Choose The Guy Who Won’t Change His Mind About You

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Choose the guy who gives you the reassurance that he isn’t going anywhere nor does he intend to exclude you out of his life.

Choose the guy who shows you that you are exclusively his and someone truly special.

Choose the guy who tells you that you’re beautiful and looks at you with the same mesmerizing pair of eyes as when he first met you.

Choose the guy who texts you, “Good morning, baby” not because it’s an obligation, but because his heart wants him to.

Choose the guy who helps heal your fragmented heart and whisk away your trust issues through his actions.

Choose the guy who genuinely reaches out his hand for you even though he knows you’re capable of doing things on your own.

Choose the guy who becomes a little bit jealous when you’re out with other male friends because he wants to make sure that his baby is just that, his.

Choose the guy who finds your clinginess and double texting cute not annoying.

Choose the guy who isn’t afraid to open up to you about his past, worries, future, and the relationship you’re building with him.

Choose the guy whom your heart says you can trust because he’s never shown a need for you to doubt him.

Choose the guy who won’t ever take you for granted, but he will always work to show you that you are worth all the effort.

Choose the guy who views you as this sexy goddess whom he cannot resist his hands off of.

Choose the guy who wants to make you warm tea and chicken soup when you’ve caught the cold.

Choose the guy who says, “I love you” many times throughout the day because you are deserving of every ounce of his affection.

Choose the guy who appreciates loyalty and knows when he’s found the feisty firecracker that he’s always needed in his life.

Choose the guy who sees past your tough exterior, but loves you all the more no matter how soft you are on the inside.

Choose the guy who will grab your arm when you push him away because he can’t stand the thought of losing you.

Choose the guy who is ready to fight for you regardless of the challenges waiting up ahead.

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