There’s A Conspiracy Theory That Avril Lavigne Was Replaced By A Clone And People On Twitter Are Freaking Out

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OK, I’m not really the kind of person who believes in conspiracy theories. When I was a freshman in college, a friend once printed me off a 20 page Word document filled all the ones she believed were true and I only got through the first few pages before she took it away from me because I couldn’t stop laughing.

But guess what? I’m not laughing anymore, because now there’s a new conspiracy theory that Avril Lavigne was replaced by a clone and oh my god I think it’s true.

Lately, we haven’t heard much from Lavigne, the punk pop princess that basically paved the way for my own weird goth phase, and I never wondered why until this very moment. And now, suddenly, I need to know.

According to the theory, Lavigne, who hated the spotlight, hired a lookalike named Melissa Vandella to deal with the paparazzi for her. But in 2003, at the height of her career, some people believe that Lavigne committed suicide, leaving behind Vandella to bask in Lavigne’s fame and essentially continue her brand.

Why are people (see: me) so convinced that Avril has been replaced by an imposter? Well, let’s just look at the facts.

You definitely can’t deny that she started to look and act different after a certain point in time. You could argue that we all change through the years (try telling that to my still-existent inner teen goth), but there’s still one difference between Old Avril and New Imposter Avril that I can’t get over:

What happened to her eyes?!

And those aren’t the only things that changed.

There are literally no other possible explanations for this.

OK, there are literally very few other possible explanations for this.

What else has been going on in the world that we didn’t know about? Think of the possibilities!

But as enticing as these possible conspiracy theories are, nothing is quite as convincing as the idea that Avril Lavigne no longer exists, just Melissa Vandella pretending to be Avril Lavigne.

Hopefully in the future the newly-appointed FBI director will take a good, long look into this case. We need answers. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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