25 People Give Their ‘Glitch In The Matrix Story’ That Made Them Believe In The Supernatural

These glitch in the matrix stories from Ask Reddit will make you doubt your own reality.
A glitch in the matrix
Unsplash / Andrik Langfield Petrides

1. A footprint appeared without the ground being touched

“I was standing outside work, having a smoke. I was looking at the bike rack and thinking about how it was silly they just placed one there and didn’t bolt it down or anything.

Then a bird footprint showed up. Just one foot print. Like a ghost bird put just one foot down in the middle of the otherwise undisturbed snow. It happened right in front of me, I was looking exactly where it happened when it happened.

Very weird. Most likely the snow just happened to collapse in that shape but still it was strange.” — DaughterEarth

2. The hotel room shifted beneath us as we slept

“Was on a road trip with family once. We stayed at a hotel for a night. Our room was nothing more than 2 beds, and a restroom, with a big-ass mirror on across from the beds. Everyone went to sleep but me. I stayed up playing a mobile game I was addicted to at the time. At about 2 AM I went to sleep. When I woke up, I noticed something was just ever so slightly off: The mirror was gone, the room had 2 separate bedrooms, and there were 3 beds. Apparently I was the only one who noticed it because my family called my crazy. Still confused as fuck to this day as to what happened.” — maplz03

3. Her cellphone teleported from one place to another

“My friend and I were talking to our room mate and her girlfriend one night. Room mate had just received her new phone and was sitting in bed using it while the four of us chatted.
So, room mate had sat her phone down while we were all chatting. She goes to pick it back up and it’s gone! Like, she had just sat it down for a few minutes tops before she noticed that the thing has poofed. I call it for her and we can’t hear it. We take the comforter and sheets off the bed and shake them all out. We look under the bed, behind it, EVERYWHERE we can. That phone is GONE. Even though we hadn’t left her room at all during our conversation when the phone disappeared, we tore apart the whole apartment trying to find it.
Finally, we decide to try her car.
It was in the locked trunk.
We lived on the third floor and were all in the same room watching her use it before it teleported.” — trustthapo

4. I saw (and heard) a disembodied hand smacking my nightstand

“I was putting makeup on and from the corner of my eye I saw what looked like the shadow of a hand slap down onto my nightstand. Would’ve dismissed it as my brain playing tricks on me or something, but I heard it too, and it sounded like a really loud smack.

Was weird but I’ve experienced so many small unusual incidents like this (things randomly falling, or shaking) so I guess I’ve become apathetic to it. That was the first time I ever actually heard the thing too though.” — iyvnx

5. I found a photograph that defies the laws of reality

“I went to camp when I was around 12ish. Took one of those disposable film cameras with me (cell phones were still in flip phone phase and I didn’t have one). Took a picture of two people I made friends with there. One of them appears in the photo twice in two different poses entirely.

Still weirds me out when I come across that photo.” — MandrillMan

6. I experienced a moment where time stayed frozen

“When I was a teenager, I was in my room and decided to go the kitchen to make a sandwich. I looked at the clock before I left, 6:48pm. Went to the kitchen, made an awesome sandwich, got some chips, and a drink. This probably took me at least 10 minutes. When I walked back into my room, the clock still said 6:48pm. I stood there for a bit really confused, then it turned to 6:49.” — krolahzuL

7. I woke up to random faces on the walls staring right at me

“I woke up from a dream where I died, and when I opened my eyes all I saw were faces all over the walls staring at me. It was terrifying! I got up from my bed and turned on the light. The faces didn’t go away. I left the room and made sure I was awake. I was. I wrote on my computer, drank some water, and when I went back in my bedroom the faces were gone. I believe this is a sleep hallucination, which I had another experience of as well.” — ConvenienceStoreDiet

8. Multiple drivers experienced a time jump on the same street

“Had a friend who was convinced something was wrong with the area between the nearby town and his home. Or maybe it was his car? He claimed that, many times, he’d leave work and somehow be home five minutes later when it was a 15-20 minute drive. It was crazy. He wasn’t the only one to experience it either. Happened to a few friends that rode with him. Definitely weird stuff.” — c_anthony

9. I answered a phone call that the other person never actually experienced

“I was sitting in my office one day, when my desk phone rings, and it is my under sheriff asking me to bring him all the reports/dispatch logs/any documentation ref to a specific so I get it all together, and start towards his office. I meet him in the hallway, and hand him the paperwork. He asked what it was. I told him, ‘It’s the XXXXX documentation you asked for.’

He then swears he never asked me for it. That he had just arrived and had not called my office. He was on his way down the hall to ask me to get it together.” — JohnDeereWife

10. A birthmark materialized out of nowhere

“I spilled chocolate ice cream on my leg. I wiped it off and there was still a pale brown stain in the shape of the ice cream splotch. I told my mother who said it was a birthmark. I will swear under oath that never before that moment did I have a birthmark there.” — Rivkariver

11. I knew the words about to be said before they left anyone’s lips

“To this day I can not explain what happened. Was watching tv with friends and we landed on some old 80s movie I used to watch over and over but hadn’t seen in a long time. I had the dialogue memorized and it all instantly came back and I knew what was going to be said next.

