75+ Deep Web Stories That Will Creep You Out

75+ Deep Web Stories That Will Creep You Out

Deep web stories show us just how creepy the vast internet is. Most people don’t know any of the scary websites that are lurking in the deep web. This is a collection of deep web stories from all around the internet. If you have your own deep web story, add it in the comments!

Deep Web Stories

IRL cannibals

That cannibalistic forum about eating people and being eaten by people. Some members even chat and arrange meetups there to eat each other like, “I need someone to eat my fresh meat. I am juicy and tender.” And all that crazy shit.

A woman and her stillborns

I remember finding this site that was dedicated to women who can’t deal with the fact that their babies had been stillborn. It was filled with pictures of dead fetuses dressed up and had this really sad, creepy song playing as you scrolled through. Dark, dark shit.

Last words

This website has final statements of death row inmates in Texas before they were executed.

This creepy subreddit that no one can figure out

No one has been able to figure out what this subreddit is or means. Every single post is made with some type of encryption except for 2 posts in English that say “help” and “please help us”. Every other post looks like this.

For anyone interested in taking a swing at this mystery, I made some progress on it about a year ago before finally giving up. Here’s the thread I made containing some useful info.

Whatever the fuck this is

I’m not sure who made this but I’m pretty confident that they’re insane.

Normal porn for normal people

video of a girl with a mask on sitting in a dirty ass room on top of a bed. Theres a radio playing, which sounds like its from WWII. The girl has a plate of something (they look like sandwiches) and she starts eating. However, the mask doesnt have a mouth-hole, so she is basically just jamming it into her face, and letting it fall all over.

Dead bodies

“When I was younger I would frequent steakandcheese.com and rotten.com and just go through and see the darker side of the world. Yes, everything on those sites was fucked up but the worst was a album on rotten.com titled ‘Dead Blonde.’ The first picture showed a naked corpse on a table as if she were about to be embalmed. Her skin was green and her hair was yellow. Bright colors for a dead lady. Anyway, I went to the the next picture, and it was taken at an angle where it looked like she was looking at the camera. It was so fucking scary to see these dead eyes staring into my soul. I couldn’t sleep for a few days after that.”

How to sneak bombs past metal detectors

“I was trying to make a small explosive for a dumb little movie I was gonna make with my friends. I found myself in the dark corners of the internet. One site in particular had a txt document download with talking about how to sneak explosives past metal detectors. NSA is probably all over me right now.”

The Hidden Wiki

“Look up the hidden wiki, and then realize there is legitimate child porn and rape and torture content ALL OVER the deep web. Fucking terrifying. They have live cams too. I couldn’t sleep for a month after a little browsing.”

A cannibal forum

“The cannibal forum on the deep web. I have a horrible fear of being eaten so maybe it’s not so bad, but reading people being described being cooked and picked apart with eating utensils freaks me the fuck out.”

10 Infamous Sites And Services Of The Deep Web

This section was written by Brett Block

Many people don’t know this, but there is a massive, uncatalogued part of the Internet called the Deep Web to which the average person has no access.

Just how deep is it? Estimates range from 500 times the size of the visible “clear net” to comprising a whopping 99.97% of the entire Internet database!

This is because the Internet is shaped like an iceberg—an iceberg riddled with rabbit holes. And unless you’re using a specialized browser such as Tor, I2P, or other Darknet software, you’re not going to fit down any of them.

But the fact is, the Deep Web is a dangerous, scary, and at times illegal place to be. And if you don’t know what you’re doing, you should never, ever go there.

But if you want to, it’s super-easy. You literally just have to download this browser.

But before you go, here are ten sites you should know first:

10. Your Guide: The Hidden Wiki. The Hidden Wiki is your ferryman into the digital River Styx. THW’s purpose is to aid in your navigation of the Deep Web; its main page serves as a directory to a vast number of deep sites.

Why is it so useful?

Even though the Tor browser protects your identity by bouncing your requests from servers across the world, there are still ways to track down a Tor user’s IP.

Combine that with the fact that you’re usually within a two-click distance of child porn, and you’ll find that the Deep Web really isn’t a place to stumble around aimlessly.

For your own sake, use the wiki until you get the hang of things.

This directory is actually found on the surface web here.

With it you’ll find everything from leisurely chatrooms and game sites to nasty garbage-trash such as…

9. The Human Experiment. Arguably the most infamous locale on the Deep Web, The Human Experiment is a site detailing the less-than-ethical experiments of an anonymous group of doctors and medical students hoping to prove, as their tagline suggests, that “not all humans are equal, for some of them were born superior to others.”

The site’s “about us” section is pretty straightforward:

In this website, we attempt to illustrate several experiments that are being conducted by our group on human subjects. The people chosen for this range of experiments are usually homeless people that are unregistered citizens.”

