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Should You Move Out Of The City?

Are you prepared to be disconnected from “news” of the world that constantly refreshes with nothing real to report and from “friends” that share banalities to make you feel less alone? Are you prepared to be alone? Are you prepared for the quiet—the deep quiet—and the tiny new sounds that come with it?

That Summertime Sadness

The streets of neighborhoods that held you like arms in the quiet dark have found you again, and they are relentless.

Your Official Guide To Having Ennui

I am here to provide you with the Official Guide to Ennui you never asked for: what it is, how to diagnose it, and what to do if you have it. Fear not, fellow sufferers, my degree in French literature will lead you through these trying times. At least then it will be good for something.

On Being Medicated

The world was not something you were forced to be in; you wanted to be in it, badly, and wanted it in you. You wanted to put your hands on it and breathe it in. What was that like, again?