Rapper Wale Hilariously Dragged Tomi Lahren On Twitter And People Can’t Get Enough Of It

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As glad as I am that I haven’t heard much from Tomi Lahren recently, I’ve admittedly missed the drama. One of my favorite pastimes has been actively rooting against the former (and now unemployed) The Blaze talking head, which has been kind of hard to do now that she’s left the conservative limelight.

But don’t worry! In some corners of the Internet, Lahren still thrives, and the drama still lives. That’s right: I’m talking about Twitter.

Lahren recently subtweeted so-called “liberal snowflakes” about the call for Trump’s impeachment.

And because 2017 is the year of Twitter beef, one of Lahren’s most infamous foes couldn’t help but use the tweet to make a jab at her.


It’s no secret that rapper Wale really, really doesn’t like Lahren. He’s trolled her on Twitter before, and he’s even rapped about her in his song “Shine Season”: “Tomi I Lahren, I ain’t ready for you/All the Beckys want an Uncle Tom Sawyer/Race draft first pick/John Lennon for Don Lemon,” Wale rapped.

Of course, Lahren’s not one to keep quiet, and she had her own comeback:

Sorry, Tomi, that wasn’t enough for the Internet.


Here’s to hoping this is a Twitter war that never ends. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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