Experimentations range from:
· Starvation and water/fluid restriction
· Vivisection/pain tolerances
· Infectious diseases and organ effects
· Transfusions
· Drug trials
· Sterilization
· Neonate and infant tolerances to x-rays, heat, and pressure.

Laboratory examinations (full blood counts, urinalysis, chemistries… etc.) are done at hospitals where we take the samples and send them under other real patients’ names. The results are carefully dispersed so as not to arouse suspicion.

The bodies of the dead are dissected and then disposed of in dumpsters of meat shops where their bodies will not be found.

No IRB approval was sought for this secret range of experimentations.

The high command oversees all operations and designates potential targets.

Though subjects are provided food and water, the site admits “nutritional status is usually irrelevant as none of the test subjects survive long enough, except the pregnant women.”

What makes The Human Experiment such a phenomenon is that in addition to its amorality, the test data of the hypothermia and bleach-injection experiments are eerily convincing.

Although we may never know whether “The Human Experiment” is real or just an elaborate hoax, it wouldn’t be the first time man has stooped to such a moral low. See Japan’s Unit 731 or Germany’s experiments at Dachau.

Fortunately, the site has not been updated since 2011.

8. Daisy’s Destruction. As previously stated, 80% of Deep Web users are there for the abuse of children. And that’s no rough guesstimate. That number arrived as the result of a six-month study by England’s University of Portsmouth.

Two February 2015 arrests shed light on not only on the extremes of that 80%, but also the depths of human depravity.

Enter Peter Scully, a 51-year-old Australian native currently awaiting trial in the Philippines for rape, torture, murder, and fraud.

Before his arrest, Scully ran an international Pay-per-View site on the Deep Web in which he and his female partner Carmen Ann Alvarez raped and tortured at least eight young girls, including one infant.

The site featured a series of videos titled Daisy’s Destruction and online visitors paid hundreds of dollars to watch them.

Naturally, public outcry sparked an international manhunt, and in 2014, Philippine authorities teamed up with the National Police of the Netherlands who had incidentally begun their own investigation into the case sometime earlier.

Ultimately, though, Scully’s downfall came after two potential victims escaped and were able to identify Alvarez. Alvarez confessed and revealed the locations of the houses in which the crimes took place. Beneath one such house, authorities unearthed a shallow grave containing the body of a small girl who according to Alvarez was featured in Daisy’s Destruction.

Scully was detained shortly after Alvarez’s confession.

Though his motives remain unclear, a remorseless Scully recently appeared in an interview with 60 Minutes in which he appears baffled by his own actions, stating:

I don’t know why I did it. I wasn’t like that in Australia.

Scully is currently in the process of writing a tell-all journal of his crimes.

If convicted, Scully will face a life sentence for not only the aforementioned crimes, but also for scamming 20 or so investors out of a whopping $2.68 million while working as an Australian businessman.

You can watch Scully’s interview here.

7. Cheap SWATting Service. SWATting is the act of obtaining a victim’s IP address and then anonymously and falsely reporting a critical incident such as a bomb threat or hostage situation to that location. The SWAT team then arrives on scene, kicks down a few doors, and generally disrupts everyone’s day while costing taxpayers thousands of dollars…and it’s huge on YouTube right now.

Though the affected have extended all the way to politicians and pop stars, most instigators and victims are gamers who get attacked as a result of a bitter online rivalry.

SWATting is also a service you can buy on the Deep Web through Cheap Swatting Service.

CSS offers three (negotiable priced) options for the customer:

$5—A “mild situation.”
$10—”A little worse. They’ll bring many people and raid them.”
$20—”The SWAT team comes and from there they can do anything.”

Despite penalties of up to 25 years to life, stiff sentences for the convicted have done little to curb this growing trend.

This is because SWATters are able to keep risk—and subsequently, service prices—low by relying on simple and difficult-to-trace methods of police contact. Disposable phones, phone number encryption, and Internet call services such as Skype have all proven cheap and invaluable tools for the common SWATter.

In an effort to crack down on this criminal nuisance, California Senator Ted W. Lieu recently passed a bill that holds convicted SWATters accountable for the entire expense of their false raid.

However, in response to the new legislation, Lieu himself was SWATted after an anonymous source contacted police with claims that the senator had just killed his wife.

The FBI has now teamed up with international agencies to combat cyber-crime.

6. The Silk Road. Often referred to as the Amazon.com of drugs, the 2011 launch of The Silk Road was a drug man’s dream, and its genius lies in its simplicity.

A reference to the ancient Asian trade route, TSR works like this:
• The site provides a platform for dealers of various drugs.
• Users of the site, protected by encryption, browse the market.
• Drugs are paid for in Bitcoin.
• Dealer mails his brand out in an unmarked box.
• Users rate and review product, thus maintaining quality dealers and weeding out scams.

