This ‘Nice Guy’s’ Sexist Response To A Woman Who Wasn’t Interested In Him Is Everything That’s Wrong With Modern Dating

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They say that nice guys finish last, and I’m convinced the reason is that “nice guys” are rarely ever, well, nice. At least, not the ones who claim they are. My general life rule is this: if someone has to tell you they’re a good person, they’re probably not a good person. People’s actions should speak for themselves.

But people’s true colors usually come out in the end, whether we really want them to or not. Like this guy, who was having a relatively pleasant conversation with this woman until, suddenly, he decided to let his inner psycho bitch come out.

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Yeah, that took a total of, like three seconds. And it only got worse from there.

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Lmao at “8” of pleasure down the drain.” Who does this dude bro thing he is and why does he seem to think his penis is a gift from God than anyone actually cares about?

But, naturally, he later hits her with the “sorry, that was my friend” text, which we always KNOW is a blatant lie.

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But again, didn’t take him long to show his true colors.

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Honestly, I would rather punch myself in the throat repeatedly than deal with this kind of negativity. If this is modern dating, I want out. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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