can’t figure out why a guy doesn’t want to date them long term, but the only guys they go after are exactly the ones that wouldn’t be interested in them long term. If they’d pick a guy that was looking for a relationship, or one they were balanced with attractiveness-wise, they’d be set.

Adam, 27

My sister is 30 and has never had a long-term boyfriend. She reasonably good looking but she acts like such a fucking brat to every guy she starts dating, like asking them to do chores for her and shit. I might be biased because I can see through her bullshit, but who wants to date someone that acts like a bratty princess?

Cole, 28

The girls I know who are single are just more high-maintenance than the girls my friends are dating.

Andy, 29

They are still partying and acting like they’re 21. No one wants to date that, but they think they’re “fun.” There’s better ways to have fun.

Dustin, 30

There’s a girl I’m friends with who lives in my building and she was complaining about being single to me. She’s cute and she seemed cool so I invited her to a party with my friends thinking she would hit it off with one guy in particular. He’s a good friend and he’s great. She told me later she thought he was a loser. I wasn’t friendly with her after that. Still single too.

Jeremiah, 28

One girl I know asked me why I thought she was still single and I didn’t want to say it to her face but she acts like a ditz and only talks about reality TV shows. No one wants to date an airhead.

Mark, 23

Most people I know are single right now. When I hear a girl talk about wanting a boyfriend I just think something’s wrong with her to begin with. Everyone else is having fun, why can’t you just relax?

Chris, 30

A lot of girls expect a guy to rescue them, but I won’t do it. I worked hard to have a great career and a house and I won’t date someone who is working a menial job with no savings waiting for a guy to come along and give her a life.

Joe, 32

They’re too negative. No one wants to be around someone that’s bringing everyone down or that nags you about things that *might* go wrong.

Kent, 28

I know this girl who has dated THREE of my friends. The second two wouldn’t take her seriously as a girlfriend because she’d already slept with their friend.

Jake, 25

I think it’s honestly just a matter of meeting the right person. Some people get along with everyone, I’m not like that. Some women aren’t either I’m sure. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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