Whether the result of greed, vigilante capitalism, free-market idealization, or simply a belief in providing safe and convenient access to mind-altering substances, The Silk Road is here to stay in one form or another. It’s much like the whack-a-mole history of The Pirate Bay, for each time the FBI has shut down the site (once in 2013 and again in 2014), a new road takes its place.

TSR has actually been functioning without its head since October of 2013 when founder/owner Ross William Ulbricht was arrested in a public library. By all estimates, the road will continue to carry on (for now as Silk Road 3.0).

5. Buttery Bootlegging. Buttery Bootlegging is run by professional kleptomaniac “Dangler” who, for a negotiated price, will steal nearly any item from a directory of handpicked stores listed on his page.

Simply email him the product you want along with the Bitcoins you’re willing to pay and Ol’ Dingle Dangle here’ll nab it for you. Once he does, a photo or video of the item alongside a placard that reads “Dangler” will be sent your way as proof.

This guy also has an inventory of stuff he’s willing to sell due to a combination of clients backing out of their payment at the last minute and just because he saw an easy steal and jumped on the opportunity.

The site has good reviews, so it’s probably legit. Nevertheless, it’s still an illegal service on the Deep Web, so as with most everything else out there, maintain a healthy level of skepticism on this one.

4. Atlantic Carding. Roughly 11 million Americans fall victim to credit card theft each year. Atlantic Card isn’t helping.

AC is a service that sells credit card information, addresses, and Social Security numbers. The more money you’re willing to spend, the better the info. Big spenders can even get access to business accounts and “infinite” credit cards with no limit.

Prices range between $5 and $80 depending on the depth of information sold. It’s reasonable pricing for the potential destruction of a stranger’s life.

The site boasts a credit card validity rate upward of 95%, anonymous communication via PGP encryption, and untraceable Bitcoin transaction.

But keep in mind—if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. Agencies have been known to stage sting operations on the Deep Web with fake sites such as 2010’s “Carder Profit“—an FBI-run website and undercover campaign designed to scam the scammer.

Over the course of two years, CP successfully identified and then arrested 24 individuals spanning 12 countries.

And while 24 arrests in two years may seem like a low number, experts estimate that “Operation Card Shop” protected over 400,000 potential victims and saved roughly $205 million USD.

Put simply, the FBI takes this whole card theft thing pretty seriously, and they’re willing to wait years at a time for an arrest. We’d all like to take a free vacation at some rich asshole’s expense, but is it really worth the risk?

3. Fixed Match Buy-In. Fixed Match Buy-In is exactly what its name implies: fixed sports matches for you to bet on.

FMBI fixes matches with at least a 2:1 payout. It also requires a $20,000 USD minimum buy-in with 50% of your winnings going toward the site’s service fee, though after the fixed match, the $20,000 buy-in is returned to your Bitcoin account and everyone wins…except for the athletes.

Although FMBI cannot prove its authenticity as doing so “would require [FMBI] to reveal transaction details or match information” that could jeopardize the network, they claim to be quite busy with weekly matches in several different sports.

Too good to be true? Probably. If it worked, there’d be an army of FMBI-made millionaires whistle-blowing all over the Deep Web message boards.

And let’s not forget the fact that people with $20,000 to throw around generally tend to be too financially savvy to invest in a rehashed Nigerian prince scam.

Of course, that’s not to say match-fixing isn’t a serious problem in every sport. When asked how pervasive corruption is in sports gambling, Declan Hill, author of The Insider’s Guide to Match-fixing in Football, says national teams have been fixed.

In terms of European Futbol, “this is [UEFA’s] number one threat.”

Fixed matches are as old as sports themselves. A recently translated papyrus document from 237 AD details a wrestling match between two young Egyptians, one of whom has been paid to take a dive.

The fact is, fixed matches exist and people are getting insider information somewhere. However, you’re probably better off finding a connection in the chat forums than in this site.

But hey, if you still need your gambling fix, Politibet is now taking bets on the results of the 2016 presidential election! Just throwing that out there…

2. Hitmen for Hire. Hit men are one of those things that we like to pretend aren’t real, but are… like your mother’s sex life. And unfortunately, evidence of both exists on the Internet.

The Deep Web is home to numerous murder-for hire sites, the big three being C’thulu, Unfriendly Solution, and Assassination Market.

C’thulu and US are similar in that they both offer “solutions to common problems” (in the words of the former)/ Name a target, pay in Bitcoin, and wait a few weeks for the “accident/suicide.”

Each site offers its own unique benefit. C’thulu provides a commission bonus of 1% of the total value of a referred friend’s purchase, while US has more wiggle-room for negotiation, sometimes accepting a half-now/half-later deal.

C’thulu also accepts Liberty Reserve, a currency not recognized by US.

Meanwhile, AM is a whole different ballgame and more resembles something out of The Twilight Zone than an actual service.

