21 Completely PG-Rated Things That Are Incredibly Sexy

Sexy things don’t have to be “adult.” They don’t have to be in-your-face. They don’t even have to be about sex. The smallest things can make someone incredibly sexy, and here are a few of the ones that wouldn’t be out of place in a kid’s movie.

1. Hugging for just a second or two too long, so you’re not sure if they actually meant to do it or you just imagined it.

2. Looking at each other in conversation and both kind of going completely blank and smiling at the same time.

3. Speaking a second (or third, or fourth) language.

4. Looking really intently at someone while they’re speaking, and occasionally glancing down at their mouths.

5. Kissing someone on the cheek and staying for a second more than you should.

6. Leaning over to whisper something in their ear that makes the both of you laugh.

7. Knowing what they like to drink and ordering their drink for them at the bar before they even have to look at the menu.

8. Dancing.

9. When people (especially guys, let’s be honest) are really good with kids, and have this natural ability to just let all of their seriousness go and instantly befriend them.

10. Getting really, really close to each other by necessity (like when you’re pushed together in a crowd), but not actually touching in any real way because you haven’t openly admitted to liking each other yet.

11. Laughing sincerely at one another’s jokes.

12. Knowing how to cook, and having a signature dish that you can make for someone whenever they’re in need of a little pick-me-up.

13. Bringing simple flowers, like daisies or daffodils, for no reason at all.

14. Remembering important days for each other and already having everything planned out for it without having to be reminded.

15. Becoming tongue-tied when the other one says something witty, so you just kind of have to look down and smile at the ground.

16. Being passionate about something that has nothing to do with your source of income.

17. Being the kind of good friend that people can go to and depend on when they need it.

18. Keeping your eyes them when they walk in the room because you can’t look anywhere else.

19. Smelling really good (but not like you’re trying too hard).

20. Brushing your hands against each other the tiniest bit when you go to do something, and then pretending like you didn’t notice, but feeling your spot on your hand tingle for the rest of the night.

21. Saying “hello” in a way that sounds more like “I missed you.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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