What Your Go-To Cocktail Reveals About You

Cheap beer

You have a tight knit circle of friends. More people call you by your last name than your first name. You’re a traditionalist and envision your life as a similar, but improved, version of your parent’s. This also means you’re a win with the opposite sex because you’re the stable, comfortable person who’ll always be loyal to your friends and family.

Expensive beer

Same as above, but a few life milestones (graduating from college, getting your first Adult Job) later. 

A craft cocktail (a drink made by a mixologist that is unique to the bar you’re at)

You’ll take the word “yuppie” as a compliment thank-you-very-much. Just like your one-of-a-kind drinks you want to carve out a life for yourself that is completely unique. As an added bonus, you’re the kind of person who can talk anyone into doing or buying just about anything, so if you wan’t to try a variation of your cocktail–the bartender is putty in your hand.

A simple liquor and mixer combo like gin and tonic, vodka soda, or whiskey and coke

Either you’re in your early 20’s and just started drinking or you’re somewhat of a minimalist who prefers to keep things simple. You like your drinks like you like your relationships: straightforward and uncomplicated. People always know what to expect out of you and consistency and level-headedness is one of your best personality traits. 

A premium liquor on the rocks

You know who you are in life–and that’s a person who wants the best of everything. You’ll work a little bit harder to achieve things so that you can sit back and enjoy your accomplishments. This isn’t a common drink for a 20-Something so you’re comfortable standing out and secure in your choices. 

Neat (no ice)

You’re the strong, silent type. You let your actions speak louder than your words. You can probably budget your money pretty well because most people who take their cocktails without ice or mixers are only drinking premium alcohol.

Long Island Ice Tea

Either you are from the island and have a lot of hometown pride, or you have a certain joie de vivre in life. While others may see you as indecisive, you prefer to say you think outside the box. Why limit yourself to just one kind of alcohol? One flavor? You’re the kind of person who wants (and gets) it all.

A Margarita

While your peers are afraid of “growing up” you take a much more positive approach. For you, growing up means looking forward to all the fun times you have ahead. You’re a laid back person who doesn’t get stressed out about day to day life. You prefer to use your brain space to appreciate the great things in life like sitting on a beach with your feet in the water. 


You’re a particular person. You enjoy experimenting and trying different combinations of many different aesthetics and keeping track of what’s successful. You’re just as analytical about other aspects of your life and probably do something brain-y for your full-time gig. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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