100+ ‘Glitch In The Matrix’ Stories That Will Make You Believe In The Supernatural

100+ ‘Glitch In The Matrix’ Stories That Will Make You Believe In The Supernatural

Glitch in the matrix stories are firsthand accounts of some small but puzzling occurrence that has no logical explanation. The name comes from the movie ‘The Matrix’ where a ‘glitch’ drew someone’s attention to the fact that they were in a simulation. Glitch in the matrix stories evoke the feeling that the world is not as we’ve envisioned it to be.

These are the best glitch in the matrix stories on the internet. Add your own glitch in the matrix story to the comments!

1. A creepy General Tso’s story

“Me and my friend were at a Chinese Restaurant, and we ordered a General Tso chicken Dinner and a shrimp lo mein dish. When we sat down we took out both boxes and set them on the table about two feet apart. My friend opens the first box and we see a shrimp lo mein dish. It has all the things in there…noodles. Shrimp. Fried rice. He closes the box and opens the other box. Inside that box is another shrimp lo mein dish. Shrimp. Noodles. Fried Rice.

“oh” I think, “they must have mixed the order.” I was just about to say this when my friend says out loud “looks like they made a mistake and gave us two…” as he opens up the first box again. Inside of it is a General tso chicken dinner order. General tso chicken, white rice, and an egg roll. He froze and looked at me…I looked back at him…and we sat in silence.

it took us five or so minutes to collect ourselves. I have no idea what the fuck happened.”

2. Ice cream stain

“I spilled chocolate ice cream on my leg. I wiped it off and there was still a pale brown stain in the shape of the ice cream splotch. I told my mother who said it was a birthmark. I will swear under oath that never before that moment did I have a birthmark there.”

3. The hotel room shifted beneath us as we slept

“Was on a road trip with family once. We stayed at a hotel for a night. Our room was nothing more than 2 beds, and a restroom, with a big-ass mirror on across from the beds. Everyone went to sleep but me. I stayed up playing a mobile game I was addicted to at the time. At about 2 AM I went to sleep. When I woke up, I noticed something was just ever so slightly off: The mirror was gone, the room had 2 separate bedrooms, and there were 3 beds. Apparently I was the only one who noticed it because my family called my crazy. Still confused as fuck to this day as to what happened.”

4. Her cellphone teleported from one place to another

“My friend and I were talking to our room mate and her girlfriend one night. Room mate had just received her new phone and was sitting in bed using it while the four of us chatted.
So, room mate had sat her phone down while we were all chatting. She goes to pick it back up and it’s gone! Like, she had just sat it down for a few minutes tops before she noticed that the thing has poofed. I call it for her and we can’t hear it. We take the comforter and sheets off the bed and shake them all out. We look under the bed, behind it, EVERYWHERE we can. That phone is GONE. Even though we hadn’t left her room at all during our conversation when the phone disappeared, we tore apart the whole apartment trying to find it.
Finally, we decide to try her car.
It was in the locked trunk.
We lived on the third floor and were all in the same room watching her use it before it teleported.”

5. I saw (and heard) a disembodied hand smacking my nightstand

“I was putting makeup on and from the corner of my eye I saw what looked like the shadow of a hand slap down onto my nightstand. Would’ve dismissed it as my brain playing tricks on me or something, but I heard it too, and it sounded like a really loud smack.

Was weird but I’ve experienced so many small unusual incidents like this (things randomly falling, or shaking) so I guess I’ve become apathetic to it. That was the first time I ever actually heard the thing too though.”

6. I found a photograph that defies the laws of reality

“I went to camp when I was around 12ish. Took one of those disposable film cameras with me (cell phones were still in flip phone phase and I didn’t have one). Took a picture of two people I made friends with there. One of them appears in the photo twice in two different poses entirely.

Still weirds me out when I come across that photo.”

7. I experienced a moment where time stayed frozen

“When I was a teenager, I was in my room and decided to go the kitchen to make a sandwich. I looked at the clock before I left, 6:48pm. Went to the kitchen, made an awesome sandwich, got some chips, and a drink. This probably took me at least 10 minutes. When I walked back into my room, the clock still said 6:48pm. I stood there for a bit really confused, then it turned to 6:49.”

8. Multiple drivers experienced a time jump on the same street

“Had a friend who was convinced something was wrong with the area between the nearby town and his home. Or maybe it was his car? He claimed that, many times, he’d leave work and somehow be home five minutes later when it was a 15-20 minute drive. It was crazy. He wasn’t the only one to experience it either. Happened to a few friends that rode with him. Definitely weird stuff.”

9. I answered a phone call that the other person never actually experienced

“I was sitting in my office one day, when my desk phone rings, and it is my under sheriff asking me to bring him all the reports/dispatch logs/any documentation ref to a specific so I get it all together, and start towards his office. I meet him in the hallway, and hand him the paperwork. He asked what it was. I told him, ‘It’s the XXXXX documentation you asked for.’

He then swears he never asked me for it. That he had just arrived and had not called my office. He was on his way down the hall to ask me to get it together.”

10. A birthmark materialized out of nowhere

“I spilled chocolate ice cream on my leg. I wiped it off and there was still a pale brown stain in the shape of the ice cream splotch. I told my mother who said it was a birthmark. I will swear under oath that never before that moment did I have a birthmark there.”

11. I knew the words about to be said before they left anyone’s lips

“To this day I can not explain what happened. Was watching tv with friends and we landed on some old 80s movie I used to watch over and over but hadn’t seen in a long time. I had the dialogue memorized and it all instantly came back and I knew what was going to be said next.

Here’s the freaky part we changed channels and kept trying to find something to watch. I noticed that everything we watched was the same—I knew every line of dialogue as if I was remembering it from having memorized it. These were all things I had never watched before!

Here’s the real freaky part—it started happening even when my friends were talking. An instant before they said anything, I knew word for word what they were saying. The effect only last an hour or so but it was bizarre!!”

12. The lights flickered whenever I walked inside of a room

“Sometimes I swear that lights flicker in whatever room I’m in. It’s like someone turned all the present lights off simultaneously. I even ask those around me if they saw the lights ‘turn off.’ I don’t recall blinking any time this has happened either. I wonder if I have mini nanosecond blackouts…”

13. I had inside knowledge on strangers that I had never met before

“Sometimes I’ll be talking to someone I’ve never met, and very specific facts about them will pop into my consciousness out of nowhere like ‘this person had a golden retriever that died in 2009.’ Then they’ll inevitably bring up the fact that I mentioned without me saying anything first. Sometimes seconds later, sometimes years.”

14. My sister swore she had a conversation with me that never occurred in our reality

“Every once in awhile I have dreams about places or people I’ve never seen then about 6-7 months later I’m in the place or with the people and have de ja Vu. I also sing random songs even when something else is playing on the radio then the next song that plays is what I was singing. I’ve done this on mine, my best friends and my girlfriends iPods on shuffle many many times and it freaks them the fuck out every time.

One SUPER weird thing though happened in about 2012ish. I was 19 and living at home with my parents and younger sister still. I came home from work from my job at a BBQ place and my sister says to me, ‘Oh I thought you said you were off today?’ I’m confused because I left at 5 am before anyone was awake and I ask her, ‘When did I say that?’ She says to me, ‘Like 2 hours ago in your room.’ She thinks I’m screwing with her so I tell her to smell me cause you can smell the BBQ sauce and smoke on me. Then she gets really creeped out and tells me she had went into my room earlier and seen me in bed with covers up to my neck and had a 15 minute conversation with me. That shit REALLY creeped me out and I never felt comfortable in that room ever again.”

15. My cup jumped from place to place without any reasonable explanation

“When I was about 9, I was eating dinner in my room for some reason. I was sat at my dresser that had a big mirror, and my dad came in to check on me. He asked me if I wanted some more tea, to which I said yes and handed him my cup. I watched him walk out and close the door, looked over to see my cup, full of tea, right from where I picked it up. I asked my dad about it, he said he never came in my room.”

16. He had a vivid hallucination of a car crash that could have happened

“Here’s one from my brother. I don’t think our mom believed him, but I certainly do. He seemed spooked when he got home.

He was sitting in the passenger seat, driving home alongside my mom. A bright green car swerved and hit them, knocking bits and pieces of glass into his arm.

He jolted awake afterwards, just in time to see the green car pass them. He claimed he felt the marks the glass left afterwards too.”

17. I watched a man teleport in broad daylight

“I have to preface this with some backstory about a man named Zeus. Now Zeus has a reputation around Knoxville, TN as a bit of an eccentric character. My brother has told me stories about him making people pass out just by whispering in their ear, giving people glass pendants and saying ‘this is the color of your soul,’ just generally unusual stuff. He was thought of as a magic-man of sorts. Well long-story short, my brother and I were walking through the West Town Mall when we saw him. Now let me tell you, this guy is incredibly recognizable. I’m talking 6’5 African dude with a gray goatee, nose piercings, and at least four rings per finger. He always carried a staff and wore a floor-length black duster jacket with huge-ass buckles on the front. This was Zeus. We saw him walking just a bit ahead of us and then turn towards an exit. Naturally, we lost sight of him for probably 60 seconds after he turned the corner and left the mall. The weird thing was after my brother and I passed that same exit, and not more than about 30 seconds later, we were coming upon another exit/entrance on the other side of the mall when all of the sudden out pops, you guessed it, good ole Zeus the magic-man. Now this is a big place, it takes 5 minutes to walk the length of it. There is absolutely no way he could have made it to the opposite side of this place in the time he did. Even if he was sprinting or was somehow able to go up and over building; 60 seconds is just not enough time. This man teleported. There’s just no other way to slice it.”

18. I made a completely random guess that turned out to be true

“I was waiting tables about twelve years ago, and my coworker forgot to put in a food order for a 3 top table. He also forgot what the order was. I was laughing at him stressing out trying to figure it out, and I said it was probably fried mozzarella, a cheeseburger with no onions, and chicken fingers. I was completely joking, and that was their exact order. It freaked me out. I made him let me run the food to the table to make sure he wasn’t fucking with me.”

19. I felt like I was trapped inside of a video game

“As often as every couple days I’ll vividly remember being exactly where I am as it is, but at a different time, like repeating a cutscene in a video game. It’s frequent enough I’ve repeatedly questioned the legitimacy of my existence.”

20. I had premonitions in the form of random dreams

“I had a dream about a hamster running on a wheel, when I woke up my roommate said someone threw a hamster down the trash shoot. I also had a dream about a white rat, and the next day my friend texts me that his white pet rat had died.”

21. Two total strangers had the same dream about meeting each other (which came TRUE)

“This didn’t happen to me, but to my Dad. He works for a heating and air conditioning company so he often has to go out to people’s houses to fix things. About 5 years ago he told me he had a bizarre dream where he went on a call to an elderly woman’s house. He’d never seen the house or this woman before, but he said it was bizarre because of how realistic the whole thing felt. He fixed her boiler in the dream, chatted for a bit, and then left.

