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Why The Happiest Girls Are The Ones Who Know Their Worth

You know that super cliché saying that says, “know your worth and then add tax?” Well as corny as it is, and no matter how many instagram selfies you’ve seen it on, doesn’t take away from the truth and importance behind this.

I think we are really quick to say we know how much we are worth and know that we deserve better than the things that we currently and are and in the past have put up with, but how often do we ACTUALLY practice what we preach?

Once you actually get to the place of knowing what you want, need and deserve you will know it. Once you let someone treat you like absolute crap, break your heart and force you to pull yourself back together you will eventually come to a realization point.

After the initial tears and missing of that person while you wonder what you could have went wrong, you will eventually get to an epiphany with all of it.

You will quickly realize that things you put up with and the nonsense that you settled for is NOT okay. You will see that the way this person treated you was absolutely disgusting.

You will make a promise to yourself to make sure nobody has the ability to do something like this to you ever again.

You won’t even think about giving someone a second date if they don’t treat you like a queen. You will so quickly start to see the red flags that you previously looked past and ignored. You will see little signs of who this person could potentially be and your antennas will go up without even realizing.

You will see who you are. You will see all that you have to offer and everything that you bring to the table. As you continue to see this, you will continue to realize that you do not need ANYONE.

It will become clear that the only type of person you need in your life is someone that will add to it. This person will help make you a better you and add nothing besides positives.

You will realize the type of person that adds stress and baggage to your daily life is something that you do not need and frankly something that you could never see yourself wanting again.

Once you know your worth, you can begin to love yourself.

You can put yourself and your happiness before any and everything else. You will see the love and happiness that you are deserving of. It will quickly become clear that the only thing you have room for in your life is; mutual, equal, uplifting and passionate love.

You are beautiful. You are smart. You are kind. You are worthy of whatever that you believe you are. You deserve happiness. You will find it.

You will never again need to settle for anything that brings you feelings of sadness, unease, pain or struggle.

Wait for the right love. You are worth it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

I have been a grief blogger since my mom passed away 5 years ago.

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