Referred to as a Kickstarter for murder, AM operates in markedly similar fashion to the popular crowdsourcing site:

• Potential victims are added to a public list of targets
• Users bid Bitcoins on when they believe a chosen target will die
• Most accurate bidder takes home the pot at the time of target’s death

The underlying assumption here is that the site’s users can expedite the death process themselves in accordance with their bets, thus creating hit men rather than hiring them.

But considering that AM only has five current targets, all of whom are living celebrities (including Justin Bieber), the site is more of a cheap gag than anything.

Still, if you have no regard for the sanctity of human life, these sites are a smart way to go about offing a living person as they eliminate the hassle of you—a mild-mannered business type with no criminal background—having to go through shady Russian nightclubs in search of a hookup.

1. Euroarms. Clandestine digital black markets just wouldn’t be clandestine digital black markets without an illegal arms trade!

Europe’s gun laws are extremely different from country to country. It’s not hard to see why Europe has inadvertently become prime real estate for arms dealers.

If Europe is the Fertile Crescent for firearms, consider Euroarms a wine-drinking, goulash-eating Johnny Appleseed.

EA is a weapons-dealing service exclusive to the European Union. With it, users can swap Bitcoins for AKs. The site offers a variety of military-grade small arms that, like drugs ordered on The Silk Road, arrive through mail upon purchase.

Although EA is willing to ship out guns, they don’t sell ammunition. But that shouldn’t be too hard to find out there on the Deep Web.

EA maintains a decent reputation, so if you need a pistol in a pinch, this place has you covered.

Sad Satan and the Deep Web

Sad Satan is a horror game on the deep web and it has caught the attention of horror game enthusiasts.

The game references Charles Manson and Adolf Hitler, incorporating audio clips and photography into this bizarre world.

Check out Dark Mysteries’ analysis of the game here:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgKlZRiH6Wc&w=560&h=315%5D

Watch the actual gameplay here.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJ6zHUyp_V8&w=560&h=315%5D

A redditor “decrypted” messages hidden throughout the game, and it’s being said the game threatens you and your life as you go further and further into the dark chamber that is Sad Satan.

With a name like that, are you even remotely surprised?

More Deep Web Stories

Last communications of crashing planes

Last words — a website that has transcripts and voice recordings of planes as they are crashing.

It has 9/11 Flight 93 transcript also.


14 Years ago as a freshman at a major Texan university, the university network was somewhat more fast and loose in terms of being able to access other peoples computers…as you might imagine. Anyway at one point I viewed a video of a kid with some kind of condition being torn apart by wild donkeys while middle eastern looking men masturbated. I saw it only briefly and left the room. Beyond creepy.

Fast forward 4 years, I’ve flunked out of college and am enlisted in the Navy. I mention the incident to a guy in my workcenter. I also stated that I was hammered at the time and now wonder if I had a bad dream or some shit.

Coworker says “I’ve heard of this” and digs this column up. So, apparently, it really is out there somewhere. I haven’t gone out looking for it, and I don’t hear/read people referring to it like it is notorious(and believe me, I think it would be), but man, in 2000 it had already been digitized at some point and put out there.

Things made out of human

The people who sell human flesh products; food, wallets, belts, etc… I don’t know how they get their merchandise, not do I want to.

How to summon demons

This one’s pretty fucked up

Its about summoning demons. There are even youth groups that can join. Fuckin’ weird

13 Terrible Things You Didn’t Know About The Deep Web

This section was written by Michael Koh

1. Also called the hidden web and deepnet, the deep web is where search engines have not indexed the information, and so “invisible” to the mainstream public.

2. A 2001 study done at University of California, Berkeley estimated the deep web to consist of about 7.5 petabyes (or 7,500 gigabytes) of information. In a 2003 study, that number increased to 91,850 petabytes. Researchers also estimated that to the 1 billion indexed pages on the internet (in 2001), there were 550 billion in the deep web.

3. To access this part of the internet, you need to download The Onion Router, heretoforth referred to as TOR. TOR is an anonymous network of nodes that are intended to mask the user’s IP and protect the privacy of the user.

4. You can read banned books on TOR.

The Tor Library
The Tor Library

5. Anonymous sellers advertise their goods on topic-specific forums. Like copied credit cards on a credit card fraud board.

Cloned credit cards with PINs for sale somewhere on the deep web.
Cloned credit cards with PINs for sale somewhere on the deep web.

6. And people can purchase fake identification too. An American passports would set you back 700 Euros, or 973.91 USD.

A counterfeiter advertising his/her services on the deep web.
A counterfeiter advertising his/her services on the deep web.

7. Of course, there’s no cash or check exchanged over the deep web. To exchange goods, you need to use bitcoin — but you knew this already. Use Coinbase now that Mt. Gox is insolvent.

8. TOR is sponsored by the United States Department Of State Bureau Of Democracy, Human Rights, And Labor, The Ford Foundation, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency among other government-backed groups.

