21 Struggles Of Being A Short Girl Dating A Really Tall Guy

1. Talking in loud bars can be super awkward, because one person is on their tiptoes while the other is having to slouch, and you’re both having to yell.

2. Pretty much everyone you meet — even random people on the street — make comments on your height difference. You hear “Wow, he’s really tall!” or “Do you even go up to his belly button?” about once a day.

3. You also get a lot of dirty comments about all the possibilities of the height difference.

4. Sometimes you have to call him over to reach things for you, which kind of makes you feel like a little kid. (But secretly it’s kind of nice to have someone to reach on top of the cabinets!)

5. Standing-up kisses can look hilariously awkward.

6. Any time you take a photo, you can guarantee that someone’s going to make a comment about it. (Probably a joke about not being able to get the two of you in the frame.)

7. The awkward dad-hug where the tall guy has to bend allll the way down so he’s not just wrapping her neck in some kind of weird choke-hold.

8. Going to concerts together, you want to run straight to the front, while the guy is a little self-conscious of messing up everyone’s view.

9. Sitting on his shoulders means that you’re, like, 10 feet tall — which is honestly kind of terrifying.

10. When you walk through crowded streets together, he often doesn’t understand that you’re having a hard time navigating, or would rather go where there are fewer people (because he doesn’t have any trouble seeing over the crowds.)

11. People always ask why you picked someone “so tall” or “so short,” as if you chose each other because of the height difference.

12. When you wear the highest heels you have, you’re still hilariously shorter than him, but to you it feels like you’re finally a tall person!

13. Sometimes, he hangs out with other tall friends and when they talk in a group, you kind of feel like a little kid in a circle of adults.

14. Everyone asks you if he plays basketball. Constantly.

15. (Sometimes, he does play basketball, and you feel like a cliché when you answer “yes.”)

16. You sometimes feel like you should be exercising your ability to wear ridiculously high heels, even though you just want to wear flats.

17. Posing for group pictures can be near-impossible.

18. Traveling in the backs of cars and on planes means a ton of discomfort for him, and you wish you could give him some of your legroom just for him not to suffer.

19. You often underestimate just how much he can eat, and can expect him to finish your plates when you go out (even if you were planning on taking it home!).

20. Friends asking if he has any brothers or friends (or basketball teammates).

21. Wearing his clothes becomes absolutely hilarious on you. There’s no such thing as “boyfriend jeans” or “wearing his shirt to look casual and cute.” His shirts become muumuus on you. But it’s okay, you just wear them as nightgowns! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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