About a week later his company gets a call from an elderly woman needing her boiler fixed. They send my dad on the job. When he arrived, he said it was the exact same house from his dream and the same old lady. He knew her name before he even had to ask and knew his way around the house without having gone inside yet. When she opened the door, she said “Hi Gary,” and when he asked how she already knew his name, she said she had a dream last week that her boiler broke and that my dad is the one who came to fix it, so she just knew that would be his name.

Two complete strangers, never having met each other, had the exact same dream that they would meet each other, and they did. The whole thing is so crazy.”

22. I found a location where people would spawn and despawn

“This just happened quite recently, I was heading towards a place from a train station that was being remodeled and there’s a huge chunk that’s under construction. I got a bit lost in the area and my Google maps was telling me that I should go through one path, but I couldn’t since the whole area was basically off limits and I should take a detour. This was some busy underpass with people going to the platforms and there was one big temporary plywood wall with big signs of ‘UNDER CONSTRUCTION’ ‘UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS FORBIDDEN’ ‘NO ENTRY.’

This part got weird.

That plywood wall had a plywood door. And people were entering/ exiting it like a normal busy door. Completely normal looking people that looked like they don’t belong in a construction area, even some old woman entered it. So then I thought that the map is working fine so I decided to go through the door.

And it got even weirder.

On the other side was just a huge empty area, completely under construction. An area of sand, piles of gravel, some pillars and construction in the distance. The edge of the underpass was completely unfinished. I was really confused since I wasn’t far behind the last person who went through the door and I had no idea where the guy went. There was no path, it didn’t seem to look like there was some path where the people would’ve gone. There’s a big gravel road in front of me going a bit to the side and the map was telling me to follow some similar path, so I thought maybe I should check it out a bit. Except fuck no, a big Caterpillar tractor sped up along that road and I wasn’t planning to walk near that. I saw the guy in the tractor looking at me confused, so the next thing I thought was to go back since I shouldn’t even be here. I opened the door and a few people walking away/to a platform looked at me weirdly like I did when I saw people entering the door. No one entered after I went through nor when I came out. So after that, I just had to take the detour since I was in a hurry anyway and forgot about it for the rest of the day.”

23. In the middle of a conversation I heard the words skip

“I was listening to my friend talk and he suddenly like just ‘lagged out’ I guess. He sounded like a static phone and then repeated a couple of words.”

24. In a weird twist of fate, my lie became the truth

“Was going to be late and was coming up with a story in order to avoid getting in trouble. Story I cam up with is that as i was being pulled over by a cop for speeding someone rear-ended him and it hit my vehicle. (had a pretty big dent in my truck but no one knew what i drove yet as i was new to the job.) 5 minutes later I got pulled over for going 75 in a 65 and low and behold someone clipped the cop car and pushed the car into my truck. ticket was excused, boss told me it was okay, got that bumper fixed for free and a grand from the dude’s insurance company. (the one who hit the cop car).”

25. We were in the same vicinity without realizing it

“When I was little (6 years old) my parents took us to Disneyland in Florida, we went to go watch one of those shows with parrots. During the middle, I had to go to the bathroom so my mom took me, and left my dad and my sister to watch the show. When we came back, the entire stadium was empty so we thought the show ended and we went back to the bathroom area to wait for my dad, thinking that’s where he must have taken my sister since it’s the only bathroom station in the area.

We sat on the bench and waited for two hours before my mom gave up (this was pre-cell phone.) The only remarkable thing during this time was that one of those iguana lizard things was fighting a squirrel behind the bench and I watched that with great joy (I actually remember this). We did some other stuff, then went back to the hotel room to wait for them. The entire time my mom was annoyed at my dad, saying it’s so irresponsible of him.

A few hours after we got back to the hotel room, my dad and sister (who is a year younger than me) came back and obviously they started arguing, both saying they were waiting for the other at the bathroom.

Me and my sister on the hand, started telling each other about the lizard and squirrel we saw fighting. Apparently, both of us saw what happened from the same vantage point on that bench. My parents stopped to listen to us and asked us to clarify. We both saw the same lizard, same squirrel, fighting from the same point on the bench.

It was one of those inexplicable occurrences but they didn’t give it further thought until me and my sister brought up the “Remember that time we saw the lizard and squirrel fight?” and my mom was like, yeah that was a weird day.”

26. A footprint appeared without the ground being touched

“I was standing outside work, having a smoke. I was looking at the bike rack and thinking about how it was silly they just placed one there and didn’t bolt it down or anything.

Then a bird footprint showed up. Just one foot print. Like a ghost bird put just one foot down in the middle of the otherwise undisturbed snow. It happened right in front of me, I was looking exactly where it happened when it happened.

Very weird. Most likely the snow just happened to collapse in that shape but still it was strange.”

27. Radar detector

“This happened to my dad so it’s not exactly a personal story. Anyway, my dad was driving down a long lonely highway in Ohio doing about 90 in his z28 with a radar detector. Rolling hills and whatnot meant that cops could hide at the bottom before you could see them and slow down. So, all of a sudden, his radar detector starts blaring an he slams on the brakes. Right over the hill, there’s a squad car running radar. He’s super relieved, but when he looks at the detector, it’s not even on the windshield. It was unplugged and in the glove compartment.”

28. The voice

“When I was like 10 or 11 I was going to the beach with my aunt and her friends. There were two cars of us. To get there we had to go through a very large industrial area. We didn’t know the direction, so our car was following the other. Suddenly, they did an unexpected turn and so our driver had to take a sharp bend.

In that moment we heard a very clear, loud voice inside the car saying laughing “Sharp bend, hm?!”. The driver immediately hit the brakes. We looked at each other, puzzled: we all recognized it as a voice not belonging to any of us.

In the very same time, we noticed that the other car has stopped as well. The other driver got out of the car with a scared face and shouted to us: “Did… did you hear that as well?”.

They heard the very same thing inside their car. The area around was full deserted.”

29. I woke up to random faces on the walls staring right at me

“I woke up from a dream where I died, and when I opened my eyes all I saw were faces all over the walls staring at me. It was terrifying! I got up from my bed and turned on the light. The faces didn’t go away. I left the room and made sure I was awake. I was. I wrote on my computer, drank some water, and when I went back in my bedroom the faces were gone. I believe this is a sleep hallucination, which I had another experience of as well.”

30. I experienced a bizarre glitch in the matrix

“I had a glitch in the matrix just today.

I was doing a damage audit and an inventory audit on our fleet vehicles today. I did the damage audit first. I found a vehicle with significant damage and listed out details. This was among about 10 damaged vehicles inside of about 30 we have on our lot.

Well, upon turning in the damage audit, I’m told this vehicle is not on our lot. Befuddled, I went and checked. And it was not where it was when I inspected it. I searched the whole lot. gone.

We had no transports today meaning the vehicle was never moved. We also checked the location history of it and it had only been rented and returned out of one location about 20 minutes away. It’s never been on our lot before.

Here’s where it gets creepy. I’m thinking “okay, I just had the unit number wrong.” Nope. I pulled up previous inspections and it had the exact same damage on it that I had written out.

So some how I inspected a vehicle properly that was not, and had never been, on my lot.”


My boyfriend told me this one, and his sister and mom confirm it.

He was driving through Texas on his way to visit relatives. It’s dead of night on a tonne lane highway in the middle of no where. He hasn’t passed a gas station in a while, and his tank was getting low, so decided to fill up at the next available station.

After a while he rolls into a small town, there’s a lit up diner on the right and local gas station on the left. All the lights are on and cars filling up so he figures this place is open.

It seems to be exceptionally busy for this time of night, but he really needs gas so decides to wait in line to fill up. There’s only two cars ahead of him so it shouldn’t take long. At this point his sister wakes up in the back seat.

“What’s taking so long?” it’s been like ten minutes and not one car has moved.

Then all of a sudden his sister blurts out “none of the people are moving” sure enough, the people waiting in the cars, the people filling up, the cashier and people in the convenient store. None had moved since they pulled up to the station.

His heart is racing at this point, but he pulls up to get a closer look. Sure enough, ever single person at this gas station is a mannequin.

So basically they peeled outta there, and never looked back. I wish they had taken pictures because I would have loved to see it.


I am from Finland, and that’s also where these things i’m about to describe to you happened. This was some years ago (pre-smartphone/GPS era). It was the end of the summer and myself and two friends were on a camping trip way up in the north, in Lapland. The mosquito season was over, and the weather was cooling down in anticipation of the coming fall. The three of us had packed food and gear for a 10 day trek. The car we arrived in had been left at the parking lot of a visitor center – this happened within the premises of the Urho Kekkonen National Park, a 985 sq. mile stretch of wilderness near the Russian border.

The terrain there varies greatly, from treeless and semi-mountaineous to dense forest of spruce and pine and dwarf birch. There are lots of swamps. Seeing reindeer is not uncommon and some nights you might hear wolves in the distance. You can run into a bear or a wolverine in this place, but of course normally they avoid people. We mostly camped in a tent, but some nights we used shelters and simple huts provided for travellers free of charge. The trip had lasted 5 days, we were at the furthest of any kind of civilization we were going to be on that particular outing, truly in the middle of nowhere – there really is nothing there. There are no villages, towns or industry, the place is a national park after all. Seeing other hikers happened from time to time, you’d see some people in the distance maybe, very rarely would you come face to face with anyone.

So, in the middle of our trip, we were camped in a small clearing, woodland extending around us for a considerable distance in all directions. It was already dark, we had eaten our evening meal and all three of us were jammed in our only tent. It was a bit cramped but we fit. We took turns carrying it during the hikes. We were just exchanging some jokes and crude humour in the dark, like guys in their twenties do, about to go to sleep in our sleeping bags. When we quieted down we began to hear it: talking. And the sound of machinery. Given our location, this was profoundly weird. We camped in a tent because there were no huts nearby. Maybe there was another camp somewhere near us? We couldn’t quite make out what was being said, but it was a human voice, no doubt about it. But nothing really could explain the sound of heavy machinery. It sounded like an excavator or a tank, something big, powerful, and really not too far away. Combined with the sound of talking, we thought “construction yard”. But at that time of night, in an unpopulated, protected nature reserve? We got out of our tent. It was cold and pitch black, the campfire had some coals stll glowing. We took out our flashlights.