9. You can also purchase organic weed from the Netherlands.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 3.56.30 PM

10. Weapons can be purchased online as well.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 4.24.45 PM

11. Even child spirits from abortions and miscarriages.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 4.25.54 PMScreen Shot 2014-03-18 at 4.25.45 PM

12. Journalists in heavily censored countries use the deep web to communicate and exchange information.

13. Clicking on a wrong link (with JavaScript enabled on your browser) can mean the end of your life (not really). A JavaScript exploit can be used to upload malware into the user’s computer — meaning a keylogger can be installed without your knowledge and your passwords will be compromised.

More Deep Web Stories


This point and click story through a mental asylum. I never made it past the first chapter.

What the drug trade is really like

Do we need to mention the sites where the Mexican cartels show us the true world of drug dealing? Because, I saw it once and I’m still not over it… totally changed my views on drug legalization. Because if that’s what making drugs illegal does, then we REALLY need to decriminalize dope.

And I’m serious.

You may see yourself


Pretty fucked up apparently.

Bareback forums

I haven’t looked for it again, and I won’t do it. But I was researching something about aids when I was in college and found a forum which I believe was called bareback forum or something.

I remember it was full of aids infected men that wanted to infect others, it had stories of success and of people bragging about this.

I remember being disgusted and emailing my teacher, never for a reply back..

UFO Bridal store

There is some Wedding & Bridal store website for a shop in Florida. It’s got all these weird UFO and other strange pages hiding on it.

It was called Yvette’s Bridal Formal. It’s gone now, but it was somewhat crawled by archive.org.

Why you should avoid the deep web

A couple years ago Reddit opened my eyes to the deep web. I had found my way to some sort of basic directory and wanting to see how bad things would get but avoid any videos or pictures for fear of running into child porn, I elected for a “Fan Fiction” forum under the heading “Family fun and the Forbidden Fruit”. It was pedophile fan fiction detailing among other things, a man’s fantasy about being a pageant judge for “Toddlers in Tiaras” and giving the mother of a contestant a spa coupon while he had sex with her 3-year-old daughter. I got about a paragraph in before I had to stop. I can honestly say I’ve never been so disgusted in my life.

An In-depth Look at One Creepy Deep Web Video

I’ve heard stories about the deep web. Stories is what I’d hoped they were, anyway. I was too chicken to check any of them out. See, I love scary stuff, but when truly disturbing things turn out to be real? No thanks, man.

So you see why I’m disappointed in myself for watching the following video.

In case you didn’t (or can’t) watch the video, allow me to explain what it shows. A man (he appears to be Asian) is sloppily eating a chunky soup with a big wooden spoon. After a moment, a strange costumed character with a blank face walks in and starts patting his back. The man, who had previously appeared to be in distress, begins to sob harder and eat faster. It looks like he’s having trouble eating. Between his sobs, it sounds like someone is laughing — perhaps behind the camera? Another costumed character enters and they continue to comfort him.

That’s it.

The video was uploaded first in 2008. It’s been speculated that it’s an art project, a joke, an experiment. The general consensus, however, is that it’s some sort of bizarre snuff film. It’s even been speculated that what the man is eating is human remains.

According to this video, there’s not much to go on — except that, according to performer Raymond Persi, those strange suits are actually HIS characters he created, a duo named RayRay. However, that is NOT Raymond Persi in either of the suits.

In an email, he describes how he had been performing a RayRay show at the Sunset Club when the suits were stolen from his vehicle. He was bummed to find them missing but had a few extra costumes made so the performances could go on.

A while later, he received an email with the video clip attached. There was no explanation.

Even creepier, he said that his characters behaved and moved in a VERY specific way — so whoever had stolen the suits had clearly seen his shows, studied the characters, and knew how to portray RayRay perfectly.

Persi has said he received other videos of the unknown people using the suits. I’ve looked for more videos but haven’t found them yet, and part of me doesn’t want to.

I’m with the general consensus on this one. I think it’s real, not only because of the mysterious circumstances under which the suits went missing, but the way the man cries feels very desperate. It makes you wonder what he’s eating, why he’s sobbing, and what’s going to happen when he finishes the soup — or what’s going to happen if he can’t.

That’s enough Internet for today, I think.

More Deep Web Stories


A website selling used Tampons… It’s a german website

Medical experiments

There was a website I can’t remember in the deepweb that was an organization that did experimentation on live humans like unit 731 did in WW2. It was very detailed, very descriptive and as far as I could tell very medically accurate.

Fake or not, it was bone-chilling, some of the experiments that were documented. Very interesting and creepy too. Kinda wish I had the onion address still so I could transcribe some of it here.

