Run Away From The Person That Makes You Feel Like You’re Hard To Love

being in love with the person you deserve
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Love isn’t easy. You have to work at it in order for a relationship to continue to thrive and be successful. You have to compromise and make decisions that affect someone else other than yourself. It is by no means simple. However, that is the hard part. The easy part is supposed to be the love that you share with the other person.

The love should be effortless. The way you feel about them should be unlike any other type of relationship in your life. Their love should bring you happiness. Their love should make you feel like you don’t want to ever think about how you’d have to live without them. You should love them even when you hate them. You learn to love all of their flaws. Everything about them that makes them who you are should be the things that you can’t seem to get enough of.

And they should feel the same way about you. Loving you should feel easy, even when it’s hard.

Loving you should make it easier to conquer all other bad things that are happening in life.

You should be a team. You should be a family. You should feel like home to each other. This is a relationship unlike any of the other ones that you have. This person should be so many parts of you, so many things that make everything else in life easier.

So when this person makes you feel like you aren’t these things, this person is not the right person for you.

The right person won’t put you down and pick out all of your flaws. The right person won’t make you feel like you’re the reason the relationship isn’t working and it’s only you that needs to change and try harder. The right person won’t ever make you feel like you’re even slightly less than worthy of a passionate and amazing love.

The right person won’t make you feel like you’re hard to love. So when they do, it’s time to run. It becomes the moment that you need to close the door to them and never look back. This will never be the love that you deserve. This is definitely not the way that you are going to get your happy ending. This is not the person that you are meant to spend your life with, as much as that may hurt to hear.

The right person will love you, even in the moments that they want to hate you. The right person will take your flaws and find ways to love them, more and more every day. The person that is right for you will fix your insecurities, heal your broken pieces and do everything in their power to make sure that you never have to feel the kind of pain that you felt in your past every again. They will take care of you. They will take care of your heart, and they will fight for you every single day. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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