50 Grisly, True Stories That Will Scare The Crap Out Of You

50 Grisly, True Stories That Will Scare The Crap Out Of You

36. D-E-V-I-L


I’ll share mine. It didn’t actually happen to me but it happened to my Mom when she was a teenager. My Mom now is in her mid 60’s. She’s not an overly religious woman, she doesn’t read teh bible regularly, rarely goes to church but she prays every night cause that is what gives her comfort. I’ll have to side note this with I watched normal “horror” movies with her every so often, nothing too crazy or gory but spooky if you will sort of stuff. Well I asked her if she wanted to watch the Exorcist and she flat our 100% refused. She said there is absolutely no way she will EVER watch anything related to possession or exorcisms. Well this was curious…so the movie Constantine comes out and I show her the trailer asking her if she wants to watch it….she sees the girl near the beginning climbing the ceiling and just refuses AGAIN. I should also note, my mother will refuse and kick you out of her house if you even think about bringing a Oujia board into the house…she’ll yell, scream and cuss until you drop the subject and that’s that….this is important.

Alright so that little back story is out of the way, I ended up asking her why exactly she refuses to watch those sort of movies…well she tells me when she was a teenager, at a sleepover at a friends house, they were up playing games, the parents watching TV. Her friends and her self are on the floor playing a board game…a game my mom has never played before. Well come to find out it’s a Oujia board and she doesn’t know what it does, well they start playing asking a bunch of questions. They end up finding out there is a spirit in the house, so they ask it to show itself. Nothing happens, they DEMAND it to show itself. This was her first indication something wasn’t right…cause the lights all around the house, every single room went out immediately including the TV, and then snapped right back on, spooky huh? Nah, just a fluke.

They ask the next question…”Who are you?” The piece moves round the board in big cirlces with their hands on it and stops at the letter D. Moves to the letter E, then to the letter V, I, L. Wow someone must be messing with it. This can’t be real…So they ask, if you are the Devil, then show yourself. Nothing happens for a while, and then suddenly the TV goes out. Well in the reflection in the TV sitting in the living room next to them my Mom and her friends, even her parents could make out the shape of something…something terrifying just sitting there, next to them…the house got extremely cold.

Suddenly loud noises could be heard in the kitchen, stuff flying off the top of the refridgerator and cupboards oepning and closing. They immediately stop the game, close it up adn throw it in the trash never to play one again. Later that night my Mom is sound asleep and is awoken by something loud and clanging on the roof. She listens intently and she can hear what sounds like chains and dogs up on the roof. Well that’s not possible, it must be outside somewhere. She wakes up the next morning and goes and talks to her friends parents, asks them if any of their neighbors have any dogs…they tell her no…and they tell her they also heard the dogs and chains up on the roof last night.

So that’s the story of why my Mom refuses to watch anything that involves exorcisms. She truly believes that the devil was there with them that night, sitting next to them. And the messed up thing is…every time she tells me that story…I get this cold shiver down my spine that there is no way she would be making this up.

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