15 Women Reveal The Beauty Secrets That Changed Their Life

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1. switching to Salon quality shampoo

I splurged and bought “salon quality” shampoo and conditioner. I always thought it was a gimmick; why pay 30 dollars when I can get the same stuff for 99 cents? 30 dollar bottles of shampoo or conditioner last me a whole year and my hair is so healthy and pretty now!

— not_meat

2. microfiber cleansing cloths

I stopped using face wash in July. I started using microfiber cleansing cloths. GAME CHANGER. I rarely have to even use eye makeup remover because the cloths remove every speck of dirt, foundation, oil and mascara. Amazing. I buy Erase Your Face from Bed Bath and Beyond. My skin has never looked better. It’s acne prone even after 2 rounds of Accutane.

— Talulapants

3. men’s razors

Not sure if this counts, but use men’s razors to shave your legs instead of the ones for women. Better shave, quality, and cheaper price.

— no_pizza_4_u

4. Putting mousse in your hair overnight

Mousse the roots of my hair and put it up in a clippy overnight. Instant volume.

— PerilousAll

5. lipstick (even without other makeup)

Lipstick, it gives the illusion of dressing up without all the effort.

— sunnynaps

6. Switching primers

I started using the smashbox pore-blurring primer and it has made my foundation look so much smoother and last a lot longer!

— backyardroses

7. Dying your eyebrows

Dying my eyebrows. I have blonde eyebrows and have been coloring them with brow mascara for years. Bought a box of Just For Men moustache and beard dye. They look great. I can go bare-faced without looking like an alien.


8. cutting down on wearing makeup

Not wearing makeup everyday. I used to be pretty self conscious and hid behind makeup. The irony is that my skin looks better and healthier today than it did ten years ago.

— ZappatheGreat

9. Sticking to the same skin care products

Legitimately having a regular face washing routine and sticking with a single brand of skin care products for a while. I used to be too lazy to wash my face as regularly as I should have, and would get impatient with skin care products for not working fast enough, and switched them before they even had the chance to work.

I finally got sick and tired of being self-conscious of my face, and decided to get serious about everything. It took a while, but my skin now stays relatively clear. It’s super nice.

— goshdarnitdeana

10. primer and setting spray

Primer and setting spray. I used to always get super cakey makeup that would slide around my face, but then I started using both (I used to hate primers because the first one I ever tried was a completely garbage product), it’s just helped me a lot. The makeup stays put longer and looks so much better, plus I don’t need to worry about looking shiny or greasy like I used to, even though I don’t have oily skin. I use the Benefit’s Porefessional primer and Urban Decay’s de-slick setting spray in case anyone’s interested! The primer is definitely pretty up there in price, but it’s totally worth it imo.

— Punkrockit

11. eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions: they sound high maintenance, but mine are the shortest length (like 10-11mm) and look very natural. I barely wear makeup now and feel way more pulled together. So worth it.

— UnauthorizedKayak

12. Dry shampoo and exfoliators

Dry shampoo and exfoliating my lips! My showers are shorter and my lips are less crusty during those sweet midwestern winters

— adogwithsunglasses

13. Using coconut oil instead of shaving cream

Coconut oil to shave 🙌🏻 it moisturizes too so win win

— ladybunsen

14. Drinking more water

It sounds overly simple, but drinking more water. I never used to pay attention to my daily water intake, but once I made it a point to drink more water I noticed how effectively it revived my skin. Especially my face. I don’t ever feel like my skin is dull or tired anymore. It’s true that they say that keeping hydrated maintains that natural suppleness and glow for your skin.

— BlackStormBrewing

15. Adding BB Cream to your routine

BB cream with SPF. Moisturizer, primer, SPF, foundation all in one without the feeling of wearing makeup.

— trendfaker Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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