A Reddit User Asked If Anyone Had Gone Through With A Marriage Pact, But They Weren’t Expecting This Man’s Heartbreaking Response

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When a reddit user asked, “Has anyone married as a result of a ‘If we’re still single by (age)’ pact? How did it work out?”, I think they imagined hearing stories of people who surprisingly fell in love with their plan B. But that’s not what they got. Instead, one user told the most heartbreaking story I’ve ever heard on the Internet about the girl he made a pact to one day marry.

Twitter / @richeeeeee
Twitter / @richeeeeee
Twitter / @richeeeeee

I… am actually crying.

The story might feel unsatisfying to some (after all, who saw that dark turn coming?), but the author provided an edit that might help you come to terms with things:

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If there’s anything we can walk away with in this story, it’s to love the people in your life. Love them and let them know that they’re loved. Because life isn’t a novel — we don’t always get the closure we need. Things don’t end cleanly, wrapped with a nice little bow. So love, and don’t put a deadline to it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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