Cruise deaths

There’s a website that posts short obituaries from people who died aboard cruise ships. Due to the nature of the cruise ship industry, most of them are not solved or investigated. The ones who do get sick are usually just left off at the next port of call so that they die on the shore and not on the cruise ship for statistical reasons

Bridge jumpers


Not sure if it’s been posted or not, but here is a running tally of the Tampa Bay area Sunshine Skyway Bridge ‘jumpers.’

I’ve always felt it pretty chilling to read through the accounts.

Latest jump was today.

List of scary websites

[*] http://www.neave.com/television/

[*] http://www.tired.com/

[*] http://www.unknown-armies.com/

[*] http://www.anomalies-unlimited.com/

[*] http://www.tanasinn.org/

[*] http://www.truthism.com/

[*] http://www.cubo.cc/

[*] http://www.d-evil.com/tessy/

[*] http://www.screenvader.com/root.html

[*] http://wwwwwwwww.jodi.org/

[*] http://www.973-eht-namuh-973.com/

[*] http://jerb.org/

[*] http://www.editthis.info/scp_wiki/SCP_Series SCP Series

[*] http://www.secrettechnology.com/rooms/pandemic.html

[*] http://www.fate.com/

How to access the deep web (at your own risk)

[*] https://www.torproject.org/projects/torbrowser.html.en — a specialized browser to be able to access it

[*] http://thehiddenwiki.org/ — somewhat of a “homepage” for the deep web, though barely scratches the surface of the deep web itself.

Have fun.

Fiction Stories About The Dark Web

There Are Some Really Dark Places On The Deep Web by Luke Hartwick

I’m sure by this point you’ve heard all about the “Deep Net.” It’s been talked about more and more in relation to places like Silk Road, and child pornography rings the world over. I’ve even heard about a website where people were able to buy and sell children.

Despite all of these dark secrets lurking in the recesses of the internet, nothing could have prepared me for MartyrNet. If you were to ask me where I first heard about it, I could not even give a coherent answer. It’s like bits and pieces its existence reached me over the years. Even from the fragments of knowledge I had about it, I could tell it was a place that I was not even remotely fucked up enough to venture into.

Unfortunately I wound up falling for a girl who was fated to lead me right down the rabbit hole. Her name was Amanda and we were taking Statistics 120 together every Thursday night. I’m normally really bad at approaching girls, but when she introduced herself as a Sedona native, I jumped at the chance to make fun of “The Vortex,” that so many Sedonians believe in.

“So how many aliens have you seen?” I asked.

A few other people around the class looked at me like I was stupid, but I could tell Amanda got it. She just smiled back at me and said, “Three, actually.”

After sitting together through a few more classes together, we finally decided to hang out outside of school. She invited me back to her place and we smoked some weed and listened to some folky Pandora stations. It wasn’t until a few shots of tequila got thrown into the mix that things started to heat up.

I had just gotten her top off when she suddenly looked at me weird, like she had just remembered something.

“I shouldn’t,” she said, quietly. “I think you really like me.”

“What gave you that idea?”

“It would just be meaningless for me,” she said.

That hurt, honestly. As down as I am for meaningless sex, I was a little too enamored by her to just let something like that bounce off me. I don’t know if it was just the situation, or the added shots of tequila and pot, but I was at a loss for words. It was like she had just shut off. Awkwardly, I rolled off her bed and got dressed and showed myself out.

The next week, she never showed up to class. It wasn’t until then that I really tried calling her up and getting a hold of her. But she wouldn’t answer my calls and she wasn’t responding to me on Facebook. After another week went by, I got desperate and drove out to her apartment. The front door was unlocked, but no one was inside.

I was on the verge of calling the police, but I figured maybe I should look around a little more. Shamelessly, I opened up her laptop and looked around. That was where I found the Torrent download for the program Martyrnet. She had already installed it and had a window minimized. When I clicked the shortcut, it brought up a chat log between her and a few other users in a private conversation.

They had been talking about prices. Apparently the three other users had agreed to pay her $20,000 for something. I felt suddenly sick to my stomach. Was it for sex? Was she a prostitute or something? Desperately, I scrolled up to find out more information, but the last thing I saw was a date before I heard the door slam shut.

“Monday night at 3:00 am, on Alpha server.”

“Hello?” came her familiar voice. “Is someone in here?”

“It’s me,” I said, figuring I ought to just get it over with.

“What the fuck, Leo?”

“I was worried about you…”

“Well don’t. You don’t even know me. What makes you think you can just come into my house like this?”

I apologized again and again, but she wasn’t calming down. Even in her anger I could tell there was something very different about her. She had deep bags under eyes and she looked paler than usual. On her head she had tied a purple bandana, covering up her already thin hair.

“Just get the hell out and don’t come here again. You were just a…thing. An accident.”

I pretended not to be hurt by that and closed the door behind me on my way out. All I could think about on the drive home was how sickly she looked. Had she always been that way and I never noticed? What was she getting into?

