11 Things Every College Student Should Check Off Their Bucket List Before They Graduate

Old School
Old School

1. Do something naked. Go streaking. Play strip poker (or strip chess, or strip Happy Days Game). There’s a great feeling of power in reaching up and plucking the confidence you never knew you had and celebrating nature’s greatest invention; the human body.

2. Learn how you work best. You may not be a sit-in-the-library-in-silence-for-four-hours-straight type of studier no matter how hard you try, but focus on figuring out what does work for you. This will benefit you no matter what career you enter.

3. Find something you are fucking passionate about. Not just passionate, fucking passionate. Listen, you’re paying a lot of time and money to go to college, don’t leave it without at least one intellectual interest that sets your brain on fire.

4. Make as many friends as possible. College is one of the easiest times in your life to make new friends — every semester you’ve got new classes with new people and you’re usually living in places with a lot of other people your age. Take advantage of this. I don’t want to bum you out or anything, but you’re going to need great friends in your life in the next few years, that’s the only way you’ll stay sane.

5. Get your heart broken. Learn how to move on. Learn how to have something terrible happen in your life and not fall apart. Learn to stand on your own two feet again. Learn the things you will never, ever put up with again.

6. Learn how to drink. Go out and have fun, rack up some crazy stories, and then make sure you know how to handle your liquor. Learn when it’s okay to let loose and when you need to stay buttoned up even though you’re in a situation where there’s OMG ~alcohol~.

7. Make a website. You have no idea how many jobs this experience will be helpful for.

8. For the love of god, if you have think you have mental health issues take care of them in college while you have access to free counseling on campus or at least while you’re on your parent’s insurance.

9. Learn something completely impractical. Every major has room for at least a few electives and college is the only time in your life you’ll have such easy access to any random thing you want to learn about. This is embracing college, to learn something simply for the sake of learning it. It’s a luxury you’ll definitely miss after graduation.

10. You know how you have thousands of photos from college spread across a computer and two iPhones? Save them somewhere permanent. Like your cloud. Make graduation your deadline for this, or you never will and you’ll eventually lose your devices (and with it, most of your college memories).

11. Go on a spontaneous road trip. If your aunt offers up her condo in Florida two days before spring break, find someone with a car and go, even if it’s a 13 hour drive and you have to sell some books to do it. This trip will be one of the handful of experiences you’ll always remember in college. Depending what you do afterwards, it might also be the last time you have the freedom to go on a last minute vacation. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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