17 People Confess The Most Sexually Degrading Thing They’ve Ever Done (That They Totally Loved)


1. Kelly, 25. When I was in undergrad I was sleeping with one of my professor’s assistants. He was really hot and extremely successful and I was just sort of a 19 year old mess still learning how to have sex. Because he knew I was so young and undeserving of his attention he would make me wear a collar and leash and crawl around in his office while he told me commands. He used to make me beg for his dick and when he decided I was worthy of it he would rub the tip of his penis against my lips and slap it against my face, finally letting me taste it after awhile. It was so fucked up but also really hot. We would play games like that for a few months til he found another undergrad to boss around. I still think about him from time to time.

2. Karissa, 23. I’m someone that secretly loves to fantasize about my boyfriend having sex with other women in front of me so when I finally told my ex about what I wanted he got really into it. Maybe too into it. When we would go out he would tell me about girls he thought were attractive and I would tell him what I wanted him to do to them. Eventually though, he started telling me about why those girls were better than me – physically, sexually, etc. He would go over and talk to them, flirt with them, sometimes exchange numbers. Then he would come back and tell me about it. I can’t explain it but something about him finding better women to fuck was a major turn on. Eventually though, it got to be too much and I had to break up with him. Great sex but not a healthy relationship.

3. Jessica, 29. Being on the end of a bukkake. That was seriously one of the most sexually exciting times of my life. I could never ever tell my now boyfriend about it.

4. David, 26. My friend’s mom used to fuck me when I would come over and visit in the summers during college. She was smoking hot for being in her 50s. She was one of those high society types – very well known in her community, donated a lot of local charities, was always in the newspapers for doing something. Anyway, when we would have sex she would tell me what a piece of shit I was and how I was lucky to be having sex with someone as prominent as her.

5. Brian, 30. I used to be a huge man whore in college. I was experimenting sexually and would fuck anything that came along. I didn’t have a lot of confidence (obviously) and would let people do whatever they wanted to me. The frat guys learned about this and they would take turns making me suck their dicks. Ugh, it was a shameful time but I actually got off on being used.

6. Stephanie, 22. I let a guy I met one a first date take nudes of me and film himself fucking me in the bar bathroom so he could send it to his friends.

7. Chris, 25. I let my girlfriend have sex with other guys in front of me at parties or wherever. While she was getting banged she would look me in the eye and tell me how the guy’s dick was was bigger than mine. I hated it and also loved it at the same time.

8. Lizzie, 23. I was with a guy for 8 months when we decided to experiment more in the bedroom. He would tie me up, put a porno on, and make me watch him while he jacked off.

9. Tina, 25. My ex-fiance had a fetish for facials. Well, for cumming anywhere basically. He got off the hardest when he could cum on my face or tits or ass. I loved pleasing him but I’ve never let any guy since do that.

10. Michael, 31. I’m admittedly into water sports. I love being peed on or when a girl orgasms and accidentally pees herself. That’s so hot. It’s even better if she is actively pissing on me while saying some dirty shit.

11. Craig, 24. I’ve always loved when a woman just has her way with me whenever she wants it. Like if I’m dating a girl and she comes home and immediately starts playing with me with no regard to what I’m doing or what I have planned, that’s great.

12. Lisa, 33. I loved being called names in bed – whore, slut, cum slut, etc but it’s really hard to find guys who will actually use these names. Even if I ask for the guy to use that kind of language they feel like theyre doing something wrong. They don’t get that it’s one of the easiest ways to turn me on.

13. Melissa, 27. I broke up with my boyfriend and was super horny, just wanted someone for the night. I decided to meet up with this guy from Craigslist. He was not my type at all and way less attractive than the guys I usually date but he had a huge penis. And surprisingly, he was extremely talented in the sack. We went to dinner at Finleys (his choice) and then I let him do whatever he wanted to me that night. I never called him again. I was just too embarrassed to date him or see him ever again. No one knows I ever had sex with him, let alone met a stranger off of Craigslist for sex.

14. Krista, 29. My ex-boyfriend loved fantasizing about people watching us. One night we were at a house party and we were dancing downstairs in a basement. Everyone was body to body, super sweaty, and just having a good time.. We were high on molly and he was grinding up against me. I was wearing a skirt and he kept sneaking touches underneath, trying to feel how wet I was. I think everyone was really high or drunk at that point and not really paying attention so I let him slide it in. We fucked for a few minutes and then I had to tell him to stop. I was just worried I’d see someone I knew or we would get in trouble. I guess this isn’t necessarily sexually degrading but it was something I would usually never ever do. It was fun though. Probably wouldn’t do it again unless I was on molly and in a similar environment.

15. TJ, 26. My girlfriend used to be a dominatrix in Chicago and sometimes I let her act out the things she used to do with her clients. We’ve experimented with all sorts of BDSM. Her favorite thing is making me dress up in women’s clothes and put on makeup. It’s fucked up but it gets her off so I’m cool with it.

16. Randy, 34. I used to have sex with a girl when I was college because she worked at Olive Garden and would hook me up with free food all the time. She was someone I wouldn’t ever seriously date or be attracted to but I was broke and on food stamps so we’d hook up like once a week and she’d let me come in and get whatever I wanted.

17. Erin, 22. My boyfriend is the total definition of a Dom but none of that 50 Shades of Grey crap. He doesn’t have any mental or mommy issues I have to deal with. He’s a little bit older than me and loves how naturally submissive I am. He makes me wear certain clothes or outfits depending on where we go. If he texts me during the day and I’m at a store or restaurant he makes me go to the bathroom and send him a text of the panties I’m wearing. He has nicknames for me most people would think is degrading but I don’t know, I just think it’s fun. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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