This Woman Accidentally Went On A Date With A 97-Year-Old Man And Shared The Whole Hilarious Story On Twitter

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It’s not uncommon for people on dating sites to not be quite who they seem. In fact, at this point, I’m more skeptical if you fit your Tinder persona perfectly. But this woman’s story will have you checking your Internet date a little more closely, just in case they’re, I don’t know, a 97-year-old man.

The story starts innocently enough when Twitter user Priya started talking to a man online who seemed pretty interesting, if not slightly mysterious.

A man who’s well-traveled. Cool! That’s basically every woman’s dream, so what could go wrong?


Here’s where things start to get ~weird~

LOL. I’m sorry, but this is gold. And it only gets better.

Old people, amirite? Except maybe Priya was giving him a little too much leeway.

Please excuse me, because I AM DYING.

OK, so it wasn’t the ideal OK Cupid date, but it was pretty entertaining for the rest of us.

Some people were a little skeptical, even.

But honestly, this is online dating we’re talking about — is it really that surprising?

As funny as the story is, we can all gain some sage advice from Priya. All I’m saying is, demand full-face photos and ages from the people you’re about to date. Not because you’re vain, per se, but because you need to know whether or not you’re going on a date with an actual grandfather. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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