10 Reasons Everyone Needs A Friend Who’s A Bartender

Coyote Ugly
Coyote Ugly

1. When you complain about your desk job, they will (rightfully) remind you that they work just as hard as you do mentally, but they’re also on their feet all day. It’s a nice reminder to be grateful for the perks you do have.

2. They will teach you to be a good customer. You now know not to wave your bartender down like an idiot, not to order a ridiculous drink, and to tip well. And your service has improved because of it.

3. They will teach you to be tough. A bartender learns very early on that they can’t put up with anyone’s crap. If you have a tendency to be a people-pleaser or a pushover, you’ll learn from watching them that you can and should put your foot down.

4. They know everyone. There must be a secret bartender club they all hang out in because every time I go somewhere with my bartender friend he knows everyone who works at that bar, even though it’s not the one he works at. And we always get great service and freebies.

5. There are certain situations in which you suddenly find yourself out with fancy clients or on a very promising date and you need to know what to order. Your bartender friend will never let you be helpless in this situation. You will, unflinchingly, know which brand of liquor is appropriate and not have to meekly say, “whatever’s good” or, good forbid, “rail” again.

6. You’ve heard too many horror stories. You will never, ever let yourself become THAT drunk girl/guy.

7. They will stop you from being naive or overly trusting. Bartenders (or anyone who works in customer service) sees the worst in people on the regular, they won’t let you get taken advantage of.

8. They look out for you. For whatever reason this profession attracts people who are fiercely loyal. Once you’re friends they WILL have your back, no matter what.

9. When they pick up a day shift, it’s the most interesting and relaxing thing to sit at the bar and keep them company while the day drags on and meet all the people who come in. It’s like going to a bar alone, but with free booze and better company.

10. One perk of being friends with a bartender is that they have great friends. They’re people people so they naturally just sort of have amazing friends themselves, and you get to be friends with them too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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