50 Grisly, True Stories That Will Scare The Crap Out Of You

50 Grisly, True Stories That Will Scare The Crap Out Of You

21. Ghost mom


I grew up in a house on Long Island in the town of Brentwood, it was a quiet town for its location. My dad worked as a taxi driver at the time, which meant he would usually end up coming home early in the morning and i would greet him. So its Saturday, i’m watching cartoons, and my dad comes in and I run to say hello. My mom hears us from the bedroom and says “Hello honey don’t go in the pool its not ready yet!”. Me and my dad think well that’s weird it’s 6 AM we weren’t going to go in the pool , but just brush it off and he goes on tell me his usual stories of the crazies he picked up through out the night. We then realized it was Saturday and my mom was at work, and it was only me and him in the house, The voice sounded just like my mother.

Fast forward a couple of weeks (we had just moved into the house) and my new neighbors come over to welcome us to town. It was the 2 mothers, 2 sons (1 my age 1 a little older in 10th grade) 2 little girls (1 blonde haired girl and a shy brunette that didn’t talk). We get to playing some soccer, however the little brunette girl is nowhere to be found. The curious little kid i was i ran around the property and i find her playing in the woods, a dangerous area for little nooblets to be exploring. She asks me to come play tag but i decline, wanting to get everyone in on the game. The reactions of everyone as i asked for them to join us was puzzling, along with the response from the mom “we only have 1 daughter”. Turns out a small Brown haired girl drowned in the pool 10 years ago, the mother soon passed from a heart attack.

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