It’s Time To Fall In Love With Yourself

do it. do the thing. fall in love with yourself. hug yourself when you wake up. massage your muscles. look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you love you. that you accept you. that you forgive you. that you are listening.

get in the shower and feel the cleansing of your physical body. feel the water release the weight. the expectations. the heaviness. feel the beauty in every inch of your being. get out of the shower and as you pat dry your body, say thank you. thank you to each part of your body that has shown up for you. your toes. your shins. your calves. your quads. your hamstrings. your stomach and lower abs. your hips and thighs and back. your middle abs and upper abs and stomach. your heart and shoulders and arms and fingertips. your neck and lips and eyes and face. your head and hair and ears and eyebrows. experience your own masterpiece each morning.

and then, put on clothes that feel like love. that feel good when you wear them. not clothes you feel you look good in. clothes that feel good for that day. and drink a huge glass of water and toast to the magic of your day. put on your theme song of the day and dance and express and move your body. feeeeeel your body and allow those corners of your lips to perk up. to smile. decide what energy you can bring to the day. make your stand and STAND strong for your stand. for yourself.

and then walk out the door and go share your smile and beauty and radiance with everyone you walk by. with the birds. and the trees. and the butterflies. engage with the world around you. tell yourself you love yourself again. feel it. tell yourself that you love you. you forgive you. you accept you. that you are listening to you. feel it as you dance with your day.

feel the way people respond to you. feel the energy shift. feel the love increase. feel the excitement. the joy. the presence of your heart in each moment.

because today, today is the day you decided to love yourself unconditionally. to fall in love with your beauty and power.

and therefore, to fall in love with the world around you unconditionally. to fall in love with life’s beauty and power.

and don’t stop when you get home from your day. take off your clothes with gratitude. find those comfy pants and make that cup of tea. and sit and write and reflect just for 11 minutes on your day. feel your energy swirling. feel the love building. find those affirmations again. you love you. you accept you. you forgive you. eat delicious nurturing foods and enjoy each bite. breathe. smell your surroundings. clean your dishes. all as acts of self-love. all dashes of magic. call a friend. read a book. play some music. draw. cook. clean. organize. whatever it is that calls.

and then go to sleep. go rest your head on a pillow and meditate before you doze off. let your whole day fill you up. release what you want. allow what you want. fill up with gratitude. drink some water. and go to sleep.

wake up. repeat. but find the nuances of tomorrow. allow the texture and flavors of this unconditional love take you on the most beautiful dance. the most beautiful journey back home. to you. to your power. to your heart’s desires. to your true being. you. home.

Wordsmith of love.

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