21 Women On The Creepiest Thing They’ve Ever Done When They Liked Someone

Women can be insane when we like someone. And I very much count myself amongst this statement, as I probably created 100 AIM burner accounts when I liked someone in middle school just so I could stalk and/or catfish them. I have done atrocious things in the name of crushing on a dude, but I know I’m not alone. So I asked some girlfriends/coworker/family members their most cringeworthy stories, and here — with their names changed — are their stories.

We Were Friends Before Dating (But We Can't Be After The Breakup)
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1. Katie, 23

I once had a crush on a trainer (before I was certified myself) so i bought a package with him, and to be clear, I absolutely did not have the disposable income at the time to be buying personal trainer packages.

2. Emily, 27

I once went to my provider and added a bunch of data to my plan just on the off chance we started sexting, because I was so into him and would have been totally down for some back-and-forth information sending.

3. Simone, 30

Instagram/Twitter/Facebook stalking, and then the mental relay race of like, trying to remember what they’ve told you vs what you found out through Google is a weird thing in and of itself, especially when you have Tweet memory and can recite things verbatim and then you’re like… wait.

4. Sara, 23

I once made an elaborate LinkedIn account that “worked in his industry,” amassed a decent amount of connections, then requested him so it wouldn’t seem like a scam. All of this because he didn’t use any other kind of social media and I wanted the dirt.

5. Amelia, 26

I changed my entire schedule — first my classes, then the work shifts at the coffee house that went around them — so I could be sure to be there when he came in every day to get his coffee. For the record, we’re still together 3 years later, and he has no idea I did this. But it was woooorth itttt.

6. Jackie, 31

I spent extensive amounts of time researching Lebanon, because he was Lebanese, and I wanted to seem casually cultured and informed, as if I just organically knew all this information.

7. Amy, 27

If we’re friends on FB and I see they’re listening to something on Spotify I’ve never heard of, I sometimes check the band out — feel disappointed tho if the band sucks.

8. Heather, 28

In college, I really liked my neighbor who had a long-distance girlfriend and one time he sang me “Green Eyes” by Coldplay and I was like, this is it forever. But it wasn’t. All I did for an entire semester was sit outside my apartment and pretend I was “studying” while I was actually just waiting for him to come home so I could casually be all, “Oh, hey. Nice night, huh?”

9. Olivia, 30

In practice manifestation, there is an exercise that is supposed to make someone dream about you: at night in bed imagine yourself leaving through the back of your neck and making your way to the guy and entering through the back of his neck and then try very hard to focus on vivid, specific memories of the two of you. I have definitely done this.

10. Tamia, 26

When I was in high school, I was so obsessed with this guy that my friend and I would drive by his street multiple times a day just to see a glimpse of him. We would blast Missy Elliott’s “Work It” and act like we were super cool, when, in fact, clearly, so UNcool. This is what you had to do to stalk in the non-Instagram/Facebook times: drive-by’s to hopefully get a sneak-peek of their car. Lame!

11. Kellie, 20

I catfished a guy and maintained an entire fake relationship for three months just because I was too scared to talk to him in person.

12. Paola, 29

I am not proud to admit this, but I was hesitating between two places for grad school, and I decided to go with the one where the guy I really liked was. We had not even been on a date at that point, but I was convinced that we were ~meant to be~, so I went to Chicago (with its terrible winters) for two years of grad school (when I could have been in southern California) to be near him. He ended up dating a girl from his work shortly after I arrived, and they’re married now. FML.

13. Val, 31

The more I’ve liked a guy, the more adamantly I’ve completely avoided and ignored them. To the point that they think I hate them, and date someone else. It’s an awesome system.

14. Jessica, 27

I would hit on his friends when all of us went out to make him jealous. This ended with me having drunk sex with one of his friends, and us never getting together.

15. Allie, 22

I was staring at this really hot guy on the subway and he didn’t get off on my stop, so I stayed on for 12 more stops and went all the way up to Harlem, only for him to get off without saying a word to me. I was an hour late to work for no reason, just to stare at some hot guy on the subway.

16. Julia, 29

I wrote fiction stories on a blog about a guy I was obsessed with but wasn’t in deep with. It was how I could “act out” our “future” without having the courage to talk to him or let him know how I actually felt. But our fictional sex life was very hot.

17. Stephanie, 32

I went vegan because this guy would only date vegans. And I LOVE meat, dairy, eggs, etc. It killed me, but I did six whole months of vegan eating. (Except the shameful fast food burgers I would eat when I was home alone, and then shower afterwords. Yes, actually.)

18. Lindsay, 25

I pretended to be into prog rock and became like a huge “fangirl” of it, going to tons of concerts and becoming really knowledgeable about all the artists. I hate prog rock.

19. Hailie, 26

I was looking at apartments I found on Craigslist and I went to one where this reaaaaally hot guy was renting a room in his place. The apartment sucked, the location sucked, but I took the room because I wanted to be near him and was too shy to ask him out after I visited. We had sex a couple times but never dated, and I moved out six months later to an apartment that didn’t suck (he was also a terrible roommate).

20. Jane, 21

I did a play with his mother at community theater, specifically because she was in it. I went over to her house to run lines, so I could see him. Still never worked up the courage to talk to him.

21. Madison, 29

I dated his brother. That did not work out well. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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