My two buddies have always been a lot braver than me. The sound was clearly coming from the north, maybe half a kilometer away. We thought the construction might be going on behind a small hill some distance away. We could see no lights or anything. We still could not make out what was being said. The speaking-like voice was monotonous, and it was impossible even to say what language was being used. Still sounded a lot like a person speaking though. You may be aware of the sort of spooky phenomenon of hearing a human voice in static? Maybe you’ve used a blowdryer and been sure someone is talking – turn it off and it was just something the brain tried to interpret from the steady hum. Maybe it was sort of like that, it’s hard to explain. The machinery-like sound continued, not loud, but you could sort of make out the powerful engine, at times accelerating/adding power, at times at idle. My two friends resolved to go find out what was going on. We put our warm clothes back on, donned boots and i sat next to the dying fire, adding some more wood to it. I would stay at camp while my buddies left to check out this mystery construction yard in the middle of nowhere in the Lapland woods.

So, there i sat. The guys took out their maps, took a compass heading and left and i could hear them make their way through the forest, see the light from their flashlights. Then they were gone. The weird sounds continued, unaltered. They were gone 15 minutes, then maybe 30. Then the better part of an hour. It was odd, judging by the volume of the sound, they should have reached it, checked it out and been back already. I added more firewood, and tried to make out what the person talking was saying but it was too tinny and obscure. The guys had been away for over 2 hours. I figured they had stayed for coffee with the construction guys or something. Then the sound stopped. Just like that. It just ended, all at the same time. The engine sound and the voice both just quit. It was very silent. I waited for another 30 minutes, very worried now that something had happened, that maybe my friends were lost. Should i go and try to find them? I shouted their names several times, and built the fire pretty big. I was scared shitless when suddenly i saw the flashlights of my friends. Apparently they were returning in a hurry.

The guys got back to camp, out of breath. They told me the following: They had followed the sound beyond the small ridge in the distance. There was nothing there and it seemed like they were not getting any closer to the source of the sounds. They had to stop every now and then, be quiet and listen to it to be able to walk towards it. They walked and stopped like this for some time, then realized they were not getting any closer. The sounds did not change in volume at all. They decided to go “just a bit further” several times, when suddenly the sound just stopped like someone pressed a button on a recording. They realized they had been going on for a long time. They were in the middle of the dark woods, alone. They reversed the heading and started back at a brisk pace. Eventually they saw my big ass fire from the top of a hill and found their way back.

The weird thing is, we seemed to think the sound stopped at different times. They had been gone 2,5 hours in total. They said the sounds stopped at around the 1 hour 15 minutes mark after they left, they then started to head back immediately, return trip taking a bit longer even though they kept a good pace, they apparently wandered around a bit. For me, the sound stopped at the 2 hour mark, just 30 minutes before they returned.

We did not sleep that night. Nothing more happened on that trip and we never found out what the weird construction yard like sound was about. When we returned to the parks visitor center some 5 days later, we asked around but no-one knew of any ongoing construction taking place in the whole national park area. Been bugging me ever since…

33. A Dream So Real That It Must Have Happened

I had a (subjectively) long, involved dream where I was a vendor in a fish market. I remember getting up early, dressing, doing a whole morning routine, going to get tea, heading out to the docks, buying fish, loading them in a cart and going to get ice, then haggling for ice, buying some less fresh fish while I was at it, then going to a market to my stall, setting up and selling fish all day. It was so real. I talked to friends, smoked nasty cigarettes, haggled customers, ate lunch, had tea and just lived through the day. At the end of the day, I cleaned up, counted my cash, paid the stall rent, went home, cooked some of the fish I hadn’t sold, sling with some veggies and rice that I’d traded for. I drank more tea, relaxed for awhile, then drew a hot bath, soaked and smoked some more cigs, then went to bed.

The next morning, I woke up refreshed, ready to go down to the docks to buy fresh catch…. Except I was in my house, next to my wife, truck parked outside and it was Saturday – no work. My wife and I were getting geared up to go skiing in Oregon and the car was already packed. Weird thing was….

In the dream, I was single. And a smoker (I’m not). And the whole long dream had been in fluent Chinese. The effortless kind of fluency that only comes from a lifetime of speaking it. Oh, and I had been Chinese.

I’m a big, hairy white dude – somewhat fluent in Spanish and I know a little bit of Russian, but I’ve never…. It was just weird. I’ve never worked in a fish market.

I wonder who I was. I wonder what that was.

34. Speaking French…When You Don’t Speak French

Several years ago I woke up in bed next to my (now ex) girlfriend and we had a conversation in fluent French. I got up and got in the shower, and as the water started running I realized, neither of us spoke French. When I got out I asked her about it. She remembered it happening but was as confused as I was. I can’t even remember what we talked about because I don’t fucking speak French.

35. Jamais Vu

I’ve experienced deja vu a couple of times when I was younger, and while that is certainly freaky, nothing beats its opposite, jamais vu, which I experienced twice during a period of work related stress a few years ago.

On both occasions I was driving in my car, in perfectly familiar surroundings near my home, when suddenly I had no idea where I was or where I was going. It was like being instantly teleported to a foreign country.

It only lasted seconds, but very creepy nonetheless. Until it happened to me, I had no idea that this even existed.

36. An Odd Night At The Hotel

I work as a security/nighttime attendant at an apartment building. It’s 24 stories and one of the oldest buildings in the city.

One night I’m sitting here when the phone rings at about 3 AM, and I answer “Hello this is Rick at the front desk how can I help you?” the voice on the other end sounded female, but was totally garbled and the only bit I could make out was “23rd floor.” I tried to tell the person I couldn’t understand them, and asked what apartment they were in, but again garbled response and “23rd floor.” After the 3rd time of trying to understand them and the same response, I said since I couldn’t understand them I’d come up and to meet me in the hallway.

So I go to the main elevators, and both are up on the (surprise) 23rd floor. Luckily, we have an older service elevator and it’s only on the 7th floor so I call it down. I get it and hit the button for the 23rd floor, but it won’t move and the inner door won’t close, so I go to unlock the reset panel and boom we start going up, door still open. I’m freaking out, and the elevator is shaking because it goes pretty fast and is old. As I’m going up, I just stay towards the back and finally I reach floor 23.

I step out, door closes just fine, and I look around the hallway. There’s nobody around. I walk along slowly trying to listen for anyone awake who might’ve called, but there’s nothing. So now I head the opposite direction and go towards where the regular elevators are and when I get to them they are just sitting there with their doors open. I was pretty freaked out but I knew it could just be the elevators on the fritz, so I get in and figure I’ll just reset them when I get to floor 1 when I hear the sound of the back stairwell closing.

So I quickly get out and go to the stairwell and lo and behold, no one’s there, but the maintenance door to the machine room is ajar, and at that time I’m the only one in the building with a key. At the top of the building is a large machine room housing all the really really loud machinery that does stuff in the building and allows access to the roof. I don’t like going into it because it’s creepy as fuck and no one ever goes there, so at this point I’m seriously freaked out but I muster up and head in.

I shout “Hello?!” and there’s no response. The lights in this room flicker because they’re shitty florescent so I can’t see well either, but at the end of the room I can make out the roof access door and sure as shit, It’s slightly open. So I slowly continue forward checking the space in between each machine as I walk by, and there’s no one there so I open the roof access door. I can’t see anyone ahead of me on the roof but there is a slight wrap around and if there was a jumper or something I needed to be sure so I step out and leave the door ajar like it was.

Almost immediately, the door is pulled shut. Now I might’ve written it off as wind or something, but this door is hard to shut and hard to open. Really hard. I immediately grab the handle and hank it open, slam it behind me and run straight for the maintenance door. It automatically locks when it’s closed so I slam it shut too and go back to the 23rd floor hallway, get into an elevator (doors still open) and go all the way down to the first floor. I go back to the main lobby and as soon as I sit down, the phone rings. I pick it up, don’t say a word, and sure as hell garbled voice again only audibly saying “23rd floor.” I hung up the phone, turned the ringer off and spent the rest of the evening just staring at the parking garage security monitor.

37. The Dead Uncle Who Didn’t Die

I knew my uncle had died.

My mom had called me and told me the news. It was very sad. She told me in the middle of work and I told one of my coworkers. He expressed his condolences on my loss.

A couple weeks later, my sister mentioned my aunt and uncle doing something. I said “but…he’s dead.” And my sister said no, he wasn’t.

I called my mom. No, he wasn’t dead.

To this day I’m still not sure how much of it my brain imagined and how much was real. Did I really talk to my coworker? Was I even on the phone with my mom at all that day?

It still freaks me out knowing that my mind could fabricate so complete and real a memory like that.

38. The Man With The Dog

About 10 years ago I was walking my dog in the park. It was a nice, sunny morning, lots of dew on the grass, so wherever you walked it would leave a “path” of dark grass where the dew was knocked off the blades. It would be impossible for anyone (or a dog) to walk through the grass without leaving such a trail.

So, Mr. Dog and I are strolling along, he is ahead of me, pissing on bushes, snuffling, etc. when he stops cold. His hackles go up and he looks across the park, growling. I look to where he is staring and there is this guy with a dog about 100 yards away, near a large tree, legs moving like he is walking. Thing is, even though his legs are moving his ground speed doesn’t seem to match up with the speed of his legs. Kind of like seeing someone moonwalk.

Anyhow, I write it off to perspective or humidity or something and keep walking. The dog however won’t walk with me and stays rooted to his spot making this high pitched whine. I walk back to the dog and look over to where the guy was and he is still in just about the same spot, still moving funny.

So I decide to check out this odd walking dude. I hook up the dog to the leash and we start walking across the wet grass to where he is, thinking our dogs might play together.

My dog is not happy. He is clinging to my left leg like velcro as we make our way across the field. As we progress I notice that it appears the guy is actually walking away from me, as I don’t seem to be gaining on him. At this point I still don’t think anything is odd…until I get to the place where I first saw him, the large tree.

I look down at the ground and I see this almost perfect circle about 10′ in diameter of dry, dew free grass. Thing is, there are no footprints leading to or from this circle. The dog on the other hand is flipping his shit and is looking at were we just came from.

I look up and see that the guy isn’t ahead of me anymore. He is back on the other side of the grassy field and he is standing just about where I was standing when I first saw him.

He has a dog. He is staring at me. He hooks his dog to the leash and starts walking toward us.

Needless to say I freaked out and we cut sideways out of the park and down to a populated street. I kept looking back but didn’t see him or his dog again.

After telling this story to a couple friends of mine, they speculated there was some kind of refraction of light or optical illusion which gave me the impression I was seeing another person but I was actually seeing myself reflected in mist or fog or something.

But I think I saw a time warp of myself walking my dog one day and tried to chase it.

39. A Lifesaving Bad Dream

One night, I had a dream of my mom and I dying in a bomb blast. It terrifying and I was sweating like a mad man.

Anyway the next day, my mom and I went to this marketplace to get some of her fabric tailored. It was probably 3:30 in the afternoon when suddenly I got a stomachache. I started to cry and whine about how bad my stomach was hurting. My mom finally gave up with my whining and took me back home.

