Find The Guy Who Wants To Make You More Than His Wife

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To find a guy who wants you to be his wife is just too…Normal. Although it is sweet of any man to adore and love you with all his heart to the point that he wants to make you his wife, don’t choose that guy simply for that reason.

Find the guy who wants to help you achieve your dreams by motivating you, believing in you, and sitting down with you to plan out the strategies on how to reach the finish line.

Be with the one who wraps you around his arms and hugs you tightly during the nights when you begin to second-guess whether chasing after your dreams is worth all the pain and trouble.

Find the guy who views gender equality as an importance in the relationship. Even if a man’s natural instinct is to provide, you shouldn’t be with the guy who only feels secure if he’s above you in every aspect – career, salary or in any gender-conforming situation.

Find the guy who isn’t afraid to tell you how it is when you’re acting out. It’s not about finding someone who wants to treat you like you’re his kid, but this is about him having your best interest at heart.

By being with a guy who loves both your annoying side and who isn’t afraid to call you out when you’re being too much, you have essentially found someone who loves you for you and cares about your personal development too.

Find the guy who doesn’t want you to only take on conventional female roles. Don’t waste your time being with someone who believes that the cycle of adult life is about getting married, birthing kids, raising kids, aging with spouse, and the end.

Find the guy who doesn’t impose any restrictions on what you can accomplish as a woman. Be with the one who encourages you to be supermom, wonder woman, Xena the Warrior Princess, and Angela Merkel all at the same time.

The important aspect is to find someone who is not only well aware of empowering female leaders, but he trusts that you’re able to be among the greats as well!

Find the guy who absolutely doesn’t care whether the spotlight shines brighter on you or him because he knows it’s not a competition. In fact, he genuinely feels incredibly proud seeing his better half knock the ball out of so many ball parks!

When you wake up to your forever person every morning and fall asleep beside them every night, you should be able to smile widely inside your heart knowing that they have your back and won’t ever feel emasculated no matter your successes.

The man that you’re meant to be with would be someone who truly knows that there is no obstacle that you cannot tackle because as his everything, he knows that you can take on anything. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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