23 Ways To Show Someone You Love Them

1. Make them their favorite food and surprise them with it when they come home.

2. Clean for them, especially things you know that they hate doing, like vacuuming or changing the sheets.

3. When it’s raining outside, bring them their favorite hot drink and cuddle with them under a blanket while you listen to the storm outside.

4. Let them pick the movie you watch tonight, and do your best to enjoy it, even if it isn’t something you would have picked.

5. Offer to take them to an appointment or pick them up somewhere late at night when you know that it’s inconvenient to ask for help.

6. When they are feeling very upset, hold them against your chest and let them talk to you about whatever they need to talk about, for as long as they need to talk. Stroke their hair until they calm down a little bit and feel that someone is listening to them.

7. Tell them something that you love about them, no matter how minor or seemingly insignificant it is.

8. Introduce them to people in your life and show how proud you are to have someone like this to present to friends and family. Make sure they know that they are a welcome guest and someone everyone is excited to meet, because you know how scary it can be to come into someone else’s world.

9. Make room for them in your bed, and let them take the side that they sleep best on, even if you like that side, too.

10. Let them try a big bite of your dessert off your spoon, even if you secretly just want to eat the whole thing by yourself.

11. Let them have the last slice of pizza (I know, I know).

12. Hold them and kiss them all over their face very softly as you’re both waking up — their nose, their forehead, their cheeks. Make them feel that they are loved, even first thing in the morning.

13. Listen to their embarrassing stories from childhood and adolescence, and don’t laugh, because you know how much it hurt to be young and alone.

14. Kiss the parts of them that they are self-conscious about, letting them know that these parts are beautiful — not because you pity them, but because they are part of a greater whole which wouldn’t be the same without them.

15. Tell them a secret that you’ve never told anyone before and really trust that they’re going to keep it.

16. Watch them get ready and tell them what you like most about the way they look and how they’re putting themselves together.

17. Notice when they do something to change their appearance and give your honest opinion about it.

18. Accompany them on an errand they like, such as shopping or going to a market, even though it might not be your favorite thing.

19. Teach them how to do something that you love. And be patient, because the fact that they are trying and listening is already wonderful enough.

20. Remind them that they are worthy and deserving, and that you are lucky to have them.

21. Find something nice and likable in their friends and family, even if you sometimes feel like you don’t have much in common with them. Understand that sometimes we don’t always choose who we grow up with, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing worth caring about in them.

22. Go to a museum with them and really ask their opinion and emotions towards various works, really listening to what they have to say.

23. Kiss them when they are not expecting it, and try to say everything with this kiss that you may feel too nervous or cheesy to say out loud. Trust that they understand you, even if you don’t always have the right words for it. Remember that this, above all else, is why you love them so much. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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