Back home, I was suddenly feeling okay and went out to play with my friends, my mom thought that I was probably pretending to be sick just to play with my friends but when I return she hugged me tightly and started to cry. A bomb had been detonated in the same marketplace we were in 1 hour ago, And the most freakiest thing is that my mom tells me to this day is that she believes I actually saw the man who placed the bomb and started to cry. But I don’t really remember.

40. A Call From A Friend

I was a total idealist back in high school so when choosing a college I chose to go somewhere that none of my friends were attending so that I could strike out on my own in a “finding myself” sort of way. Well I ended up making a few really close friends my first semester. I mean, these guys became like family to me in a matter of months. One day during winter break one of those guys, my buddy Kimbo, had gone back home to visit friends and family and on his return trip to our college he hit a bad patch of ice and got into a car accident and was killed….it hurt like a son of a bitch for a long time and I still think about him all the time but anyways a few weeks after Kimbo’s accident me and the rest of the guys were getting back from a party off campus and as we were standing outside our dorm building smoking a cig I felt my phone vibrating and when I pulled it out I saw that I was getting a call from Kimbo’s phone! Dumbfounded, I showed my friends the phone quickly and then answered. When I picked up it just went directly to his voicemail which played the same message it always had…..It never happened again and we never really talked about it but for me it was one of those “someone’s looking after me” moments. I hadn’t been doing very well after his death but seeing his name show up on my cellphone screen one final time made me feel a whole lot better for a time and really helped me get out of the slump I was in. I have no idea how his phone could’ve possibly called me and I doubt I ever will but this was one “glitch in the matrix” that I’ll forever be thankful for.

Rest in peace, Kim. But feel free to call again.

41. “Sharp Bend, Hm?!”

When I was like 10 or 11 I was going to the beach with my aunt and her friends. There were two cars of us. To get there we had to go through a very large industrial area. We didn’t know the direction, so our car was following the other. Suddenly, they did an unexpected turn and so our driver had to take a sharp bend.

In that moment we heard a very clear, loud voice inside the car saying laughing “Sharp bend, hm?!” The driver immediately hit the brakes. We looked at each other, puzzled: we all recognized it as a voice not belonging to any of us.

In the very same time, we noticed that the other car has stopped as well. The other driver got out of the car with a scared face and shouted to us: “Did… did you hear that as well?”.

They heard the very same thing inside their car. The area around was full deserted.

42. Into The Future

When I was a teenager I had two really intense dreams one night. The first one was about an online friend of mine calling me to say she’d broken up with her boyfriend, and I sang a few lines of Seal’s “Don’t Cry” to her over the phone. The second dream was finding a (real life) friend dead body floating in her bathtub.

I didn’t think anything of it up until I logged online that evening and the online friend came online to tell me her boyfriend broke up with her. I immediately asked if I could call her, and she said no. I remember thinking that it meant something, like I could change it. Not long after, my phone rang, and it was Real Life friend from the dream calling me. I was completely freaked at this point, but talked to her normally… she was just talking about school and shit… up until I realized I heard a splash in the background. I asked her, “Are you in the tub?” and when she said yes I felt like my heart had stopped. I asked her, “What did you do?”. She didn’t answer me right away, and then after a very long pause she told me she’d taken an entire bottle of pills and chased it with mushrooms and vodka. She’d gotten scared waiting for it to hit her… so she called me so she’d hear someone’s voice. I hung up and called 911. By the time they got there she was unconscious, but alive. Today she’s a mom to a beautiful little girl, and she’s ok.

43. War Stories

When I was 16 I went to California with my mom. We were there on vacation and were doing some shopping in La Jolla. Mom wanted to go into an artist’s studio that I wasn’t too interested in so I decided to wander around the area to see what I could see. I walked past an alley between two shops and saw a figure resting against to a dumpster. From the entry to the alley I could tell he was very likely homeless due to his tattered, dirty clothes, well-traveled shoes, and grungy demeanor. He looked up at me and in a raspy, tired voice asked “Son, might I trouble you to spare a dollar?” I’m not usually the type to approach such situations, but I figured since we were in a relatively active area that I didn’t have too much to worry about. Plus, he’s a human in need. I walked closer to him and pulled a dollar out of my wallet. As I handed it to him I noticed his hat was a Vietnam War Veteran hat with a few pins on it. I asked him if he served and he said that he most regrettably did. He also said that “Since you were kind enough to donate a dollar, I believe that can buy you a story or two.” Now, I LOVE war stories, memorabilia, strategies, anything. Love the stuff. I was more than happy to listen to him.

He began to tell me his story. He was 19 when he first arrived in ‘Nam, under the colors of black and yellow. “Yes sir. I was one of the First. Damned proud of it, too.” He told me the story of how he was a helo-gunner in the Pleiku Campaign and during the Tet Offensive he was the “unlucky sumbitch that had to carry that goddamn meatsaw around.” (He carried the M60) He said his entire squad was wiped out by a 122mm rocket barrage, and that none of them even made it out of the city.

It was at this point that he got visibly distressed and I felt extremely human. I don’t want to experience war like that. The men you’ve done so much with, who all have families and stories of their own…suddenly gone.

He never once mentioned his name.

Anyways, after a few moments of silence, he looked up at me and said “Thank you for listening, and thank you again for the dollar. I promised you two stories, but as I could barely make it through one, I’d like you to have this. You seem like you’d appreciate it more than me.” and he pulled off a pin from his hat and handed it to me. It was a poorly made and weathered M60 pin.

I thanked him for the pin and for the story, and thanked him for his service so that people like me could live our lives comfortably and without knowing the horrors of war.

My phone began to vibrate. I pulled it out of my pocket and answered it. My mom was asking where I was. I stepped out of the alley and flagged her my direction.

When I turned back to the man to tell him it was time for me to go…you know in those movies where the protagonist is talking to some mysterious being, turns away for a second, and then turns back only to find their guest has disappeared without a trace? Just completely gone?


There was nowhere he could have gone, nowhere he could have hid, nothing there but the padlocked dumpster.

I heard nothing, mom didn’t see anyone run past me, nothing.

I told mom about him and showed her the pin, and she agrees it is totally weird.

Later I thought back on it and remembered that he said his entire squad was wiped out and none of them made it out of the city.

None of them made it out of the city.

44. Just A Flash, Then It Happened

I used to be pretty skeptical about most things paranormal, One day while driving home late one night I was passed on the freeway by a car.

In my head I saw clearly the car flipped over in a ditch, the flash was vivid as hell but I shrugged it off.

When I exited the freeway sure enough the car that passed me was at the light waiting to turn opposite way as me.

The light turns he goes, I make the decision to follow him based on that flash, I had waited a few secs and had already lost sight of him.

When I turned, I go about two blocks, sure enough I reach the ditch, and in it is the overturned car.

I get off and help the man out of his car, call the cops, he was drunk as hell.

Anyway that one experience makes me acknowledge theres more out there than we know.


“So, before my husband and I were married we lived separately. He would come over and spend time then leave later at night like 11 or 12. He left one night out my front door which has three locks – a lock on the knob, a deadbolt, and what I call a hotel lock. Its a lock that you flip the long piece over onto a short peg and then the door can only be opened a few inches. Well he left and used his key to lock the knob and deadbolt, but I thought to myself I have to go lock the hotel lock. I come down and its locked already. Absolutely no way he could have locked it from outside.”


“I took a hard news/soft news journalism class in college where one of the assignments was to write an obituary for one of my grandparents. (The professor told us to write it on a deceased grandparent, but if all of your grandparents were still alive we had to choose one. In my case, all of my grandparents were alive.) I procrastinated the assignment until the night before it was due because it seemed like a dumb assignment.

Scramming for an easy grandparent to write about, I gave my mom a call and asked her for some basic biographical information about my maternal grandfather, who was still alive.

As we were talking about my grandpa’s career, my mom couldn’t recall the name of one of the companies he worked at. She lectured me about waiting until the last minute to write the assignment because it was late — 10:30pm my grandpa’s time. However, she said she would give him a call to see if he was still awake and be able to answer that question once my assignment was due the following morning.

When my mom called my grandpa, my grandma answered the phone in a panic. My grandma frantically explained that the paramedics had just arrived and were performing CPR on my grandpa because he had stopped breathing and passed out. My mom was able to stay on the phone with my grandma until they took my grandpa to the hospital, where he was declared dead.

In the time my mom and I had been talking on the phone about my grandpa’s “obituary,” he was dying (out of the blue, at that. He had been otherwise healthy considering his age). We ended up using the obituary I wrote for that writing assignment as his actual obituary. Still freaks me out when I think about the timing.”


“I used to love drawing portraits when I was younger but I wasn’t very good at it so I threw them away a lot of the time but one day, I drew one that I was really really proud of so I kept it. About a week or so later, we had a new girl start in our class and I thought she looked super familiar & a few days into the week I realised that it was because she was the girl I had drawn. I went home and found the drawing and sure enough, nearly identical (nearly because I was 10 and unskilled). It freaked me out and I’ve felt weird about drawing portraits of “nobody” ever since.”


“I heard the upstairs neighbours get into yet another fight at 3am. Plates thrown onto the ground etc.very noisy as it is directly above. I found out next day that my upstairs neighbours moved out weeks ago and that the flat was vacant and completely empty. There are just 3 flats in the block. 1st floor elderly couple, us on second and the third floor.”


“In college I delivered pizzas to make money. I had a delivery that should have taken about twenty minutes. When I returned to the store the Manager asked me what had taken so long. I asked him what he meant and he pointed to the computer showing I had been gone for an hour and seven minutes.

I don’t remember delivering the pizza…only turning into the store when I was returning.

Before anyone suggests aliens, no, my anus was not sore. I also don’t drink or use drugs. Twenty years later I still have no idea what happened.”


“Not especially creepy, but it did used to unnerve me when I was young.

When I was little I used to have a Thomas the Tank Engine Book with fold out parts and flaps. There was this one part which was like a shed and you could lift a flap to see inside it. Inside was all the usual gardening/shed paraphernalia, but there was also a black cat sat in there. Here’s the glitch though – I swear the cat wasn’t always there!

I used to love that book, but every time I read it I would get to that page and guess whether the cat would be there or not. Not a clue what that was all about really, but it creeped a young me out.”


“A few months before my first car accident I dreamed about it happening. Everything from the sounds to the placement and the smell was the same. Thing is the girl driving tried to get me to find a different ride because she didn’t want to do any extra driving that day, and after the crash I told her about my dream and she said she had the same one the night before and that’s why she didn’t want to drive. Freaky shit dude.”