It was almost impossible to concentrate in class for the following few days. I hadn’t known Amanda for that long, but I felt compelled to know what was going to happen. I couldn’t just forget about everything.

On Monday afternoon, I downloaded the MartyrNet client and acquainted myself with the program. It’s fairly easy to navigate. There’s only five servers: Alpha, Beta, etc… I flipped through a few of them, but nothing was going on. Only on the Delta server did I see a small chat bar with four users, two of which had prices beside their names.

Apparently all of the servers are free to watch, as long as the shows have been paid for by someone. In Delta server at that time there was a girl with tribal tattoos, sticking all kinds of miscellaneous objects inside of herself. Anything the paying users called out, she would somehow conjure from outside the screen.

I was getting more and more nervous as the day wore on. By the time 3:00 am rolled around, there were at least twenty users in the room. At the top of the chatbar were the three paying users I had seen on Amanda’s computer, each sharing portions of the $20,000.

Suddenly the black screen lit up and I was looking at her beautiful, green eyes. She looked even worse than when I had seen her. Was she sick?

“Hi everyone,” she said, forcing a smile. “I guess word got around. I haven’t seen a server this full since that one girl painted a portrait of herself naked, using her own shit as a medium.”

The chatbar started filling with people’s reactions, and side-conversations about the shit-show. Amanda just sat motionless, reading what they all had to say.

So far I was relieved to see that she wasn’t naked, although she wasn’t fully dressed either. She was wearing the same turquoise panties and bra that I had seen the last night I spent with her. Even though she was emaciated, she still looked beautiful — in a haunting kind of way.

“I guess there’s not much more to say,” her voice sounded restricted, like it kept getting caught in her throat. “Thank you guys for offering me so much. My family really needs it after all of the medical bills they’ve had to pay because of me. They’ll be confused at first, but it will all work out somehow.”

In the chatbar a few people were placing bets on something. It was apparently something they knew about the show that I didn’t, because they kept making bets on random numbers.

“I’ll bet you $50 she can’t make it past three,” said one user.

“Look how sick she is! she won’t go beyond two.”

And on the betting went. I saw Amanda’s eyes rove over the conversation, and her face turned a paler kind of green color. She tried to smile, but all she managed was to make her lip tremble. She was absolutely shaking, and so was I. What was I about to see?

“Okay,” she croaked. She was crying now. A single tear welled up in the corner of her eye and ran down her cheek and she waved to the monitor after wiping her nose. “Okay,” she said again. Now her face was red, soaked in the tears that kept coming. “Enjoy the show.”

And she rolled back in her chair, further from the monitor. Suddenly I could see something silver in her hands. It was a kitchen knife. An absurdly large kitchen knife with a wooden handle. She took it into both of her hands and raised it with the tip pointed at her abdomen.

And she thrust, with a little grunt. She drove the knife into her abdomen, and when she removed it, the blood ran so thick it looked like it was inky black. I thought the screen had gone blurry at first, but then I realized I was crying just as hard as she was.

Yet she soldiered on. Everyone lost the bet. By the time her arm went limp and the knife had fallen to the floor, she had thrust it into her stomach ten times.

“$20,000 for that?” said one user.

“Some guy just had the most extreme climax of his life.”

I just sat there, numb, staring at her bleeding body, wondering if I should call the cops or an ambulance or something. But there was another feeling, one I couldn’t as easily recognize within me. I had just watched someone die, right in front of my eyes. Though the tears kept coming, I couldn’t help but feel suddenly, very alive. Sick, but alive.

I waited a respectful 10 minutes or so before wiping my eyes dry. Everything felt so numb and tingly and fucking alive. So I flipped over to Beta server, to see what else was on.

I’m The Latest Victim To The Darknet, And I Think It’s Going To End My Life by Vanessa Doe

There are a lot of things I regret in my life, things that may have been beyond my control but that I am sure I brought on to myself.

Unfortunately, I can’t change the past. If I could, I would be relaxing on my secondhand couch, a bag of chips half-eaten beside me, with crumbs on my shirt aimlessly watching whatever was on late night TV.

Instead, I am now so deeply involved in something I brought onto myself, I might as well be standing knee-deep in shit.

The Darknet.

For those of you who have successfully dipped a toe in the murky, black waters of The Darknet, you know that it is some serious shit. And for those of you who never have? Let my experience be a warning to you.

Just like any other millennial, using the Internet is the equivalent of breathing for me. I have become so dependent on technology for my everyday needs that my sense of autonomy, self-reliance, and freedom have been stripped as a result – as I’m sure they have for you too.

Whether it’s for research or personal use, the Internet provides us with the familiar world of Google, YouTube, eBay, Amazon, and so on and so forth. Beyond those websites, there is another side to the Internet, a much more dangerous side that is a breeding ground for shocking, disturbing, and controversial corners of the net.

