This Woman Met Her ‘Soulmate’ On A Flight Four Years Ago And Now She’s Using Twitter To Try To Find Him

Twitter / @joceypoooh

I will rarely admit this in person, but this is the Internet, so fuck it: I am a huge secret romantic, and I am a sucker for absolutely any love story that doesn’t involve creepy undertones (sorry, I’m not into Stockholm syndrome) or Nicholas Cage. So when I saw this woman was using social media to try to reconnect with her soulmate, I was all in.

Twitter user Joceline decided to take control of her own fate when she tweeted out a call for action to help her find a man she met in an airport nearly four years ago.

She told the full story via the Notes app, explaining why she thought it might be fate.

Twitter / @joceypoooh
Twitter / @joceypoooh

She even included a photo of herself from four years ago, though it’s a little difficult to make out.

Twitter / @joceypoooh

Of course, the good people of the Internet love a good love story as much as I do, and the tweet quickly garnered over 7,000 retweets and a good amount of responses in favor of the girl.

Apparently this man made a big mark on her life, because a lot of her friends remember her talking about him.

Is it really such a long shot? After all, if Love Actually taught us anything, there’s nothing more integral for the perfect love story than an airport.

Unfortunately, she has yet to find her soulmate, but that’s OK, there’s still time.

Please, good people of the Internet, I’m begging you: RT immediately and help this girl find the love of her life. My secret inner romantic NEEDS this. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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