“This one is more silly than creepy, but once when I went with my grandmother to her friend’s house, I was on the porch by myself with the grandmother’s friend’s cat, and the cat looked me right in the eyes and said the word “meow.” It didn’t sound like a cat meowing at all. It sounded very convincingly like a human carefully enunciating the word “meow,” two syllables, in their most thoroughly unconvincing cat voice. Like someone intentionally doing a very poor impression of a cat, as a joke. But it was perfectly in time with the movement of the cat’s mouth and there was no one else around, so it had to have been the cat saying it.”


“When I was about 15 I was eating some cereal and accidentally dropped my spoon into the kitchen floor.

I watched the spoon fall. As it hit the floor, it just vanished into thin air.

I was shocked. I thought surely my eyes were playing tricks on me. It must have just bounced away and gone out of sight or something.

I spent 30 minutes searching the kitchen for that spoon. I was honestly kind of freaked out. I tried to think of every possible place it could have gone. There weren’t many places it could have ended up.

I never found it.”


“I was walking my dog. On his leash there is a little plastic attachment that holds his poop bags.

I dropped the leash onto the ground. I heard the plastic hit the ground. But it turns out it ended up back in my hand.

Imagine dropping something. Hearing and seeing it drop. Then somehow it’s in your hand. All under a couple seconds.”


“This is late and pretty stupid,but why not. I was once showering and after about 10 minutes in the shower I hear something ping and hit the floor. I looked down and saw a penny. I was pretty perplexed as you can imagine, but figured whatever I’ll keep it as I imagined it could be good luck.

I kept the penny in my wallet for a few years in a zipped side pouch, I never really told anyone because it was kind of pointless to talk a random penny I was superstitious about. So a few years later while at a music festival, a girl in our tent woke up to a penny in her butt crack. We all laughed it off as having a wild night. However I remembered the penny I had, and when I looked in the zipped pouch I was shocked to find it was gone. I told my friends and they didn’t believe me. I think they threw that penny away too.”


“Not sure if anyone will believe me or not but fuck it here goes. When I was in highschool my friend Phil killed himself. I never really knew the specifics, all I know is that he shot himself at one of the local parks. Fast forward 6 years or so and I’m asleep in bed next to my ex-wife. I’m having a fairly normal dream. I was at a store doing something or another, I can’t really remember the specifics of the beginning of the dream. What I do remember is running into Phil in the store. When I saw him everything got super weird. He actually looked lile Phil, not like in most dreams where people will be certain people but not look like them, he actually looked like Phil. He looked at me and smiled and said “Hey man.” At the moment the dream got crystal clear. I asked him if it was really him and he said it was. He told me we were gonna hang out for a bit and after that the dream got super lucid, he showed me how to make stuff and generally we just fucked around doing dream things. Suddenly I realized that my dream was coming to an end. I turned to him and asked him if I was about to wake up. He said yes and said he had fun coming to hang out with me for a bit. I don’t know why but I asked “So why’d you do it man? Why’d you kill yourself?” The way he answer chilled me to my core, not necessarily what he said, just how he said it. He replied “My girlfriend cheated on me man.” He said it like it was a question he’d answered before. Like when someone asks you what your first job was, you’ve responded with the exact same sentence so many times that it just falls off of your tongue effortlessly. Except I had known his girlfriend and they were the kind of couple that everyone admired. I said “Sophie? Sophie cheated on you?” His eyes lit up like he realized he was talking to someone that actually knew him in life. He said “Yeah man, Sophie cheated on me.” We gave each other a hug and he wished me well. I woke up and felt super strange. It was somewhere around 2 or 3 in the morning. I closed my eyes and thought “Phil if that was really you I need you to give me a sign.” No sooner than when that thought finished my phone started ringing. It came across as an unknown number and only rang twice. I knew I wasn’t dreaming anymore because my ex-wife woke up and sleepily asked me who was trying to call me so late. To this day when I think about that story I get chills.”


“Not long after 9/11, on a Friday, I got up to go to class and had one of those mornings. Broke a glass getting something to drink, tripped over something going to my car, was late to class due to a wreck on the way there(not me thankfully). While at school we herd about a plane crashing. Something about the wings blowing off. Went to work, went home. The next morning my roommate wakes me asking if I’m skipping class today. After he convinces me it is STILL Friday I get up and go to class, after noticing the glass i broke is not broke. On the way I pass the same wreck in the same spot. All day i wait to hear about the plane but it never happens, ends up kinda a normal day.”


“I was sitting on my porch and had my debit card on the table in front of me. I went inside to get something to drink – patio furniture in site and a 6 ft privacy fence around the yard. I also lived alone. Went back outside and it was just gone. I searched EVERYWHERE. Inside and out but couldn’t find it. Nothing was withdrawn from my account so two days later I cancelled it and requested a new one. Two weeks later I went out to sit on the porch(I did this every day) and the old card was sitting right there on the table. It just fucking appeared. There was nothing else on the table. It just was gone. And then it wasn’t.”


“A few nights back I was wide awake in the guest bed at my place and heard quiet footsteps and then my wife say “Hey” gently at the door. It seemed weird, so I got up to see what she wanted and she was fast asleep in bed.”


“Was going down the stairs and went past my brother who was coming up the stairs, said hi and he sort of mumbled back. Got downstairs and walked through to the kitchen, only to find him standing there. Wtf.”


“I had an android phone which had a google “cards” feature option that could notify you like “15 minutes to home” if you were out. I thought this feature was annoying and useless so I kept the feature off.

After several months of no cards notifications, one night I’m at home and a card pops up saying “35 minutes to home” pinning me at a random intersection on the other side of town. Let’s call it 1st St.

I think, that’s weird, I’m not even way over there, I don’t even know where that is, I’ve never been to that area. I go to my cards setting to turn it back off but it’s already turned off. “That’s weird. ”

Next night, exact same thing happens. “35 minutes to home from 1st St.” What the? Still definitely not over there. Check cards feature and the notifications are still turned off so no idea why I’m getting a notification.

Few days later, a friend and I are out running errands and he misses his intended exit so he takes the next one. Once on the streets, I ask “Where are we? I’ve never been over here.” Suddenly a car to our right tries to turn left and crashes right into us. Messed up the wheel to be unable to turn so he pulled forward to the curb to call a tow truck. We had our kids in the car so I call my sister to pick us all up. When my sister asks me for the location, I look up at the street signs: 1st St.”


“Long ago when i was kid,my younger brother and me were driving our bikes on the embankment alongside the river and there was a huge dam-thingy on the river. I grew up in this town and i never knew we had a dam.When we got home i told my mother that it was the first time i have seen the dam,and she did not know what i was talking about. Later i returned there was nothing there. My brother does not remember,but i have seen it as clear as day. I’m sure it was my imagination,but its strange. I did not dream it,since my brother remembered that we were there,he just doesn’t remember the dam.”


“14 years old. I was at my friend Dylan’s house in early December. It was me, Dylan and his mother in the house. His mom asked us if we could put together a Big Wheel bike for Dylan’s brother.

We took the box to Dylan’s room and started putting the thing together. Out of nowhere, I look at Dylan and say “Your dad is about to walk in and say “Hey guys, how’s it going?”.” Dylan says “But my dad isn’t even home.” We stared at his door and not even 30 seconds later the door pops open and his dead sticks his head in. “Hey guys, how’s it going.”

I still have no clue what the hell happened, but it freaked Dylan out.”


“I’m a security guard at a distribution warehouse. Sometimes I have to work graveyard shift.

During this time the only people on the premesis is me, and a rare truck driver bringing in a late load.

Our guard shack is concrete, with sliding glass doors on the sides (no locks) and big windows in front and back.

Sometimes when I’m the only person on the premises, I’ll see a reflection of someone walking past the shack.

Every inch of this shack, and the yard, is covered by security cameras. No one has shown up on the footage when I see these reflections.”


“I was 11 or 12, early ’70’s. Dad came home one Friday and announced we were going to King’s Island (a fairly new amusement park) tomorrow. I begged him to let me invite my friend Chris to come along. He said ok, as long as Chris could pay his own way.

Great! off to the phone I went. Pick it up, no dial tone. “Hello?”

“Ohm_eye_God, is that you?”

“Chris? I was just calling you, what’s up?”

“I was calling to ask if you’d like to come to King’s Island tomorrow, but you have to pay your own way.”

No phone ever rang, we both called each other at the same time, to ask the exact same thing.”


“Had a dream of some kid that I had never seen before dancing at a busy party. He was wearing a blue shirt, black pants, had Beiber Hair, and there was a purple strobe light on the wall behind him. Wake up, think to myself “Huh, what an odd dream,” and carry on with my life. Several years later I was at my cousin’s wedding reception, chillin and hanging out with a different cousin. Music comes on and we start jumping up and down, and then I realized that I was reliving the dream. Same clothes, same hair, same purple lighting in the background.”


“I SWEAR to god my mom told me my cousin died from an overdose a year before he actually did. so when she told me and i replied ‘yeah, from an overdose, right?” she was shocked that i already knew. i thought she was somehow messing with me until she showed me his death date. i still can’t really explain that one.

edit: a lot of people are mentioning that he could have overdosed before and survived, making it that i assumed he died the first time. the weird thing is that i barely knew anything about this cousin (my moms extended side is VERY big with 22 first cousins, 40+ second cousins, etc. so there’s a lot of cousins i’ve never met personally) and i specifically only remember being told about his drug addiction in context of it contributing to his death since my family speculates it was intentional and not accidental. basically, i never really knew much about him while he was alive. so while it’s very plausible i could have heard about him overdosing beforehand, the way i remember it is very different. memory is a fickle thing though so who knows!”


“A couple of weeks ago my dog koda came into my room and started to try to jump on my bed. Which she was successful of doing after a couple of tries and I gave her a little nudge to you know get off my bed. She jumped down and left. Then I heard my phone downstairs so I walk down and get a call from my grandma who said she made some food. So I said okay I will stop by and come eat. I get my jacket on and get ready to leave. I get my keys and grab my dogs leash to take her. We got in the car and drove for about 10 minutes then arrived. I was eating and talking to my grandma and things. But when I was getting ready to leave I couldn’t find Koda . I searched everywhere in the backyard in the front outside nowhere to be found after a good hour of searching my grandma’s neighborhood it started to get dark it was about 9:30 ish so I decided to come back and check the next day I left and went to sleep. The next morning I woke up because I heard something downstairs. To my surprise it was my dog and at that point I thought wait what. Later I came back to my grandmas to tell her I found my dog. As soon as I arrived I told. After I told her about how Koda was home I thought to myself did I even bring her I asked my grandma and she said yes I did because I left the leash in her living room. I then asked my grandma to watch her footage on her camera’s from,last night and there was no footage of the Koda in the street or leaving the front door. But there was footage of her entering the house with me. I went home later koda was still there and till this day I still don’t know what happened.”


