A Guy Used Poetry To Ask For This Girl’s Nudes And Her Response Was Absolutely Epic

Unsplash / freestocks.org and Imgur / LotteLolita

Fuckboys are evolving, guys. No longer do they hit you with the infamous “U up?” or “Send n00ds.” (Well, they sometimes do, but still.) No, now they’re full of new ideas that are both witty and yet still somehow infuriating.

Like this guy, who decided to use an almost Shakespearian rhyme to get into this girl’s pants.

Imgur / LotteLolita

But really, I’m just here for her reply.

Imgur / LotteLolita

LOL, if only I were that witty.

And just for good measure, here were some of the funny comments that people came up with that fit the theme:

Imgur / LotteLolita
Imgur / LotteLolita
Imgur / LotteLolita

And there you have it, folks — true poetry. TC mark

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