34 Men Share Their Girlfriend Dealbreakers

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Gianni Cumbo
Gianni Cumbo

1. Girls who think they’re being martyrs.

Girls who think they’re doing me a favor by letting me date them. Nothing worse than thinking they’re more important than you.

2. Girls who don’t let a guy be himself around her.

If I can’t be myself around you. I don’t want to pretend to be somebody else, to be able to be with you.

3. Ultimatums.

Creating unnecessary ultimatums. “It’s either x, or me”.

X it is.

4. No alone time.

When they can’t give me time to myself. Just because I need some me time doesn’t mean I hate you, I just need my own time.

I could never spend every minute of my life with someone, and if an SO can’t accept that it’s a definite deal breaker.

5. Flaking

Making plans and then they flake out. Also when texting and the conversation turns to hanging out and all of a sudden they stop texting. I’m done after that.

6. Talking about ex-boyfriends.

Don’t talk about your ex-boyfriends. Seriously, I don’t want to hear about them. Once you’ve been dating for a while it’s fine to bring them up and share stories, but in the first few weeks of dating it really makes it seem like you are comparing and contrasting the time you spent with them and the time you are spending with me.

7. Jealousy-instigators.

Trying to make me jealous. It works, but I’ll never let you know.

8. Being passive aggressive.

The slightest hint of passive-aggressiveness.

Say what you fucking mean. Have an issue? Spit it out.

9. Drama.

Drama. Oh my god, drama. Zero patience for that. I refuse to date someone who has a big cloud of trouble lingering above them wherever they go. I once dated a girl I dreaded bringing around my friends because I knew she’d end up mad at one of them for one stupid thing or another. Fuck that.

10. Ignorance.

When she is rude to workers or strangers, or when she acts dumb. Stupidity is not cute.

11. When the conversations are always one-sided.

When I do most of the talking, I’ve got to start and continue all the conversations…it’s like you’re dating me so I can entertain you. It’s horrible.

12. A lack of hygiene.

BO and lack of consideration, they’re actually associated now that I think about it.

13. Too much insecurity.

The constant insecurity, no matter how many times I tell her she is fucking beautiful and sexy and the only woman I can think about she tells me I’m full of shit, WELL FUCK ME FOR TRYING.

14. Entitlement.

Entitlement. If she feels men owe her the world because she’s a pretty girl. Fuck that. She’s delusional. Next.

15. When she doesn’t uphold gender equality.

My biggest deal breaker in a woman is when she is perfectly happy to abandon all her gender roles, but expects her man to retain all of his.

E.g. “No I’m not taking your last name when we get married, that’s a stupid tradition that needs to stop. But you still need to spend 3 months of your pay on my ring.”

Equality works both ways babe.

16. Not open to trying new things.

I hate it when a girl doesn’t want to try new things. I had an ex who wouldn’t watch any movie made before 2000 just because. C’mon, have some variety.

17. Girls who get angry over a guy not answering his phone.

Girls who get angry when I don’t answer my phone. I don’t sit around and hope you call all day long. I’m going to miss a few calls once in a while…I suggest you get over it.

18. If she isn’t emotionally open.

Unwillingness to communicate or rationally figure out interpersonal problems. If someone I’m dating can’t say that something bothers her or tell me without screaming about it, I won’t stick around.

19. If she treats her man badly.

Her not treating me well, and dismissing it as being cute or funny.

I used to tolerate it but in retrospect, fuck that. My new girlfriend treats me SO well, and that’s one of the reasons why I know she’s a keeper. And of course I reciprocate!

In the end, that’s what I’ve managed to figure out. It is all about how she treats you, in action and in word, and both people having a sense of reciprocity. That’s what makes it great!

20. If she has a child.

I am a 29-year-old single male with no kids. I do not want kids. I love kids, and am great with them, but I do not want any. Maybe at some point later on in my life (35ish?) I will change my mind, but I’d want them to be MINE…SORRY to all you single mothers out there. You are all doing a fantastic job, keep up the good work!! But I don’t want to be responsible for some other mans kids that he couldn’t look after. That sounds harsh, and I know it’s not like that in all cases.

21. Gossiping too much.

When they talk about other people’s business instead of having a nice talk of an interesting topic. I instantly think they are dumb.

22. Smelling.

Body odor is the number 1 deal breaker for me. Conversely, a woman that smells good is automatically around 100x more attractive.

23. Hating fedoras.

Hating fedoras. Get the fuck over yourself and just compliment my fedora collection already!

24. Girls who don’t like it when their man spends too much time with his friends.

Girls who treat “time spent with them VS time spent with your friends” like an all-costs, point scoring game. The winner of which, automatically and indefinitely receives the majority of my love.

25. A lack of self-control.

If we go out and you get completely wasted fuck that. Also in public, yeah be silly sometimes but don’t make me feel like I’m baby-sitting you.

26. Girls who victimize themselves.

Always making yourself seem like the victim or seeming overly stressed over the dumbest things. Yet for some reason i keep going after girls like this. Fuck.

27. A bad sense of humor.

It’s pretty typical but for me it’s a poor sense of humor. More specifically than that though it’s not being able to take a joke.
I understand being sensitive to topics or crude/dark humor, that’s fine, but taking silly things literally like “Ah yeah, I remember going to town on a full pot of Chili with the pope!” only to hear a blunt “Yeah, you never met the pope. Idiot” just destroys any favor towards that person that I may have had.

28. If she’s mean to her family.

If you act like a bitch to anyone in my family I’ll drop you like a sack of shit.

29. Spending too much time on the phone.

If I’m trying to have a conversation with you and you’re on your phone you can go suck a donkey dick.

30. Religious preferences.

Religion is an unfortunate one. A girl’s religious beliefs have to mesh with mine or it just won’t work, so that would be the biggest deal breaker. Not many fish in the sea for me there.

31. Loud girls.

I don’t like loud women. Like, women who talk with a volume that lets others hear the conversation, especially, when talking about me. “YOU DIDN’T FOLLOW HER BACK, WTH IS WRONG WITH YOU! HEEE HEEEAAH HEEE HEEE.”

32. An affinity for Coach.

Any woman impressed by the brand Coach.

33. Lack of intellectual curiosity.

No intellectual curiosity is a definite deal breaker. I don’t care if you’re incredibly smart or not, just that you have a desire to learn.

34. Girls who lack the same sex drive as their man.

This may sound vain, but girls who don’t have a similar sex drive as me. I’m not looking for some girl who is horny all the time, but I do like a girl who shares the same amount of desire I do (and luckily I found one!) Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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