“I’ve wrote about this before, its one of the weirdest things Ive experienced. When my (now ex) boyfriend had just gotten together, I went out and bought him some new shirts. We had just fallen in love and I saw a shirt that said “Love Life” on it in big red bold letters. The shirt was all white with only the words on the front. It was a lil inside joke between us I guess because we would use that phrase to describe our life and named our business “Love Life”. He really loved it and wore it a lot before it sat in the closet for a couple years. Well a couple years go by and lets just say “love life” was a horrible definition of our relationship. He was horrible. Anyways Im cleaning out the closets, getting rid of old clothes and theres the shirt. I pull it out and the shirt now reads “Low Life” the exact same way it looked before but it says low life. I immediately ask him if he remembers the shirt and what it said and he tells me “love life” well as soon as I show him the shirt he flips out the same way I did. Both of us KNOW that the shirt never said low life… why would I buy anyone a shirt that said that let alone my boyfriend?

Its like I flipped dimensions into the reality where my ex bf was a complete abusive douche and it showed up in the shirt.”


“I was going to lunch with two coworkers. We were discussing another coworker. One CW made an assessment of the CW we were discussing and I agreed with him. He looked at me and said he didn’t say that; he was thinking it. CW2 agreed he didn’t say it.”


“Was playing minecraft with friends over Skype on my desktop PC when I disconnected from Minecraft.

I was still chatting with everyone on Skype when I checked my browser. That also wasn’t functioning. So I got up and decided to check the router, announcing to everyone I was doing so.

I checked it and it was fine. So still unable to connect I asked the group, “what should I do?” And someone replied “check it’s actually plugged in” I stood up while saying “well how am I still talking to you then?” Assuming it was so bug or partial disconnect.

I at this point saw my Ethernet cable unplugged and about 2cm away from the back of my machine. I announced this over Skype to everyone and as Soon as I did the call dropped.

This freaked me out for years until I saw a demo of someone scanning a VGA cable from across the room and managing to get an approximation of the picture. I guess I believe that VoIP part of the connection was able to make the jump across the cm or so gap or somthing. But I didn’t move anything at any point and my partner at the time witnessed it as well, luckily or I’d have thought I was mad.

Before anyone say it, I didn’t have a WiFi option and still don’t. My motherboard 100% doesn’t have WiFi and I definitely didn’t have a card for it separately either. I had even theorised at the time it was some kind of surveillance installed covertly on my computer that routed my internet via a different medium. But either way it freaked me out.

Will never know for sure.”


“One time in the middle of the night, I heard somebody scream my name. They just suddenly screamed “CHARLES!” at the top of their lungs. Nobody was there, and my parents were asleep.

Later that same month, my dad was making coffee, and heard me whisper in his ear “dad” he turned, and nobody was there. I have zero recollection of doing this.

I have sleep paralysis a lot, which may explain the first one, but I have no idea how my dad heard me. I don’t believe in ghosts, but, this does creep me out.”


“There was one morning before school when I randomly thought, “I haven’t heard Hey Ya in a long time. It was a good song though.” Just a meaningless whatever while brushing my teeth.

I arrive at school and all of my friends have Hey Ya stuck in their heads. They were humming it all day and when I asked them about it they said they thought about it that morning – none of us had heard the song recently enough to all be reminded about it.”


“Going through my grandma’s pictures after she died. We found a picture of my husband’s mom and my grandma. This couldn’t possibly be his mom but it looked just like her. They also shared the same first and last name. No we aren’t related we’ve had our DNA analyzed.”


“So I guess a little context is in order. My girlfriend and I had been together about a year at the time, never had big problems, we are both pretty relaxed people. Never have had a big fight, never had trust issues, the whole shenanigan.

So one day I was out in front of my apartment building smoking a cigarette, this was before we lived together. I had seen her the night before, had a nice dinner, gone out to a bar, then gone to my place, after which she took a taxi home. So as I’m standing out in front of my apartment building, she pulls up in a taxi. I wasn’t expecting her, and was pleasantly surprised to see her. I put out my cigarette, smiled and walked up saying something like “Hey, what are you doing here?” (in a very friendly way).

She scours at me, and slaps me square across the jaw. Obviously I’m dumbfounded, and at a loss for words so I just kind of looked at her. She never said anything, just barged past me into the building.

I followed her up to my apartment, asking her what was happening the whole way, she goes into my apartment, grabs her bag and some of her stuff she left there, throws a few things at me, breaking a glass or two and knocking down a bunch of stuff on a shelf. Shecalls me a pig, says she knows everything, and that I’ve broken her heart. I’m trying to figure out what’s going on obviously, and she stops on her way out when I touch her sleeve, glares at me again and slaps me. She tells me something like “I hope I never see you again” and walks out. I followed her to the street and she got in her cab, and drove off. The street was pretty empty, this was maybe 8-9am, and i watch her drive off. At this point I’m just lost for words, scared and sad.

Then, as I’m watching the cab drive away, someone hugs me around my waist from behind. I turn around, and its her, in running clothes (she was wearing heels and a leather jacket before), and I went completely pale. She said “hi” in her usual happy-go-lucky tone, then noticed my look and said “what’s wrong”.

I spun around, no taxi. It had literally driven away 5 seconds earlier, no way it could’ve turned in that time, and all the lights were red. I didn’t say anything to her, just ran upstairs. Her bag was gone, things were still broken, my door still wide open. So then I told her.

We were both monumentally confused, there’s no way I could have mixed her up with someone else, and she’s an only child. We had security check the cameras, and sure enough, Me following a girl to my apartment. The angles weren’t great, and the film wasn’t great quality, but it was pretty easy to see me and my face, but hers was always hard to make out looked a hell of a lot like her, but never a clear shot.

No way it was the same girl.

Still creeps me the fuck out, and we don’t talk about it.”


“This has been playing on my mind for years now. I had a very realistic dream about a friend of mine when we were both 19. In that dream he died and we were sitting again a brick wall talking and he was telling me that sometimes our time is up and to make the most of it and giving me some advice. I woke up the next morning and was freaked out so I called him and told him about it. He laughed and said “that would suck” but reassured me that he was fine and not going anywhere.

Two days later I had a call from his parents to say he had suddenly died in his sleep. The last time I spoke to him was when I called him after my dream.”


“I’ve never used Reddit before, but a friend of mine was talking to me about the Glitch in the Matrix subreddit, so I decided to share my story here, since I don’t have any explanation for it almost 3 years later.

Rewind back to September 2015 – I was a freshman who had just entered high school 2 weeks prior. Already school was weighing down on me, and I’d been continuing a habit I had of going on walks to clear my mind. On this day, I’d been walking around a pond near my house. There’s a trail that goes around the pond, and then the trail leads up to a set of abandoned train tracks on the other side, which sit about 15 feet above the path and pond below.

After walking the circle, I was crossing the train tracks when I decided I wanted some ice cream. The fastest way to get to the ice cream shop was to take the path below the train tracks, but there isn’t any way to cross the pond without going all the way back around, and being 14 years old, I decided that I could just jump from the tracks onto the path below and keep walking. Looking down from above, it didn’t seem to be that far of a jump, so that’s what I did.

The next thing I remember after that was being half-conscious in an ambulance. Everything was extremely blurry and the paramedics sounded slightly panicked. I wasn’t able to move either of my legs, so I think they were both broken. This scene continued on for a few minutes, until we arrived at the hospital and I was wheeled into the emergency room on a stretcher. I only had a few minutes in emerg before I eventually lost all consciousness, and that was the last thing I saw.

After I’d been unconscious for what felt like about an hour, I opened my eyes and I was on the ground. I’d just hit the ground after jumping, but this time I was fully conscious. I hadn’t noticed this before I jumped, but there had been a car parked watching me (I think they thought I was attempting suicide, but it probably looked that way), and the people in it had jumped out and called an ambulance for me. The ambulance ride had been the exact same as it was ‘the first time’, and I was put into the same emergency room that I had ‘died’ in before. The only difference between the two events were that I was fully conscious this time, and my injuries were much more minor. I was discharged from the hospital the same night, with only stitches in my lip, a slightly fractured jaw and a mild concussion.

For a while after this, I assumed that the first scenario had just been a weirdly coincidental dream that I’d had while I was unconscious, so I didn’t consider it anything abnormal. It wasn’t until a few weeks after, when my mom told me that the people who had helped me said that I had been conscious the entire time – I hadn’t been knocked out after hitting the ground or anything. So, that entire scenario managed to happen in the few seconds it took for me to hit the ground, while I was still conscious.”


“When I was around 20, a few years ago, I kept having dreams about a woman with long black hair named Aroura [ pronounced A-roar-uh) . They were different dreams but for some reason, her distinct face and name always ended up in them. It got to the point where I would wake up frustrated and confused, trying to google her name or find out how I was connected to her. After a few months she stopped showing up and I dismissed it, thinking my brain was just being a “scumbag.”

Fast forward a few years later, Halloween 2009, I’m in the car with a friend stopped at a gas station. I’m about to pull out and merge onto a highway when I get a phone call from a random number, so I stop the car but no one answered. There was a person behind me who grew impatient, honked at me, and then swerved in front of me instead of waiting for 2 seconds for me to move. Second they get on the highway, some silver civic loses control of their wheel and crashes into the car that swerved in front of me. I called the cops and waited at the gas station for them to come. Turns out the drivers of both cars died. It 100% would of been me if I hadn’t of got that phone call. Called it back a few hours later out of gratitude and curiosity, rang 3 times and went to voicemail. “Hi, you’ve reached aurora, please leave your name and number.” Never had goosebumps like that in me life.

Called it again the next day, because I was that confused about the whole situation.. Some woman answers, we get to talking, I tell her my entire story including the dreams I had. She tells me she doesn’t know how I got her number and that she never called me as far as she remembers. Weird. Ask her if she has a facebook to confirm if she is in fact the woman in my dreams.

Check her facebook, holy fuck, it’s her.

If that’s not a glitch in the matrix then I’m just bat shit crazy.”


“Driving home on a storm day, I see that a sideroad up to the local golf course is blocked off by flashing barricades. I also spy a Mercedes parked past the barricades with it’s hazards on. I stop and walk up to the car to see if they need help (I’m an EMT), I shine my light in the back seat to see a man slumped over apparently asleep. Thinking I’ve got a few drunks, I move up to the driver window and rap on the glass and shine my light in, the driver is sitting bolt upright, unmoving staring straight ahead. My window rapping or light doesn’t cause him to blink, flinch or move. I look over and the passenger is slumped forward onto the dash. This begins to creep me out, I call down to the Sheriff station and request a Code-2 (no lights/sirens) unit up to my location to help me check them out (doors are locked). While on the phone I walk back to my truck to get my go-bag, as I’m on the phone with dispatch, she asks me to get a license number for the car just as a PG&E (power company) cherry-picker truck comes rumbling down from up the closed road. I move to go around the truck to get the plate number, and the car is gone. I talked to the driver of the truck and he said there was a 80 foot tree down across the road, and that he didn’t think it’d be open for a day or so. So the question is… the hell did the car go? Tree up one way, barricades down the other. It’s kept me a bit unsettled when stopping at accidents/hazards since then.”


