11 Types Of People We Should All Unfriend

People who mock others for being “special snowflakes”

You’re supposed to be the main character in your own life. If you can’t find beauty and meaning in your own life, where the hell else are you going to find it?

People who always have a cold

You know those people in your office who are coughing and sneezing like, every other week?

When you are sick, stay home, get better. Do not infect others with your germs. Also, try taking a multi-vitamin and washing your hands more? It seems like it is always the same people who are sick every other month.

People who are unhappy

Everyone is unhappy sometimes, and that is fine, but if unhappy is your default setting, other people can’t afford to be around you. That shit is contagious.


Complaining is the worst thing you can do when you are in a bad situation. It confirms to yourself, and everyone who can hear you, that things are bad. This is 1) a bummer and 2) completely unhelpful.

People in relationships who have affairs

I don’t really see an issue with men and women who have affairs if they aren’t in a relationship themselves, but I think a lot less of people who do it while they are attached. It seems very weak. Fix your relationship or get out. It’s a very simple equation but these people have excuse after excuse about how they can’t leave so it’s “better” just have a perma-affair.

Parents who have no life

I was recently associated with a comment thread on Facebook where an out of town friend wanted to have a get together in my city while she was visiting. Another friend said “no, we can’t have it Saturday, it’s my [one year-old] daughter’s birthday.

They were having a party at 1pm. Apparently this means they are still out of commission still nine hours later, and everyone else should be as well? I thought her explanation was fascinating in it’s myopia and unreasonableness.

Shady people

I don’t mind people who do “bad things.” Like, if you are a hooker, I could care less, get yours.

I dislike people who are weak and don’t question whether something is good or bad other than the social norms they’ve been handed. Rather than have an explanation that they stand behind, they just try to hide it from people. Get a backbone and/or don’t do things you don’t believe in. It’s really not rocket science.

Slow drivers

OMG get in the right lane/outta my life.

People who are grossed out by the human body

Guys who get grossed out by anything other than a Brazilian or women who think uncircumcised dicks are “gross.”

We are humans, not robots. Don’t fault people for being a human being and having an animal body that doesn’t always do what you want it to or look like you wished it did.


People that talk about situations that happen that are somehow always outside of your control or how they don’t make the rules. How is it that everyone else has control of your life but you? That’s not good for you.

People who are unsure about who they are/if they are pretty/worthy of being loved or if they have anything meaningful to contribute

You just need to find your spirit animal. Might I suggest Hillary Clinton? Naomi Clark? Samantha Jones? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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