Choose Me Every Day Or Leave

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There is quite a large difference between being with someone and actually choosing them. It’s easy to be with someone. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement that comes with a new relationship and developing feelings for someone. It’s fun to lose yourself in the honeymoon phase of falling for someone and all of the passion that comes along with it.

The part that isn’t so easy comes when things get hard and being with someone becomes more of a challenge. At this point, you have to fight in order for your relationship to work and if you ever want to feel the love and passion again. It isn’t the walk in the park it was when you first met and things can quickly spiral out of control if two people decide only to just “be” together.

People spend years of their life with people who never really choose them. They get comfortable. They settle. But not for a second, do they fight and put in the effort that is needed every single day for that relationship to continue to grow.

They are content with having someone be there, but they aren’t actually choosing them, to be the one to be there.

Choosing me every day would mean loving me.

It would mean loving every single bit of me even when you want to hate me. It would mean focusing on the beauty I bring to the relationship instead of all of the little things that drive you crazy about me. It would mean reminding yourself of all of the happiness I bring to your life, instead of focusing on the last big fight we had.

Choosing me means making a priority. It means having our own lives but also never forgetting when we have plans. It means being on time because you know that is something that’s important to me. It means going out of your way to plan a special day for me, because part of you knows after a long week it was exactly what I needed.

Choosing me means making me feel wanted.
It means sending me a message in the middle of the day to ask how my day is, even when you think it’s not necessary. It means telling me I look beautiful in that dress, even though you told me the last time that I wore it. It means never letting me forget that in your eyes, I am the most important person in the room.

Choosing me means to never stop trying. It means we never stop fighting to make this relationship work. It means we have not lost site of the reason we fell in love in the first place and we are determined to keep our love, passion and happiness alive even on the times where it feels impossible.

When relationships get too comfortable, we forget why we are with this person that we love. We quickly stop making the little things a priority, when really, the little things are everything.

The second we stop choosing the person we love, again and again every day, we have already left them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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