This Woman Texted A Number She Found Written On A Bathroom Stall, But The Conversation Didn’t Go As Planned

A public bathroom sign and text messages
Twitter / @SMASEY and Unsplash / Paul Green

If you’ve ever been in a public bathroom before, you’ve probably seen some of the terrible graffiti on the stalls (especially in schools and bars. Those are the worst). A lot of it can be pretty offensive and fucked up, honestly.

So when this Twitter user noticed someone had written “For a good time call and coke call…” and someone’s phone number, she decided to do the right thing and let the phone number’s owner know what was happening — and they conversation did not go as expected.

The tweet, which has now been deleted, read: “You try to be a good samaritan and then people just surprise you lmao.” Attached was a photo of the conversation:

Twitter / Smacey

Okay, I’m sorry, what?!?! Lmaoooo.

I mean, hey, no judgment — some people just want to have a little fun.

And some people just really want that number, tbh.

Honestly, I’m just glad someone at least told the person that their number was written on the stall, because if mine were, I’d definitely want to know.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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