8 Questions Girls Have Always Wanted To Ask A Guy (With Answers!)

Despite an entire lifetime of reading ‘What he’s REALLY thinking’ articles in magazines and befriending and dating my fair share of dudes, there’s still some mystique to their body and state of mind. Last week a “what weird question do you have for the opposite sex?” thread was floating around Reddit so I collected the most interesting points below.

1. Is there a difference in how vaginas feel?


They all feel different. The fit (does it suction? does it grip? does it feel like you’re forcing it in? does it feel like there aren’t any sides?), the angle of entry (some women’s vaginal canal is higher on the front of the pelvis, while others are further back toward the anus; this can dramatically effect whether a sexual position feels good too), the texture (slick/slippery, velvety, almost rubbery), the temperature (some feel like they’re burning up with fever when turned on, others have trouble staying warm especially in the air of a cold room; just like your hands or feet, circulation is a concern), whether the opening squeezes or hangs loose, whether the flesh throbs from blood pressure, whether the muscles try to force you out especially during orgasm, etc. Then there is just overall size–size is sometimes but not always relative, for both genders. Getting the right fit is difficult at times.
But as with all such things, these characteristics can’t exactly be rated. It’s highly dependent on what sensation the man likes; some like squeezing, others yielding; plus what they’re comfortable with.

2. Guys: do dicks float in water?


A little? They’re not notably buoyant, but they don’t sink either. It’d probably be more accurate to say that they drift with the current.

3. Guys, when you cum where do you feel it? Dick, balls, taint, all of it? Besides the obvious, what’s all going on down there?

A lot.

You feel it travelin’ down your tubes, it squirts out in waves, and it’s all over after about 5 – 10 seconds.


4. Have you masturbated, at least once, to all of your female friends?

Not in the way you think.

It depends on how you define “masturbated to.”

Do they cross my mind a bit while I’m masturbating? Yes. Have I devoted an entire session to each and everyone one of my female friends? No.

5. If you’re having sex with a girl doggy style, can you see every bit of the anus and what’s on it? Always wondered what the view was like…


Oh ho ho ho hooooo.

I have a story.

Ex girlfriend. First time we’re having sex from behind, she had an impeccable ass, so I’m pretty excited. Then as we start getting down to it, I look down to see a tiny sliver of a nugget of poop clinging to her otherwise perfect asshole. I never told her. I just couldn’t.


6. Are guys generally aware of how visible the outline of their penis is when wearing sweatpants/basketball shorts or just not give a fuck? This is a pressing issue.


I generally don’t think about it. Is it really that noticeable?

7. Are guys grossed out by queefs, indifferent or is it just funny?


The first one is amusing. Then I stop noticing.

8. Does gagging during a blow job turn you off?

No. (Producer’s note: duh.)

It’s sexy and a turn on. It shows effort and enthusiasm. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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