“This happened to me in third grade, and it scared me so much I started crying and had to go to the office to talk to the principal about it. I was in the hallway for misbehaving, and my neighbor Tad (a year younger than me) came walking out of a class to my right, passed in front of me and headed down some stairs. We said “hi” to each other. About 20 seconds later, he walked out of the same class, passed in front of me, and headed down the stairs. I just stared at him, confused and afraid, and he looked back like “why the f are you looking at me like that”. I never realized how much it was like Matrix deja vu.”


“At 12 years of age my mom let me stay in the truck as she went grocery shopping. As I wait I see an old Guy walking towards the truck with an indescribable look at me as if I know too much. he stops 5 feet from the truck looks at me for a coupple seconds and heads back the exact way he came. it was rather traumatic for some reason andvery confusing at that age. 5-6 years later my dad was showing me home videos of us at Yellowstone. at old faithful I noticed the same Guy,same look, same clothes peering at us on camera and at me through the TV. I’m freaked out just telling this.”


“At a friends place back in 2008.

When we were all teenagers, we had a cool shed at a friends that we’d hang out in every weekend. It had 4 sets of bunk beds, tables, a fireplace, TV, fridge etc. the whole lot!

One night we were all hanging out in there when I decided I needed a piss. I walked out the front door of the shed and started to walk to the right when I stopped.

Now let me explain the layout here. As you walk out of the shed, his house is to the left and to the right is where we all parked our cars – further out you’re left with empty fields and trees.

It was dark by now, the lights from the house illuminating the space between the house and our cars, but trailing off just past them. As I took a step to the right (intending to go behind the cars to relieve myself), I saw my friends older brother standing there.

I watched him for a good 5-10 seconds as he stood there, facing into the darkness. He then proceeded to walk behind a couple trees and a car before he disappeared.

Confused, I walked back into the shed and asked my friend what his brother was doing by the cars. The conversation went as follows:

Me: “Hey man, what’s your brother doing by the cars?”

Him: “What do you mean?”

Me: “He just walked off behind the cars.”

Brother: “I’m right here.”

I looked over and there his brother was, sitting down on one of the chairs with a drink. He was wearing the exact same clothes as I saw him in and the only way to get into the shed was through the door that I was standing in the way of.

To this day, I’ve no idea how it all happened. I’m guessing I was just seeing things, but the fact that I watched him walk around for a good 10 seconds has always puzzled me. I’ve never had anything else like that happen.”


“I got my wisdom teeth out in 2000 right around the time that the original Matrix came out on VHS. I was bombed completely out of my mind on percocet after coming back from the surgery (I had awful wisdom teeth), and my mom basically just dropped me in bed and went and rented the movie for me because I’d never seen it in theaters. I remember being irritated that the sun through the window was making the TV glare but being too out of it to get up.

A little bit after the black cat glich in the matrix scene, I passed out and apparently slept for about eight hours. The tape in the VHS machine kept rewinding itself and playing over and over again. I woke up and the movie was at roughly the same spot as when I passed out, but it was completely dark outside. Zero time lapse for me.

Completely lost my mind. Started freaking out and screaming because I thought I’d discovered the secret and somebody turned off the sun. I remember crying and trying to explain to my panicked family, who have never let me live it down.”


“I was driving down the highway, about to make a right at a redlight. Noone next to me. As I am about to turn I hear crushing metal, terrible terrible noises, I look over and it looks as if this red car drove into a wall. There was nothing even near him. His front end was completely smashed in. Like there was an invisible wall. I got out of the car to help the person (It was lightly smoking, or it could have just been steam) and noone was in the car.

Weirdest thing that ever happened to me, no one believes me (I wouldnt either) and Im starting to believe I made it up, even though deep down I didnt.”


“I think the strangest glitch I’ve found was back when I was in highschool. I was talking to a friend on the phone, describing a dream I had about an ice skating rink, and then he starts to describe the rest of the dream to me from the opposite point of view. It was awhile ago so I don’t remember everything, but we both described the scenery, what the people were doing, etc… It freaked me out when it happened.”


“I was chasing a bug that was zipping around my apartment, moving oddly – like it’d stop and ‘hover’ (not quite the right word, more like it’d stop and freeze in place mid-air) regularly. My girlfriend came over asking what the hell I was doing – “trying to kill this weird bug” – and we’re both looking at it against a solid white background when it just… vanishes. Stopped existing. We looked EVERYWHERE, nothing. Bug just teleported out of the apartment.”


“I was sitting watching tv when I heard a few loud bangs as if someone fell down the stairs, I ran out to see but there was nothing there. Just as I went back to sit down my brother fell down the stairs.”


“When I was around 12 and my older brother was 15, we were at this huge playground that we used to go to on some weekends. It was out in the country, so it was the kind of place that you would only go every now and then – when parents wanted to take their kids on a day trip kind of thing.

There were 2 big hills and each had several slides on it going down the outside. On one of the hills, there were these slides that went inside the hill, and came out at the bottom. So you would climb to the top of the hill, then sit on the slide and go down, in through these tunnels, twisting and winding and then come out at the bottom. Pic: https://imgur.com/yUVewNe

My brother and I were at the top of the hill waiting for one of the slides (it got quite busy) when we noticed a boy getting OUT of one of the slides, he had obviously walked up it or had gotten in and changed his mind, we moved out the way as an older man went to help him out, grabbed his hand and lifted him out of the slide. We didn’t think much of it and went down the other slide and went on with our day.

No more than half an hour later, we were back at the top of the hill waiting to go down another slide when I looked over at the slide that the boy had come out of and there was a cage welded over the entrance to the slide. I asked my brother “hey did you see boy come out of there before?” and he said “what the hell, yeah with that man?”. We went over and had a look at the slide and there is absolutely no way anyone could get into or out of that slide. The cage looked like it had been on there for weeks.

We still bring it up every now and then. I don’t know if it was paranormal or a glitch or what.”


“In college, i met a friend and shortly afterward had a dream about being on a trip with his family (who i had never met). Several months after this dream the exact interactions and conversations played out. I knew the next 3 things him and his family were going to say before it even happened. “


“I was in London on the tube, seated with my earphones in and just daydreaming. A super good looking girl sits down opposite me; brunette, beautiful eyes, red coat and a VERY distinct tattoo on her wrist (important).

Right as the doors close, an old man gets on and stands beside me, so I offer him my seat, which he takes. I stand for about 3 stops, and he gets off so I sit down. The brunette gets off on the fourth stop but right before, she gets on the phone and starts speaking Italian (which I understand a little bit of).

My stop is still a while away, so with my earphones still in, I fall asleep.

I wake up and check my watch, been asleep for around 15-20mins.

At the next stop, an old man gets on next to me, so I stand up and offer him my seat, which he takes. At the following stop, he gets off and a lady comes in. Face EXACTLY like the brunette, except she was wearing a beige trench-coat this time. She takes her coat off before sitting down and I notice she has the exact same tattoo on her wrist and so I’m pretty confused and a little freaked out.

As we approach the next stop, she stands up to put her coat on. Crazy thing though is about 30 secs before we get to the stop, she picks up a call and starts speaking in Italian, saying EXACTLY what the other (or same) lady said before getting off the tube.”


“I used to have a parking spot in a shared garage. The way my spot was, it was way easier to get into if my neighbor wasn’t there. If he wasn’t, I could swing through his spot and back into mine. If he was there, I had to do a multi-point turn.

I come home one day, and my neighbor isn’t there. So I do my usual routine – swing wide through his spot, put into reverse, start to back up. As I do, I look in my rearview, to see that I’m about to back into my neighbor’s car. It wasn’t there two seconds ago, it is now.

I still can’t figure it out. The position my car was in is impossible to get to without swinging through his space. There’s no other way to get into his space then where I was, so he couldn’t have snuck in. His hood was cold. And weirdest of all you could see my tire tracks under where his car was – as if I had gone through the spot and he had magically appeared.”


“There was this creepy little room at the back of the school stage, no light, small, and it locked from the outside. It gave us the heebie jeebies. We were joking about backstage and locked one of our friends in. He flipped his shit, started hammering on the door, we were all laughing like the bunch of assholes we were back the. Then his screams start mingling with the hammering and shaking of the door we stop laughing and we’re all staring at the door, then suddenly all noise stops.

We’re all silent now, then we start calling his name.. No reply.

Some of the bolder members of our group open the door, and go in. He’s not in there. We don’t believe them at first.. But it’s a tiny room and he’s not there.

The then we start screaming his name and searching nearby, we spot him through one of the windows coming towards the building. We can’t believe it. We all run to him.

He says we let him out and we just stared right through him. We were crowding the door to the room that the dark room was in. NO WAY he passed by us.

Still have no idea what happened that day.”


“I shuffled a deck of cards back into order. The thing is – I now know how it happened.

Well, way back then I was semi-obsessed with riffle shuffles, those fancy ones where you separate the deck into two and run your thumb up each side so they interleave and then you arch this and they all go together nicely. I wanted to get really really precise with them, so I practiced them a lot.

One day I bought a new deck, split it and riffle shuffled it a whole bunch of times, at least eight I’d say. Then I idly ran a thumb up the deck just before I put it down. And every card was back in order. Something I already knew was impossible, or at least the odds at literally astronomical – being a number on the order of stars in the sky.
It killed me for years.

More recently I found out why. If you riffle shuffle too exactly, the deck is split precisely into two and the interleave is exactly A/B , then it is no longer a true shuffle and it is possible to sort the cards back into order in as few as 8 moves. Think of a a formal dance where you change partners, if a non-random system is kept to then eventually every person will be back with their original partner.”


“I was in a lecture once and was kinda bored and just looking about. And I saw this guy sitting a couple of rows ahead of me. I remember him having quite a specific look, quite a large guy with a ponytail and a long chin beard. I saw him sitting a couple of rows ahead of me, then looked down at the door and saw him coming in through the door. Now either I passed out for a few minutes without realising, or he moved at inhuman speeds to somehow leave and re-enter the lecture theatre. Interestingly enough, the lecture I was in was on vision and optical illusions, so if I’d been paying attention I might have better understood what happened.”


“Was hungover, headphones on, hood up. Crossed the road without looking, felt a push on my backpack and I fell over from it. Take headphones off, get helped up by a lady who said that if I didn’t trip, I would have gotten hit by the bus that just went past…. Did not trip. Definitely felt a push.”