I first heard of The Darknet from my roommate’s friend in college. From what I gathered, The Darknet refers to the encrypted world of Tor Hidden Services. Users cannot be traced, and more importantly, if done correctly, cannot be identified. These sites are password protected, unlinked websites, and often times contain hidden content accessible only to those who know what they are doing.

My encounter with The Darknet resulted in a realm of imagined criminals and lurking predators.

As a young naïve college student, I was bait. Top it off with the fact that I’m a woman, and you’ve got a Dateline story waiting to happen.

I was working as a barista at the campus’s coffee shop, making minimum wage at 20 hours a week. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to support whatever social life I still had after closing shifts.

One of my regulars, Damien, had come in minutes before closing. I was used to this by now – he did this on purpose so that he could ‘help me out’ with closing duties while getting to know me. I would be lying if I didn’t say it was annoying at times, but after a while, I grew used to it.

“What are your plans after tonight?” He asked, flipping a chair and stacking it onto the table.

“Probably just going to study,” I fibbed.

“Do you want to go to this party with me instead?”

I raised my eyebrows. With his demeanor, Damien gave off the impression that he avoided parties, rather than went to them.

I shook my head, “I’m sorry; I’ve got a test on Monday, and I’m so not prepared.”

He shrugged his shoulders and said goodnight.

For a couple weeks, Damien would continue to invite me to parties, and I would politely decline. Eventually, I blew up on him, and he got the message.

This was the first closing shift where Damien didn’t pay me a visit. It had almost been routine I was a bit concerned.

When I had gone home that night, I noticed that my laptop was sitting on my desk, turned on. I frowned. Earlier, before I left for work, I was one hundred percent sure that I had turned it off and left it on my bed.

I heard a ‘PING’ sound from my laptop as I approached closer.

I typed in my password, and on my screen was a black page with a bunch of opened tabs. I had never been on this page, nor had seen any of the other websites in the tabs, and when I tried to close them, it wouldn’t let me.

A small countdown on the bottom right showed that I had thirty-two more minutes before my “session expired.” Another ‘PING’ sound.

It was a message from ‘ZODX123’: YOU’VE BEEN DOXED.

I grabbed my phone and Googled what ‘doxed’ meant, and my heart dropped. Doxing was a growing way people abused, intimidated, angered, provoked, and trolled others online. It could be done throughout a period of time, or all at once – it all depended on the person.

I laughed out loud, figuring it was a prank by my roommate’s friend. I typed back:

“lol Frankie, good job. Now can you please exit all this so I can use my laptop?”

My webcam light turned on, the green light focusing on me. Another pop-up. I was now staring at myself.

I grabbed a post-it note from the side of my desk and stuck it on. The minute I did that, another pop-up on my screen. This one had every single photo stored on my laptop.

A chat showed up.

I began to see comments, approvals from those watching. I watched as the numbers grew, the comments getting more vulgar by the minute.

“STOP!” I screamed, which only egged them on further.

Another pop-up. This had all my personal information – my e-mails, my address, my banking information – everything.

“Please, please – just stop,” I pleaded.

Within 15 minutes, everything of mine was on the Internet. My credit cards maxed out, my debit accounts in the negative, I could only stare in horror as my finances depleted.

I began to cry, feeling defeated.

Another ‘ping.’


I let out a sigh – was that it? It hadn’t even been 32 minutes.

My phone vibrated, an unknown number popped up with a text:


Another text – this time from my mom, with a picture attached of me during my first year of college. It was a picture that was meant for only my boyfriend’s eyes at the time when I took it. She was outraged.

After hours of crying, I had finally crawled into bed.

I woke up the next morning feeling groggy and in a daze, wishing that what had happened last night was a nightmare.

The chime from my laptop indicted that it was not.


I walked over my heart racing.


The bright green light on my laptop was on – a video loaded up on my screen. It was a video of me sleeping.

I froze.

In the video, I could see my roommate stumbling in from a night out, passing out on her bed.

The video sped up, and stopped at 4:07AM. Two dark figures were at the foot of my bed, watching me sleep.

My stomach wretched, and I ran to the bathroom, throwing up anything in my stomach from the night before.


It’s been three days now. I am running on little sleep, and I fear for my life.

I have been receiving anonymous packages, all full of disgusting things – raw meat doused in blood with maggots thrown on it. Feces also seems to be a popular choice.

The messages keep pouring in, my parent’s information has now been released. I have ruined their life.

I am completely broke, and I have given up on everything.

Please, whatever you do, stay away from the Darknet. Treat it as if it were the plague. There is nothing enticing about it; it will do more harm than good.

If anyone knows what to do – please, help me. I don’t know what I did to deserve this, and I don’t think I can take it any longer.

If you have deep web stories of your own, or if you’ve been to any scary websites, add your story in the comments! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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