This Guy Asked His Crush Out By Adding Her To A Group Chat With His Best Friend And It’s Honestly Friendship Goals

Unsplash / James Sutton and Twitter / @GHINA

Nothing is more pure and beautiful than a truly supportive friendship. The kind of friendship that, through all the family drama, relationship mishaps and embarrassing moments, will always be there when you need it.

If you ask me, this bromance is the epitome of everything a wholesome friendship should be.

This guy just wanted to tell his crush that he liked her, but not without the moral support of his best bro.

Twitter / @GHINA

And I mean that quite literally.

Twitter / @GHINA

People were moved by this open display of #friendshipgoals and were sure to spread the love.

This is how true friendships should be.

Because let’s be real, why would you do this:

When you could do this?

All I’m saying is I hope it worked out for all three of them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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