‘Clone High,’ A Cult Classic Cartoon From 2003, Just Got A New Season On Max

’90s kids, ’00s teens, and the MTV generation rejoice! We have two bits of good news for you. The long forgotten cartoon that spawned a banger episode every week is now on Max (formerly known as HBO Max.) Of course, we’re talking about irreverent and silly Clone High. But–even bigger news–Max also has a brand new season of the show. That’s right, Clone High is getting new episodes 20 years after the original series ended. The first two episodes just released May 23, 2023 with two more episodes released weekly every Thursday.

Running from 2002 to 2003 for one season in America (or two seasons if you were lucky enough to watch it on Teletoon in Canada), this show is a hilarious look at what it would be like to have teenaged clones of famous people in history all attending high school together. It might sound like an odd premise, but with voice acting from comedic greats like Will Forte and Donald Faison and cameos from Jack Black and Mandy Moore, you can bet the original series was a cult classic for a good reason.

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The O.G. Clone High follows main characters Abe Lincoln, JFK, Gandhi, Cleopatra, Joan of Arc (who has a total and understandable crush on Abe, by the way) and other teen clones as they navigate classic modern high school problems, like football-playing giraffes and pushers trying to get the school addicted to raisins. It’s absurd in all the best ways.


No spoilers or anything (okay, minor spoilers), but the teens of Clone High end up getting frozen at the end of the original first season. Max’s new original series starts where that one left off. Now they’re freshly thawed 20 years later and must navigate the even more modern world.

Here’s my recommendation: Watch the original season of Clone High first, then watch the new series. You can find both on Max.

While there’ve only been two episodes of the new series of Clone High, it remains to be seen whether it’ll live up to the clever parodies of history that made the original series so special. But will I, as a major Clone High stan, be excited to watch it all anyway? Yes, I will.

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