11 Original Viral Youtube Videos You Probably Forgot About

1. Sean Paul Misheard Lyrics

The clip art, the stick figures, the spot-on translations — it’s all perfect.

2. Guinness World Record For T-Shirts.


You know exactly what this is going to be going into it, there is no surprise or twist or anything beyond its literal title. And yet somehow it is so compelling, and even a little thrilling. (Also, why are there t shirts made in those final sizes? Who could possibly be wearing them?)

3. Muffins

From the creator of the legendary “Kelly” series came this viral gem, which is admittedly a bit hard to understand in terms of virality. What did we love so much about this one, exactly?

4. Auto-tune The News (#2)

Before this comedy group became famous with their remix of the bedroom intruder news segment, they were spending their time setting the anchors themselves to their catchy melodies — this, I feel, is their crowning achievement in that field.

5. Kittens Inspired By Kittens

Kittens, adorable little girl, nonsensical dialogue. The perfect YouTube storm.

6. The Christmas Tree

John Roberts is, all jokes aside, a genius. This character that he created — not to mention his other work of art, Debra — is as timeless as it is accurate. We all know that mom. (And, yes, now we know her on Bob’s Burgers, where John is a voice actor.)

7. Charlie Bit Me


What may be most easy to forget about this classic is just how INSANELY popular it was. It has 650 million views. 650. Million. Views.

8. Grape Lady Falls

This lady actually ended up seriously injured, so it’s not really that funny when you think about it. But, I mean, it’s still kind of funny. At least a little bit.

9. Whistle Tips

Hard to decide what the best part of Bubb Rubb’s appearance on this news segment is, but at least one of them has to be where he blows a stop sign and nearly hits a parked car while speeding away from the film crew.

10. “Don’t Tase Me, Bro!”

What legendary final words.

11. Bill O’Reilly Owned By A Kid

Is there a more satisfying video on all of YouTube? There is just so much to love here, starting with the fact that he is dressed like a blond Patrick Bateman while the lacrosse bro on the other side couldn’t change his polo shirt for the occasion. I want to meet this kid. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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