14 Relatable ‘Broad City’ Moments That Will Make You Say ‘YAS, KWEEN’

Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer at Bed Bath and Beyond in Broad City
Youtube / Comedy Central

Broad City’s season four premieres tonight, and all I can say is YAAAAS, KWEEN!!! It’s been over a year since the Comedy Central show last aired and we are so ready for it.

So to get you ready for tonight’s new episode (!!!!), here are some of the greatest (and most relatable) moments from the show to date.

1. When Ilana was literally all of us.


What day is it again?????

2. When they reminded us that there’s irl Tinder and it’s just as terrifying.


I guess you can talk to boys without looking at a phone screen??? Fascinating.

3. When they taught us how to deal with men overstepping their boundaries.


No, sir, YOU should smile.

4. When they realized how terrifying the youth is.


What happened to Hot Wheels???

5. When they reminded us that women’s hygiene products SHOULD be free.


Hello 911, it’s me. I’m here to report a crime.

6. When Abbi gave me hope that all those bizarre documentaries I watch will someday come in clutch.


Now how can O.J. Simpson’s documentary help me.

7. When they showed it’s not always easy to lie to friends… but you know you’re going to try to anyway.


Sorry, my dog needs me.

8. When they got real about “immigration.”


Someone had to say it.

9. When they acknowledged that food is bae.


Who even are you????

10. When they reminded us sexuality is a spectrum.


No homo but yes homo.

11. When they understood your existential crisis perfectly.


Don’t get me started, kid.

12. When they showed us what true #friendshipgoals are.


If we aren’t ride or die than are we even friends?

13. When they accurately summed up “adulting” in two sentences.


I’ve got $5.46 left in my bank account and it’s so worth it.

14. When they understood my intense need to get home and watch this season premiere.


It’s on, bitches. See you tonight at 10:30 EST. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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