What Your Saturday Night Activity Says About You

Staying in to split a bottle of wine and watch a movie with your significant other

You are boring. But in a totally pleasant way. This seems like a simple, blissful thing to do and you are probably happier than the average person for being able to find pleasure in the simple things.

Staying in to channel surf with your significant other

Notice the slight change between planning a romantic night in and having the biggest activity day of the week be a lack of an activity. You are in a rut. You need to get out of the house and try something new.

Hitting “the club”

You are in your 20s. If you are older, you are probably a badass or in a bachelorette party. Either way you have no street cred, which is probably okay with you. You really, really like “Blurred Lines.” Like, a LOT. Your cellphone ringer is a pop song. You are probably single and the vast majority of your friends are your own gender.

Attending an “opening” of some kind

You vastly overestimate how much fun you are to be around.

Drinking PBRs at a dive bar

You’re a “cool” person. (Whatever that means). You are probably on OK Cupid where you talk about your interest in high brow, fun-killing topics like Russian literature and the philosophy of Immanuel Kant. You might be a libertarian.

At a house party where wine and cheese is being served

Congratulations! You are an adult. You probably have all your receipts organized in a filing cabinet (!) at your home (which you probably own). You have a big kid job like “human resources manager” and are totally about having kids. Before you left for the party you definitely skimmed cnn.com so that you’d have interesting things to say about current events.

At a house party where wine is definitely NOT being served

You are either in college/your early 20s or you live in the town you went to high school in. You’re totally going to throw up tonight!

Reading blogs on the internet, alone

You’re an introvert, or else you’d be tagging along in some other scenario, even if that’s not what you really want to do. You’re at least comfortable enough with yourself to know what you want? Or maybe you just have the flu/just got dumped. Either way you’re probably having a night that you enjoy, even if it doesn’t sound sexy to tell your coworkers on Monday. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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