7 Things A Woman Is Never Responsible For


1. If you have a hard time “taking her seriously” because you can see her figure

I love it when men talk about how women always claim to be victims or are inherently illogical beings or “the weaker sex.” Dudes can’t even focus on their schoolwork when a girl’s wearing yoga pants in class or figure out how to treat their female coworker as a human being because her button-up shows some cleavage one day. There’s so much struggle for a guy to figure out just to live his own life when there’s a female in the room — and it’s not up to women to coddle men. Not when the bar is set so low as “view women as human beings.” Nope. Not a woman’s responsibility.

2. Being attracted to you because you’re “one of the good ones”

I don’t care if we have the definition of “nice guy” wrong and you actually are a nice guy and not a butthurt neckbeard. You’re not owed a girlfriend. Your female friends aren’t “shallow” if they aren’t throwing themselves at you. Friendship with a woman is not the consolation prize you get because she rejects you sexually. If you’re super upset women are dating “bad boys” (and honestly, this doesn’t happen as much as men talk about it) you’re probably trying to be “one of the good ones” for the wrong reason — and that fakeness puts people (including women) off. There’s no such thing as a happy person with a full life that can’t find a boyfriend or girlfriend. It just doesn’t happen. Do you, and it will attract people into your life.

3. If it bums you out when you see women who aren’t smiling

Guess what? Not everyone’s resting face makes them look like they’re high on glue. That’s okay, people aren’t put on this earth to look happy so you don’t have to think about the fact that not everyone’s life is perfect. Why should every woman have to smile or look happy in your presence? Do you extend this weird “courtesy” to others? Think about that.

4. Having sex with you because you “put the work in”

A woman is not responsible for having sex with you because you paid for dinner. A woman is not responsible for having sex with you because you’ve gone on three dates or done it before or it’s your birthday. Sex is always a gift and never a debt. Someone women simply want to wait longer to have sex or don’t like to have it that often and that’s completely reasonable. There are other women out there if this is a huge relationship ending problem for you. And yes,I know, it sucks to be lead on. But you are a responsible party in this. Don’t pick a girl who seems “too good to be true” and then be upset when she actually is.

5. Being a lady in the streets and a freak in the bed

Women aren’t whores or Madonnas or the perfect combination of the two. They’re just people. They have individual personalities and sexual appetites and preferences. Probably you won’t be able to get everything you want — both a demure lady and an always horny sex kitten — that’s life. Pick what’s most important to you and try to find that, but don’t put the blame on the woman when she can’t be All Things to you. Not everyone who’s classy and shy has a secret inner vixen, not everyone who is very sexually open in the bedroom comes across as conservative in everyday life. It’s more normal for people’s personalities to be consistent than wildly idiosyncratic.

6. Meeting your unrealistic demands

Remember that viral Huffington Post story about a 59-year-old woman whose 55-year-old boyfriend couldn’t get it up for her aging body? Lots of angry men took to the internet to say “SEE??? Men like young, attractive women!” This isn’t a secret or even anything people don’t already know. The reality is that we don’t always get what we want. If that 55-year-old man could go out and get a 25-year-old girlfriend he could get his dick hard for, by all means, go for it. But when you can’t get your fantasy life and you settle (and we all settle) for reality it’s not the other person’s job to live up to your fantasy. It’s YOUR job to realize this is the real world, take it or leave it. I don’t get upset at my car every day because it’s not a Maserati. I can’t afford a Maserati. I judge it based on what it is.

7. Being sexually attractive to all men at all times

If you want a pixie cut, get a fucking pixie cut. This is a bad idea if your primary goal in life is to attract a tradition-minded man who won’t like it, but this is, you know, never the case. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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