31 People Describe The Weird Food They Love That Everyone Else Thinks Is Gross

1. Stephanie, 24

Pureed anchovies and garlic with a little salt and pepper, spread on toast. I smell like the Devil himself for the rest of the day, but it’s so damn good.

2. Daniel, 25

My two biggest “gross food vices” are ketchup on potato chips, and those Red Hot Sausages they sell in gas stations. I could eat 10 of those, and drink the pickled juice after words. Soooo salty and delicious.

3. Carrie, 20

Peanut butter and cheese sandwiches.

4. Shari, 25

Fried plantains with mayonaise (and sometimes ketchup). People are always giving me weird looks when I’m eating it.

5. Margaret, 21



Plain bagel
Nacho Cheese Doritos

*Once you’ve strategically placed all the Doritos on to your bagel, squish the two bagel slices together…crunching all Doritos into the bagel halves.

6. Jason, 26

I love oysters, you can watch how these things are grown, and they’re just filters in the ocean, which is rather gross and they actually taste like the ocean. But I love them — swallowing the ocean is awesome.

7. Nick, 27

Pig’s feet, pig’s ears, tripe, hearts — basically all of the really gnarly stuff where you have to work through a lot of gristly stuff to get to the nice meat, and all of the stuff with the texture that says “you are eating organs.”

8. Alicia, 25

French Toast with Cheese. It’s a grilled cheese made for the breakfast gods.

9. Harris, 27

Peanut butter & tomato sandwich. Get good tomatoes, and they’re better than jelly.

10. Claire, 25

I love eating whole, raw hot peppers while eating a burger or some other greasy food, like alternating bites. It cuts perfectly through the oil and gives your mouth the perfect amount of burn.

11. Kyle, 26

Avocado smoothie — avocados are fine by themselves, but when you mix them up in a smoothie, it seems unnatural. Also avocado bubble tea, which sounds gross, but is actually incredible when you try it.

12. Mallory, 29

Put sugar on a skillet, melt it, eat it.

13. Liz, 24

I have always loved sliced apples with salt.

14. Blake, 28

I take big scoops of fish eggs — not caviar, the stuff you can get for a couple bucks in the little jars, like salmon roe or some other basic fish — and spread it on dark bread. Those little salty pockets of joy exploding in your mouth: It’s so good. I could eat a pound of fish eggs.

15. Nathan, 30

Venison and butter sandwiches. That’s it.

16. Brad, 31

I put spinach in every smoothie I make because it doesn’t change the flavor but I am fixated on having leafy greens in my diet. Sometimes makes the smoothie brown or a similar unsavory color.

17. Allison, 27

I never eat tuna salad without a banana. I don’t know why, it just balances it out perfectly and tastes sooo good.

18. Lex, 26

I eat these things called Veggie Links, which look like these rancid green tubes floating in swamp water, but really it’s just these vegan vienna sausages. They smell like salty ass and look horrible, but I love taking a tin of those and just eating them plain, unheated. It grosses my roommates out so much they can’t be in the same room as me.

19. Vanessa, 25

I have the biggest salt tooth of anyone I know. I will put salt on anything (especially sweet things, it makes them taste a thousand times better), and I just love the way salt makes my mouth feel. When there’s nothing else available (aka no Vegemite), I will spread bouillon on toast and eat it. So salty and wonderful.

20. Carey, 22

I cut up cheddar cheese in cubes and dip it in ranch dressing. I once went through a whole block of Cracker Barrel and half a bottle of ranch while marathoning Netflix. I was so disgusted with myself I ate raw vegan for the next three days to feel acceptable again.

21. Morgan, 23

Mustard-marinated olives, or olives dipped in mustard. It’s an overload of strong flavors, but it’s so incredible.

22. Sara, 21

Bags and bags of little dried shrimp dipped in a mixture of vinegar, sugar and soy sauce. I could eat bags and bags of them.

23. Samantha, 30

I make sandwiches out of white bread SLATHERED with butter (for some reason the butter cannot be melted, I have to feel the cool, semi-solid buttery texture) and day-old spaghetti with red sauce. With a big glass of milk to wash it all down.

24. Nat, 31

Pasta with just vinegar and corn on it.

25. Maya, 26

I melt cheese on a skillet into little “cheese crisps” and then alternate between bites of that and bites of a sweet apple. (I prefer Pink Lady apples for this). I guess it’s not that weird but the melting little cheese piles on the skillet is a big part of the ritual.

26. James, 29

Corn beef hash with maple syrup on it. Mmmm.

27. Paula, 28

Everyone hates it (and I understand why), but I’m from Minnesota and I LOVE lutefisk. I can eat it any time, and it’s very good with a nice dry bread. It’s the ultimate white people food I guess.

28. Whitney, 22

I dip gherkins into liver mousse. It’s like chips and dip, but so much better.

29. Beverly, 21

I pour syrup — and I’m not talking about the good, real maple kind, I prefer the extra buttery Aunt Jemima — all over my scrambled eggs, then sprinkle them with salt and pepper. It’s a salty-sweet cloud of perfection.

30. Gia, 27

I eat my chocolate-based cereals (Cocoa Pebbles is my favorite, but I also like Cocoa Puffs) with half and half instead of regular milk.

31. Karen, 24

Strawberry milk poured over angel food cake, topped with frozen cool whip and rainbow sprinkles. The best thing you’ve ever had. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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