“When I was 15 I was incredibly depressed and struggling with my OCD and anxiety. It got to the point that I decided to kill myself. I arranged everything (Note, when, where, how etc.) and waited. I waited about a week until my parents went out to dinner. I attached a note to my door telling my parents not to come in and to just call the police, got dressed in my nicest clothes, showered, did my hair, and put a suicide note in my shirt pocket. My father had a number of guns and I chose one of them to do the deed with — a Beretta 92 handgun or something like that. I went into my bedroom, turned on some music and laid down on my bed. I put the barrel into my mouth, sang a few lines of ‘Freefallin’ through tears and pulled the trigger.

Then it went into a third person type thing where I was just watching myself. I saw myself laying dead on my bed, slumped over and bleeding everywhere. I watched myself lie in my own gore for what seemed like forever. Then suddenly it felt like all the wind get knocked out of me, and I was back in my body.


The gun jammed. I just threw it onto the ground and sobbed into my pillow for hours before cleaning up everything and going to sleep.

I have no idea what happened that day, but I’m more grateful than you can imagine. After that I really made an effort to turn my life around, and it did. It’s scary thinking that I wouldn’t be here right now if it worked.”


“I’ve been reading the stories on this subreddit and have enjoyed them, so I thought I would share my own weird story with you guys. It happened in early 2000 when I was working at a juvenile detention center in a small town in Oklahoma as a corrections officer. I was working nights at the time and went to work at nine p.m.

This one night when I arrived for work my supervisor looked confused and asked me what I was doing there. I said “I work tonight.”. And he said “But they said you called in a few hours ago saying that you were sick.”. I was a bit confused and said “It must have been someone else and they got the message wrong.”.

After everyone else showed up for work that night it was a bit more weird, but we carried on as usual and assigned everyone their places for the night; I went to work in the control room where I usually work. The control room is the center of the prison that has direct control over the cameras, doors, phones and everything. After I relieved the guard on duty and settled in for the night, I looked at the message that said I called in. It said that I had called at 6:50 and said that I had gotten sick while out cleaning up after the storm. There had been a storm the night before and it was a bit bad, but not anything that I had to go out to clean up. It was truly weird.

The supervisor came into the control about that time. He was also a friend of mine outside work and we started talking about it, and how odd it was. I decided to call my wife at home and tell her about it while he was still sitting there. I picked up the phone and dialed. After two rings a man picked up the phone and with a raspy voice said “Hello?”. I did not know what to say for a few seconds. I looked at the phone to make sure I dialed the right number, and I had. After a few seconds the person said “Hello?” again in the same raspy voice. I said “Hello. who is this?”. “This is Taylor who is this?” the person said. My head started spinning because my name is Taylor also. I said in almost a scream “Where is Ann?”. He said “Ann’s in bed. Who is this?”. I dropped the phone and told my supervisor to ring me out, I had to get home, and I took off towards the door. I could hear Dave pick up the phone behind me and say “Hello?” followed soon after by “What the fuck!” rather loudly.

I ran to my car and drove home faster then what was legal, my mind racing the entire time. I busted through the door and my wife was sitting watching t.v. and was shocked at me being home. I asked her who was there and she said no one has been here. After a rather long talk with my wife, I went to call the prison to tell them what was going on, but the phone was dead.

I went back to work and when I came in Dave was acting weird and asked me “How the hell are you doing this?”. He told me that when I left, he picked up the phone and the person on the other end sounded like me. He kinda freaked out and hung up the phone. A minute later as he could see my car leaving the parking lot, I had called back from home and asked what the fuck was going on. He said that I was a bit irate and said I was sick and did not feel like playing these games and was telling him to stop prank calling me and hung up. After convincing him I had no idea what was going on we went back to work.

Later, I find out that the phone line for my area had been knocked down the night before by the storm. This is absolutely the strangest thing that has ever happened to me.”


“My dog was sick and the only vet was two hours drive from my house in the mountains so I had to leave him overnight… The vet assured me he would be OK and not to worry…I went home to bed around 4 am. I woke up and saw my dog at the foot of my bed just staring at me…I jumped out if bed and he was gone…I immediately called the veterinary office (it was a 24 hour vet)when the night shift girl answered I said my dog is dead I just saw him…she asked me my dogs name …then told me she had just checked his kennel 30 minutes ago and he was fine…I asked her to check again…she came back to the phone a few minutes later and said…you’re right he’s dead…”


“Let me begin by saying i was born in 1998. So this is by far the weirdest experience I’ve had. Anyway I’m not much of a dreamer, but when i do dream it’s usually very lucid and memorable. So i had a dream that my mother was alone in an old really poor looking house with my newborn sister and was waiting for my dad to get home. It was dark out and my mother was anxious waiting at the door hoping my father would show up. The house was a one room structure with only 4 or 5 candles illuminating it. I was casually talking to my mother saying it’s all okay and just reassuring her that everything is okay. Suddenly my mother looked at me and was thanking me for being with her while she was alone and for protecting her. Then next thing i know i wake up. I thought it was an odd dream but didn’t think much of it after i showered and went to work.

Fast forward 3 days it’s a Friday night and my parents and i are outside in my front yard sitting around a fire talking. And my parents began to joke about how my mother used to pop my father’s bike tires when they lived in Mexico. (My parents are Mexican and came to the U.S in ’95).

I ask what’s the story behind that, and they begin to explain to me that back when my sister was born in 1991, they lived in an old shack in a poor part of a small town in Mexico for a year. My father had the habit of going out on his bike with friends to drink and not coming home until the next morning so my mother would pop the tires on his bike so he wouldn’t leave. I laughed and didn’t think much else until they continued on about it.

My mother said she’d be terrified of being home alone in the tiny home because they lived in an alley known as “El callejon de la Llorona” which translates to (Alley of the weeping woman). For those unfamiliar the weeping woman is an urban legend in Mexico about a ghost woman who roams areas of Mexico and even parts of the U.S weeping for he missing kids, so naturally an alley named after the ghost is going to be terrifying as fuck.

My mother continued on saying how terrified she was in that house alone and would wait praying for mt father to come home. My father then made a joke saying something along the lines of “Why did you want me there you claimed your guardian angel was protecting you.”

At this point i thought, “ok what the fuck.” So i asked my mom more and she told me that she one night was visited by a man who seemingly came out of the wall, but she felt comfort and familiarity around him. He sat and spoke to her reassuring her it’s okay before the man seemingly walked back into the wall. My mother said that after this she felt a strong calmness around and was no longer afraid of being there.

This tripped me out considering i was born in ’98 and i had never heard a thing about my mother’s story until after i had that dream. “


“8 years ago, I was living in a 2 bedroom apartment by myself with 2 cats. I had a girlfriend (who i will name Elsa for this story) who lived 45 minutes away, on her college campus. Most weekends, she would drive into town and stay at my place until she had class again on monday.

We did regular things, as we didn’t get to see much of each other. We liked to spend time alone together, watching movies, playing games, or the like. Please keep in mind that neither of us were drug or alcohol users, as I have a good job I can’t risk losing, and she just simply never cared for intoxicants. Nor were either of us on any medication.

So here’s the scene. It’s Saturday night, 11pm. Elsa and I are sitting on the couch, watching a movie (I can’t remember which). We are dressed, sober, and alert, as we slept in that morning and had plenty of sleep. We are chatting, laughing, talking. The tv is illuminating our immediate area, and I kept the light on in the kitchen to provide some ambient light for the living room as well. My cats are asleep in their favorite chair, all is well. Everybody is safe and comfortable.

Suddenly, without any kind of warning or inkling, the ‘Jump’, as I have come to call it, happened.

You know when you’re watching dialogue in a movie, and they’re using two cameras to film? When they switch from camera to camera to capture the one speaking, it is seamless? With no clipping, interruption, fading, or transition effects? It was that sudden.

We were having a good time together in the living room when in an instant I found myself sitting on the foot of my bed, clothes removed, in the dark. For about one half of a second, a million thoughts entered my mind. Had something fallen off the wall and hit my head? Did I have a seizure? Was I dreaming the whole time? Where is Elsa?

Then the scary part.

I turn to my right, and Elsa is also sitting on the foot of the bed next to me, clothes removed. Her eyes are the size of golf balls and she’s trembling. I realize I am as well.

I try to speak and ask her if something happened, but I’m so frightened. I only stutter. After looking around the room and realizing we are alive, she managed to ask me what happened. I didn’t want to answer, in case it was just me, and I didn’t want to come off as nuts. I just looked at her.

After a pause, she started asking me again if I had turned off the lights, or removed our clothes, or if I knew what was going on.

I didnt. Neither of us had experienced grogginess or confusion before the event. Furthermore, we didn’t experience any sensations other than fear and confusion after it. No aches or pains, no bumps bruises or cuts.

I reach for my phone to call my mom and see if a doctor would be appropriate. I notice that it is not 11pm anymore. Now it’s 3am. In that sudden instant, that instantaneous change of scene, 4 hours had passed. Everything in the house had been turned off, and we had been stripped.

We went to the ER, as my mom’s fear was a gas leak. No signs of toxins or injury were found on either of us. Elsa made an appt for a cat scan, which also came back as expected.

I explored possibilities like a gas leak, poisoned consumer goods like our soda or fast food, neurological malfunctions, and more. But the one thing that always bothered me was the fact that Elsa and I lost, and acquired the time at the exact same instants, 4 hours apart. Neither of us witnessed anything that the other didnt. And there were no lingering effects.

For weeks I kept bringing it up with her, just hoping one of us would remember something. I browsed forums from all types of sites searching for answers. Everytime I brought it up, Elsa would get scared at the memory, and beg me to just let it go. I couldnt.

I’m no writer, so I’m sure I left some things out that would have been helpful in understanding the magnitude and surrealism of this event and how it affected Elsa and I. Please, if you’ve read this much and you have a question, clarification, or even a theory, I’ve been waiting 8 years to hear it.

Somebody, tell me what happened to me.”


“This happened a little while ago (like, a months ago maybe?) and it still messes with my head. I was walking with a couple friends down the street. Nothing weird or crazy. In the middle of my sentence, I abruptly stopped like I hit a wall (I also felt like my shirt was wet, but I’m going to assume that was some, weird unrelated thing). At first, I thought I ran into a post, but there was nothing there. I thought nothing of it, and keep walking.

Skip ahead an hour or two

I’m walking the opposite direction drinking from my water bottle. I’m talking to a friend (different one this time) and I abruptly stop, again. I feel like I ran into something and my water bottle spills all over the ground in front of me. I look around, and sure enough, I’m in the same exact spot as an hour prior. I have no clue how this happened and it still messes with my brain (and my concept of reality).” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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