Here’s the freaky part we changed channels and kept trying to find something to watch. I noticed that everything we watched was the same—I knew every line of dialogue as if I was remembering it from having memorized it. These were all things I had never watched before!

Here’s the real freaky part—it started happening even when my friends were talking. An instant before they said anything, I knew word for word what they were saying. The effect only last an hour or so but it was bizarre!!” — JMCrown

12. The lights flickered whenever I walked inside of a room

“Sometimes I swear that lights flicker in whatever room I’m in. It’s like someone turned all the present lights off simultaneously. I even ask those around me if they saw the lights ‘turn off.’ I don’t recall blinking any time this has happened either. I wonder if I have mini nanosecond blackouts…” — UncleMajic

13. I had inside knowledge on strangers that I had never met before

“Sometimes I’ll be talking to someone I’ve never met, and very specific facts about them will pop into my consciousness out of nowhere like ‘this person had a golden retriever that died in 2009.’ Then they’ll inevitably bring up the fact that I mentioned without me saying anything first. Sometimes seconds later, sometimes years.” — cosmicmomma

14. My sister swore she had a conversation with me that never occurred in our reality

“Every once in awhile I have dreams about places or people I’ve never seen then about 6-7 months later I’m in the place or with the people and have de ja Vu. I also sing random songs even when something else is playing on the radio then the next song that plays is what I was singing. I’ve done this on mine, my best friends and my girlfriends iPods on shuffle many many times and it freaks them the fuck out every time.

One SUPER weird thing though happened in about 2012ish. I was 19 and living at home with my parents and younger sister still. I came home from work from my job at a BBQ place and my sister says to me, ‘Oh I thought you said you were off today?’ I’m confused because I left at 5 am before anyone was awake and I ask her, ‘When did I say that?’ She says to me, ‘Like 2 hours ago in your room.’ She thinks I’m screwing with her so I tell her to smell me cause you can smell the BBQ sauce and smoke on me. Then she gets really creeped out and tells me she had went into my room earlier and seen me in bed with covers up to my neck and had a 15 minute conversation with me. That shit REALLY creeped me out and I never felt comfortable in that room ever again.” – – PostyMcPostertun

15. My cup jumped from place to place without any reasonable explanation

“When I was about 9, I was eating dinner in my room for some reason. I was sat at my dresser that had a big mirror, and my dad came in to check on me. He asked me if I wanted some more tea, to which I said yes and handed him my cup. I watched him walk out and close the door, looked over to see my cup, full of tea, right from where I picked it up. I asked my dad about it, he said he never came in my room.” — Ginger-With-A-Soul

16. He had a vivid hallucination of a car crash that could have happened

“Here’s one from my brother. I don’t think our mom believed him, but I certainly do. He seemed spooked when he got home.

He was sitting in the passenger seat, driving home alongside my mom. A bright green car swerved and hit them, knocking bits and pieces of glass into his arm.

He jolted awake afterwards, just in time to see the green car pass them. He claimed he felt the marks the glass left afterwards too.” — FireflyEffect

17. I watched a man teleport in broad daylight

“I have to preface this with some backstory about a man named Zeus. Now Zeus has a reputation around Knoxville, TN as a bit of an eccentric character. My brother has told me stories about him making people pass out just by whispering in their ear, giving people glass pendants and saying ‘this is the color of your soul,’ just generally unusual stuff. He was thought of as a magic-man of sorts. Well long-story short, my brother and I were walking through the West Town Mall when we saw him. Now let me tell you, this guy is incredibly recognizable. I’m talking 6’5 African dude with a gray goatee, nose piercings, and at least four rings per finger. He always carried a staff and wore a floor-length black duster jacket with huge-ass buckles on the front. This was Zeus. We saw him walking just a bit ahead of us and then turn towards an exit. Naturally, we lost sight of him for probably 60 seconds after he turned the corner and left the mall. The weird thing was after my brother and I passed that same exit, and not more than about 30 seconds later, we were coming upon another exit/entrance on the other side of the mall when all of the sudden out pops, you guessed it, good ole Zeus the magic-man. Now this is a big place, it takes 5 minutes to walk the length of it. There is absolutely no way he could have made it to the opposite side of this place in the time he did. Even if he was sprinting or was somehow able to go up and over building; 60 seconds is just not enough time. This man teleported. There’s just no other way to slice it.” — madtraxmerno

18. I made a completely random guess that turned out to be true

“I was waiting tables about twelve years ago, and my coworker forgot to put in a food order for a 3 top table. He also forgot what the order was. I was laughing at him stressing out trying to figure it out, and I said it was probably fried mozzarella, a cheeseburger with no onions, and chicken fingers. I was completely joking, and that was their exact order. It freaked me out. I made him let me run the food to the table to make sure he wasn’t fucking with me.” — jonesy0412

19. I felt like I was trapped inside of a video game

“As often as every couple days I’ll vividly remember being exactly where I am as it is, but at a different time, like repeating a cutscene in a video game. It’s frequent enough I’ve repeatedly questioned the legitimacy of my existence.” — The-Kitchen-Sink

20. I had premonitions in the form of random dreams

“I had a dream about a hamster running on a wheel, when I woke up my roommate said someone threw a hamster down the trash shoot. I also had a dream about a white rat, and the next day my friend texts me that his white pet rat had died.” — hapa19

21. Two total strangers had the same dream about meeting each other (which came TRUE)

“This didn’t happen to me, but to my Dad. He works for a heating and air conditioning company so he often has to go out to people’s houses to fix things. About 5 years ago he told me he had a bizarre dream where he went on a call to an elderly woman’s house. He’d never seen the house or this woman before, but he said it was bizarre because of how realistic the whole thing felt. He fixed her boiler in the dream, chatted for a bit, and then left.

