22 Little Thank You’s For The Good Guys In Your Life


1. Thank you for showing us that love doesn’t always equate to soul-crushing pain and nasty drama.

2. Thank you for helping us understand that timing is everything.

3. Thank you for slowing us down when our inclination tells us to rush into slapping on a label on everything.

4. Thank you for brushing our hair back and kissing our forehead thus transporting us back to simpler days when our fathers used to do that.

5. Thank you for encouraging us to become a better individual be it as a friend, daughter, sister, career woman, and everything else in between.

6. Thank you for constantly supporting us in all that we do in our quest to become empowering leaders.

7. Thank you for having the patience of a saint when dealing with our mood swings.

8. Thank you for being the best gluttony partner and for always being open to eating, eating, and more eating!

9. Thank you for not judging us when we’re at our worst.

10. Thank you for reminding us that you prefer us barefaced and dressed down.

11. Thank you for washing away our fears that everybody leaves because it’s not true.

12. Thank you for holding us tight at night and in the morning while all the while making us feel secure in your arms.

13. Thank you for listening to our concerts in the shower and in the bedroom and not complaining because you are our super fan.

14. Thank you for understanding our indecisiveness when it comes to choosing a restaurant but going along with it anyway.

15. Thank you for surprising us with the small gestures because those are what we remember most.

16. Thank you for taking care of us when we’re sick and for constantly checking in to see if we’re feeling better throughout the day.

17. Thank you for being an attentive pair of ears when we ramble about our day and that annoying co-worker.

18. Thank you for prioritizing us and always wanting to make us happy.

19. Thank you for making us laugh every day and for reminding us that life is meant to be enjoyed.

20. Thank you for accepting the bad and good sides of who we are and letting us know that you wouldn’t have it any other way.

21. Thank you for loving us wholeheartedly even to every nooks and crannies of our bodies.

22. Thank you for being who you are and allowing us to be ourselves too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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