Male Actor Dresses As A Woman To Experience Sexual Harassment

Sometimes it’s important to show people who might not be able to understand something that your fears are real, that your accounts are not exaggerated, and that your dangers are not in your head. For every woman who has ever been harassed, followed, catcalled, or generally made to feel unsafe in the street, this scene is extremely familiar (if still terribly sad to see). For everyone who has ever doubted the gravity of what it means to be a woman on city streets sometimes, it’s an important video to watch.

If you still think street harassment is flattery, or that anyone should feel lucky to have it happen, you just might be a lost cause. TC mark

Chelsea Fagan

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    Very interesting video, and a great way to really show how people are treated depending on which gender they appear as. What the actor says in the end in particular really hits it home as to the ignorance of how women are often treated.

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    Male Actor Dresses As A Woman To Experience Sexual Harassment

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