About a week later his company gets a call from an elderly woman needing her boiler fixed. They send my dad on the job. When he arrived, he said it was the exact same house from his dream and the same old lady. He knew her name before he even had to ask and knew his way around the house without having gone inside yet. When she opened the door, she said “Hi Gary,” and when he asked how she already knew his name, she said she had a dream last week that her boiler broke and that my dad is the one who came to fix it, so she just knew that would be his name.

Two complete strangers, never having met each other, had the exact same dream that they would meet each other, and they did. The whole thing is so crazy.” — MysteriousPlatypus

22. I found a location where people would spawn and despawn

“This just happened quite recently, I was heading towards a place from a train station that was being remodeled and there’s a huge chunk that’s under construction. I got a bit lost in the area and my Google maps was telling me that I should go through one path, but I couldn’t since the whole area was basically off limits and I should take a detour. This was some busy underpass with people going to the platforms and there was one big temporary plywood wall with big signs of ‘UNDER CONSTRUCTION’ ‘UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS FORBIDDEN’ ‘NO ENTRY.’

This part got weird.

That plywood wall had a plywood door. And people were entering/ exiting it like a normal busy door. Completely normal looking people that looked like they don’t belong in a construction area, even some old woman entered it. So then I thought that the map is working fine so I decided to go through the door.

And it got even weirder.

On the other side was just a huge empty area, completely under construction. An area of sand, piles of gravel, some pillars and construction in the distance. The edge of the underpass was completely unfinished. I was really confused since I wasn’t far behind the last person who went through the door and I had no idea where the guy went. There was no path, it didn’t seem to look like there was some path where the people would’ve gone. There’s a big gravel road in front of me going a bit to the side and the map was telling me to follow some similar path, so I thought maybe I should check it out a bit. Except fuck no, a big Caterpillar tractor sped up along that road and I wasn’t planning to walk near that. I saw the guy in the tractor looking at me confused, so the next thing I thought was to go back since I shouldn’t even be here. I opened the door and a few people walking away/to a platform looked at me weirdly like I did when I saw people entering the door. No one entered after I went through nor when I came out. So after that, I just had to take the detour since I was in a hurry anyway and forgot about it for the rest of the day.” — boomership

23. In the middle of a conversation I heard the words skip

“I was listening to my friend talk and he suddenly like just ‘lagged out’ I guess. He sounded like a static phone and then repeated a couple of words.” — Aslanbor

24. In a weird twist of fate, my lie became the truth

“Was going to be late and was coming up with a story in order to avoid getting in trouble. Story I cam up with is that as i was being pulled over by a cop for speeding someone rear-ended him and it hit my vehicle. (had a pretty big dent in my truck but no one knew what i drove yet as i was new to the job.) 5 minutes later I got pulled over for going 75 in a 65 and low and behold someone clipped the cop car and pushed the car into my truck. ticket was excused, boss told me it was okay, got that bumper fixed for free and a grand from the dude’s insurance company. (the one who hit the cop car).” — micahamey

25. We were in the same vicinity without realizing it

“When I was little (6 years old) my parents took us to Disneyland in Florida, we went to go watch one of those shows with parrots. During the middle, I had to go to the bathroom so my mom took me, and left my dad and my sister to watch the show. When we came back, the entire stadium was empty so we thought the show ended and we went back to the bathroom area to wait for my dad, thinking that’s where he must have taken my sister since it’s the only bathroom station in the area.

We sat on the bench and waited for two hours before my mom gave up (this was pre-cell phone.) The only remarkable thing during this time was that one of those iguana lizard things was fighting a squirrel behind the bench and I watched that with great joy (I actually remember this). We did some other stuff, then went back to the hotel room to wait for them. The entire time my mom was annoyed at my dad, saying it’s so irresponsible of him.

A few hours after we got back to the hotel room, my dad and sister (who is a year younger than me) came back and obviously they started arguing, both saying they were waiting for the other at the bathroom.

Me and my sister on the hand, started telling each other about the lizard and squirrel we saw fighting. Apparently, both of us saw what happened from the same vantage point on that bench. My parents stopped to listen to us and asked us to clarify. We both saw the same lizard, same squirrel, fighting from the same point on the bench.

It was one of those inexplicable occurrences but they didn’t give it further thought until me and my sister brought up the “Remember that time we saw the lizard and squirrel fight?” and my mom was like, yeah that was a weird day.” — lunchesandbentos TC mark

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